Thursday, June 30, 2016

Veep Warren?

Hillary did a big appearance with Elizabeth Warren that has all the pundits aflutter about it being an audition for her joining Hillary's ticket.

I am amused by how passionately people seem to think it has to be Warren/it cannot be Warren without any middle ground, especially given how no one can actually know anything.

But it sure has Freepers aflutter. I want to avoid following Freepers' ridiculous 'lots of flack means you're above the target' crowing when Palin got nothing but mockery, but their hate is aflowin' without much to back it up!

mosaicwolf knows what happens when you get two women together...
I wish she would pick Warren. Can you imagine the daily cat fight at the White House with these two!
wastoute the nicknames that are really all anyone has on Warren? All ya need to take he down!
Fauxcahontas and Lieawatha are just too irresistible. They will leave a mark. One for which there is no response and an injury she won’t be able to heal.
Zenjitsuman is with Trump on the goofy insult that she's already turned back on him:
She is a Goofus
FlingWingFlyer is pretty confident though:
I’m hoping she’s stupid enough to do it. The Blues Sisters.
MinuteGal is pretty sure her hate is contagious or something:
Clinton and Warren:

Brunhillary and Haggard the Horrible.

MinuteGal continues to ooze contempt like it's either predictive or productive:
If you haven't had your laugh of the day yet, catch the sight of Hillary the Haggard and Pocahauntus campaigning in their blue, matching Tweedledeedee and Tweedledeedumb costumes.

Are they going arm-in-arm, door-to-door trick-or-treating tonight?

Anyone got a photo???

sarge83 explains Hillary has been forced to pick Warren - because of the kook base!
The Hag has to cover her left flank. Red Bernie drove her further and further left and yet she still couldn’t win the kook base of the Party and she has to have to kook communist left to win in November, only Bernie or Fauchontas gives her a chance at these little Bolsheviks votes.
Because it was used against Obama, outpostinmass2 tries to argue Warren is always scripted:
She won’t take questions at a press conference. Everything she says is scripted. In fact she repeats the same message over and over again. Listen to her for about 15 minutes and it becomes clear that her only qualification for her position at Harvard was being “Native American”.
Red Badger knows whoever Hillary picks, they will be the worst:
Hillary will pick the least intelligent and most abusive VP candidate.

Dems always do.
They pick the one that will make them stand out and look more intelligent than they actually are.
Note: Mondale, Algore, Biden..................
Under similar logic, null and void is sure whoever Hillary picks will diminish Hillary:
“Impeachment Insurance”.

This will be a challenge for Hillary!™, finding someone less intelligent, less even tempered, more dishonest, more criminal, and more abusive than herself.

Pretty much anyone she picks will rapidly become perceived as better than the reality of Hillary!™’s shaky finger on The Button.
nicksaunt has a plan for Trump I'm down with:
Just remember, Biden tore Ryan apart. Trump needs to (and will) pick a fighter.

That's why I think now Trump should pick Newt. A debate between Elizabeth Warren and Newt would be a beautiful thing to watch.
EQAndyBuzz is one of many Freepers to be certain of a more Mexican choice:
Hillary is taking Julian Castro. It’s a done deal.
BlackAdderess wonders if Trump is only pretending to be behind in the polls to trap Hillary into picking Warren:
I wonder if Trump has been playing dead hoping that she would do exactly that? You’ve got the Sanders people being egged on (or at least that’s how it looks to me) and Brexit is a good indicator that Clinton will have to go with Sanders, Warren, or someone like them. There’s no downside to playing to the left if Trump is polling horribly...

The thing is, once the veep is picked, there is no going back.

Trump might be crazy like a fox :)
entropy12 is also pretty eager for a Trump secret weapon:
Let us hope Trump has a October surprise in the bag and
is keeping powder dry for that.


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  2. the last useless tatters of the mask slips off: what is this "conservatism or some such nonsense" of which you speak?

    dp0622: Our biggest problem right now is the republicans who WONT vote for Trump because of their conservatism or some such nonsense. I know 3, like i’ve said before, but i think i’m getting through to them. I think

    And George Will can go to hell


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      I was always taught not to steal; so
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      Us human beings are really sort of
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      Oh, John Kerry evidently plans on
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  4. "Dems always do.
    They pick the one that will make them stand out and look more intelligent than they actually are.
    Note: Mondale, Algore, Biden.................."


    Also, hahahahaha!