Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. III

Playing right into the Democrats' plan, Repeal 16-17 goes full melodrama about that sit in for gun control.
The House Democrats have committed a coup d'état. That's not a mere publicity stunt; it's treason. This act of treason is being committed because the House leadership will not allow votes on bills that would violate a part of the Bill of Rights. The correct way to deal with this coup is to have the Sargent-At-Arms use whatever force is necessary to remove the conspirators from the House chamber.

This coup shows that if Trump wins and the Republicans maintain control of both Houses of Congress the Democrats/Liberals/Progressives/Socialists/Communists will attempt to instigate uprisings throughout the country. They are not mere political opposition; they are revolutionaries.
VRWC For Truth has fully switched his hate from Obama to Hillary:
Please explain why an electorate that twice elected zero will not elect hellery? ?

She’s an unlikeable crooked bitch! ...
Love how Cheerio takes the SCOTUS victory against Obama's immigration policy, and turns it into more apocalyptic rhetoric:
FOUR Justices that do NOT believe in the US Constitution, agreeing that boy king can write and issue laws from the Rainbow Hut.

2013 spotlightee Godebert still hates the military.
I guarantee you can trust today’s Marines.

They serve the Usurper.
joshua c sees Obama's Muslimness clearly now:
Crypto-muslim Obama’s goal is to make America sharia compliant.

He hasn’t been very crypto lately.
Not crazy at all...HarleyLady27 has been reading anti-Hillary wankbooks, and making graphs...
They have so many layers of crime...after the first chapter I decided the only way I was going to make sense of any of this book was to do graphs on each chapter...

After doing that, it is beyond words how crooked, corrupted they are, and all for themselves...they didn’t once have in mind for America or the people...

This chapter on Haiti is so layered it took me two days to get through it...
nobamanomore does not approve of a lesbian Miss Missouri.

She is butt ugly, reminds me of the witch in Wizard of Oz. Of course she is a special class of person, so she gets the cookie.
On the SCOTUS immigration punt, drypowder does the usual Freeper declaration of complete righteous victory that's meaningless before endless liberal evil. The struggle shall be eternal!
the criminal in the WH will only change course when he himself is incarcerated.
Parmy tells of how in the 1980s he lost a job for being a racist paranoid:
I had a run-in with affirmative action roughly 30 years ago. I was out of a job, so I began taking tests for State employment. Got called in for an interview. The interview went fine but I was told that they had a minority who was a woman that they had to give preference for the hire. She was also given points on the test because she was a woman and a minority.

About a month later I was called and asked to come in and reinterview.

Same job, so I asked what happened. Was told that the employee didn't work out.

So, I asked if I got the job. NO! There had to be another interview.

My response---I told the woman supervisor that I wasn't going to be the token white guy so they could say they met the interview . criteria. And she could take the job and put it where the sun didn't shine. Only, not that nice.

The phone went, "click".

I am now 73 and have survived quite nicely.
C210N is one of many Freepers smugly chortling about the inevitable rioting after the latest acquittal in the Freddie Gray death. No rioting happened, but I expect their confirmation bias will see them through:
They will be rioting no matter what the verdict, I’m sure.

Just taking advantage of today's 100% sales.

Sometimes known as "going out of business" sales.
blueunicorn6 explains what's happening:
Hillary is destroying the Democrat Party.
Noting that it was mostly rural England that went nationalist, Therapsid suspects voter fraud in the Brexit vote:
If you look at the Sky News board....every major urban area...went “stay in”. Most all of Scotland and North Ireland went ‘stay in’. It’s the rural regions that went to a high rate of leaving.

Who do you think packed those big city polls?
But ecomcon knows that all cities are evil:
Statism and sodomy has its base in the cities. The bigger, the badder.

Revelation is basically a reality that has already happened but in the future!
Eurotwit seems to think Freepers' silly rhetorical talisman has something to do with our actual Constitution:
I could consider joining a united Europe, maybe...

If we basically copied your constitution and bill of rights.
Gay State Conservative is pretty sure all lesbianism comes from rape:
Never having been raped and never having been a woman I can't say that it's like to have been raped.But it's easy to imagine that it's probably a massive shock and outrage..perhaps massive enough to make the girl/woman change her basic attitude toward all males.Thus...lesbian.

Just a hunch on my part.
pigsmith tells how he totally called exactly how Ben Carson's run for President would go, but like only one person heard him:
I forget what the speech occasion was, but it was right after that speech that he suddenly hit the spotlight. A friend enthusiastically gushed how she’d like him to run for Prez and turned to me for confirmation “Don’t you agree?” 
I told her I thought he was way out of his league - being a great brain surgeon doesn’t mean he’ll be great at anything else, and if he runs, the politically corrupt system will chew him up and spit him out and make a fool out of him. 
So far, it looks like he is saving them the trouble. He is his own worst enemy whenever he opens his mouth. Disappointing to witness. Should’ve remained a retired brain surgeon and kept his reputation intact.
lavaroise comes out against common sense:
Common sense means consensus, ie any dessenting voice is to be eliminated. The 2A was all about dissent despite “common (non)sense”


  1. If Miss Missouri was pictured target shooting or anything with a gun, they'd all be whooping and hollering about how hot she is and how they all want to "hit that".

    1. Ding, ding, ding! I've seen this phenomenon many times from fellow gun owners. They will gush about some really lackluster women as long as they can fantasize about their assumed right-wing politics. But only if they're white.

    2. I was thinking the same thing. Just like how a few of them like to crow about how you can tell a chick is a liberal because she's unattractive.

      Yet, I'd put money on them drooling over tons of actresses in "evil" Hollywood who are plenty damned liberal.

    3. The girl in the photo (Miss Missouri)
      is pretty enough. Whether hetero or
      homo; it is tacky to blab about your
      private sexual bizness & if that is
      all she's got to talk about; GIT A

      I don't watch beauty pageants; so I
      didn't see this particular one either.

      That girl looks okay; but some of
      the extreme sexual warps or trans or
      whatever you call them look like
      20 miles of bad road in a T-Model.

      That FR "thing" about Liberals being
      unattractive is probably just mostly
      a bad joke; but it does seem to have
      a lot of truth to it. (They're not
      saying that ALL Liberals are ugly;
      just MOST.) TWINKIE ain't all that
      pretty, neither is AUNT HANNIE. So,
      a lot of us Freepers are most likely
      classified as ugly.


  2. Perhaps the epitome of freeper non-activism "radicalism": (re the Brexit):

    It feels good - we can start to shake the tree of globalism with real effect. I feel like a revolutionary at this point.

    22 posted on 6/27/2016, 10:10:05 PM by CMB_polarization

    1. And sometimes I feel like a badass when playing video games.

      But then, I actually participated in something, even if it's imaginary, so I've still done more than this Freeper.