Tuesday, June 7, 2016

More violence at Trump rallies.

Violence at Trump rallies has actually been less than I thought, but there was a resurgence in San Jose last week. Maybe it's more venue-specific than I expected, maybe it's Trump's rhetoric getting hotter as Hillary has started zoning in on him.

I continue to think that trying to shut Trump down is a bad idea, and I using violence is even less productive. But Freepers are all in - the victim narrative, the vigilante fantasies, dim out of context memories of 1968 Democratic riots; nothing but savage joy for them.

alloysteel pretends horror at his strawman coming to life:
This is not America. This is some third-world fever swamp.

The ignorant and the blind are leading the halt and the lame.
Former Proud Canadian goes all in on the melodrama:
The country is falling apart.
MoochPooch is sure this is the liberal meltdown at last:
These people are in a tailspin. Underneath the belligerence lies a fragility; they are essentially cracking up.

Just wait until the conventions. They’re going to make San Jose look like a playground fight.
ksm1 wants to raise money because flag shenanigans are electoral gold, but the RNC is too timid to use them!
We need to raise money for campaign ads showing the photos of the Mexican flag waiving and US flag burning. Trump might be willing to go there, but we KNOW the RNC won’t. It’s on us.
Boomer - California needs some ethnic cleansing:
California, sadly, is lost. The only way to fix it is to not only physically remove every single illegal but to also revoke all anchor baby citizenships. Neither of which will happen even though it’s the right thing to do.
1Old Pro seriously thinks there were no arrests:
It is because the police are not arresting these Democrat terrorists who have crossed the line to harming people and property. I think it could get violent as the police are not enforcing the law and as these Democrat protesters see more of that then people on the other side will be defending themselves - it won't end pretty.
Chainsawj wishes he were in a movie:
We need the Boondock Saints to deliver some justice.


Rurudyne makes the usual call for other people to kill the people he hates, for deterrence you see:
Rioters should be shot.

Not so much by cops but by ordinary citizens they are actually threating. I’ve had leftist say that that will only invigorate those who just saw their “brothers” or “sister” shot ... but that’s just bravado.

These people don’t believe folks they choose to menace (and it is THEIR choice to engage in violence against peaceable folks) will stand up to them and defend themselves or their property. If they did they wouldn’t riot. It’s why they don’t riot in places where they suspect folks will (States like Oklahoma or Texas) but in places like California where they have a history of not defending themselves, or even bein sympathetic to the rioters.
He's safe in his house, but CaptainAmiigaf thinks these protests are a Nazi regime:
I’ve always read that Ernst Roehm was murdered during the “Night of the Long Knives” in the 1930’s. His minions seem to have surfaced here in the USA. Of course, they are not wearing the uniform BROWN SHIRTS, but we sure are seeing his followers.

They must think it is time to come out of the shadows.
HarleyLady27 lowers the bar on what terrorism is, but compensates with ALINSKY!
What we saw in San Jose was terrorism defined by the FBI...


The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

Hillary studied the Saul Alinsky rules and she lives by them, this is part of the terrorism we are seeing today with what happens to the Trump rallies...

Saul Alinsky’s 12 Rules for Radicals

Here is the complete list from Alinsky.
dware wants the violence, but knows Freepers ain't gonna do any of this shooting they call for:
We are allowing it by doing nothing. We call ourselves patriots, and yet we continue to allow the riots. We allow ourselves to be beaten by these rotten, two bit, piece of trash ignorant criminal scumbags, instead of treating them as such.

We call ourselves patriots, yet we do nothing while the real patriots sit in jail in Oregon and Nevada.

We love talking about how great the 2nd Amendment is, while refusing to put it to use. Instead, we submit to un-Constitutional background checks, and are more than happy to hand our cash over to FFL dealers who, for all intents and purposes, make a great deal of money by bending over backwards for the feds, who continue to trample our rights.
BenLurkin is ready for the Freeper ninjas, though!
Isn’t it time to take the party DIRECTLY to those who wish to celebrate?

Strike back from the shadows. Far from police presence and cameras.

On leftists thugs who are in a place they think is safe... until the blow lands.


  1. "physically remove every single illegal but to also revoke all anchor baby citizenships."

    You know what's funny? I have a friend who is an "anchor baby" (Hispanic) whose parents got amnesty under Reagan. Her sister wanted to be a border patrol agent back around 2009. I don't know what happened with that, but sounds like Freepers would DOESNOTCOMPUTE until smoke came out of their ears at that situation.

  2. Check out bicyclerepair's response to Rurudyne:

    "Go clockwork orange on their asses. Where can I have some of this fun? They don’t do this in SFL.

    Imagine if every Trump supporter carried a baseball bat? Or maybe a table leg with a bike sprocket on the end (ala Mad max), just saying."

    Yup he totally agrees and wants everyone to become armed thugs. For freedom, apparently. I love how he says "just saying" at the end like it's no big deal he's talking about intimidating everyone around him like he's just making conversation. Jerk.

    1. Yeah they're super into the baseball bat thing. I have an even crazier quote from another thread that you'll see Monday.

  3. Oh my God

    1. I can't freaking wait, you guys.

    2. Obviously it's too early to speculate, but I wonder if the GOP bigwigs already see the writing on the wall and are backing away slowly from Trump so when he loses they can say "we didn't like him either!"

    3. I don't think the bigwigs have their shit together enough yet to do that; it's all putting out immediate fires so far.

      I'm seeing Freepers get more and more desperately strident. Whether Trump has a chance or not in reality, they see it slipping by whether they admit it to themselves or not.

  4. I do not recognize most of the "Freeper"
    names ya'll cite. Are ya'll just making up
    comments of "Freepers"? If so, that would
    be fraudulent!

    Ya'll should get jobs writing for the soap
    operas on tv.

    getting into practice typing it.

    Nope. Not feeling it.

    Or on another note; BURNIE SANDERS, POTUS.
    Nope. That does not work either.

    I haven't heard "Freepers" bragging about
    busting heads with baseball bats; they may
    have, but I haven't heard it. Usually those
    who do the most piehole flapping wouldn't
    say boo to a goose.

    Ya'll get out & do something constructive.
    Or take an afternoon nap so you won't be so

    OK. I'll shut up & deprive ya'll of my
    witty remarks.

    1. Ah, I knew STINKIE TWINKIE would be here to defend freepers' impotent old man threats.

      Naw, doesn't really work for me either.

    2. I know you're not this dense Twinks, but I'll point out that every single quote is linked back to the FreeRepublic website. It's that simple to see it's all true, and rather silly of you to keep implying otherwise.

    3. Twinkie is about as good as a troll as he is a poster on free republic.

    4. Twinkie cannot be going here & there
      to see this & that. My computer acts
      up & shows out when I click here &

      Twinkie is NOT a HE! FANG is the HE
      around here. Of course, Hitler-y will
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      Thing is, she's about the same age as
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      Nobody much reads Twinkie's posts on
      FR. Ya'll are much more indulgent
      over here on FM. . to ya'll's eternal

      Love, TWINKIE KING - PS: I ain't
      votin' fer Hitler-y & Billious.
      - Burnie has been mistreated to my
      way of thinking. :o(

    5. So does "fang" not pay much attention to you? Does he know about the "little blue pill"?

    6. Maybe Fang took the red pill instead of the blue pill and realized how full of shit Free Republic was, and bailed on both FR and Twink.

    7. Say "poop" instead of "shit". Not
      that the "sh" word is so bad; just
      that it looks nasty.

      No. Fangbutt & I have been married
      for 52 yrs. - not all buttercups &
      roses. He has a totally independent
      life selling on ebay; has never been
      on FR to my knowledge.

      Only pills I take are blood pressure
      pills. None of them are blue. So, I
      don't know about blue pills.

      Ya'll can watch Hitler-y on tv today
      prancing her fat butt around. The
      powers that be have coronated her &
      the GOPe is carrying her water &
      throwing it on Trump. - McCain's
      running again; planning to "retain"
      that seat until he turns to a rock,
      I suppose.

      OK. I'll close out. Ya'll think I'm
      lying anyway, about the snake
      sinkhole and everything else. I'm


    8. Poop? That word derives from old French, and before that from vulgar latin ... just like SPANISH!!

      Why are you trying to suppress a perfectly good anglo-saxon word (German: scheissen) with a romance language substitute? Is it to make all the ILLEGALS feel more at home you gloBULList hack!!??

    9. Such a sad life for twinkie, husband pretty much ignores her for eBay and the Freepers do too. No wonder she comes here and tells us all her woes.

    10. I just changed the water in Dub's
      water bowl. Their water gets gruddy
      in the summer; so ya'll need to
      empty, rinse & refill your dogs water
      bowls. Wash it with a little Dr.
      Bronner's liquid soap & water every
      so often & rinse thoroughly.

      I fixed Fang & me some more white
      beans, sausage & strawberries for
      lunch. I'm not eating the pork for
      a while; it makes the joints ache.

      Shellfish gives me headaches. I ate
      a couple of shrimp several years ago
      & even that little bit gave me a
      horrible migraine. That learned me,
      dern me!

      Chocolate also. I have finally got to
      where I can have maybe a couple of
      Frosties a week; but if I overdo it,
      the migraines start. (It's something
      called THEOBROMINE in stuff that
      causes the headaches.

      They're not normal headaches; it
      hurts SO miserably bad & you get
      vision problems, too, with all sorts
      of flashing lights & zigzags.