Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Orlando shooter might have been gay?! NOOOOOOOOOO!

Freepers' dark joy is ever short lived, as reality is never as ideal as they convince themselves it is.
It's circumstantial, but his classmates thought he was gay, he had visited gay clubs and joined gay apps.

And Freepers are losing their shit as their Trump versus terrorist-loving liberals narrative gets sadly diluted.

napscoordinator's wish for these deaths to serve his purposes might be the worst thing on the thread:
That is not good. I want it to be terrorism and not some gay bashing, boyfriend gone wrong or anything like that.
kingu blames 4chan?
It’ll take a bit more before I’ll believe it. A whole lot of trolls on 4Chan keep live accounts on a variety of sites ready to change the moment that a big story breaks.
Fhios is sure this is anti-Trump propaganda to take out gunz!
I don’t believe it. I need more than hearsay. I think it’s disinfo because Trumps response was devastating. Throw a little smoke, spin a few mirrors and toss some flash powder and viola — no longer about radical islamic terror. It’s about a repressed homosexual driven by America’s intolerance to LGBT people spurned out by it’s fanaticism about guns, which tipped him over the edge.

Solution? We must be more tolerant of gays and ban firearms. ://
ncalburt also refuses to believe:
Left wing Business insider ,MSDNC and LA slimes are peddling Ty’s story to change the News cycle away from Islamic terrier because the Left is getting destroyed .

This smacks of BS .
ErikJohnsky just yells "MUSILM" as loud as he can:
who cares. He committed evil terror for Allah, for “Iss-lamb,” as they pronounce it.
MinuteGal is troubled by how only gays are seen as the victim in this shooting at a gay club:
Have you noticed how the gay community has TAKEN OVER the role of "victim" in this murderous atrocity event?

In other words (and what is being pushed by the pro-gay media) it's NOT the Islam radical terrorist vs. the American people...but it's the ideology of ALL homophobes, (including muslims, Christians, conservatives, EVERYONE) versus the U.S. gay community that is the reason gays are being persecuted and targeted.

It started in full force last night with the widely telecast vigil of thousands of gays and their supporters in Orlando. Then the media started pushing the gay-victim meme early morning and continued throughout the evening.

From morning to night today the cables carried interviews with scores of gay survivors sobbing and crying and breaking apart on camera. It was virtually non-stop.

In short, the massacre has been skillfully pre-empted by the homosexual community...it's their day in the sun to be victims....and we're going to experience this onslaught with no end in sight. Watch and see!
gaijin - Dictatorial Homoz lol.
In heaping homo scorn onto the perp, we are actually handing a powerful weapon to Dictatorial Homoz.
meadsjn weakly tries to call all Muslims gay:
Radical muslims are sexually abused from early ages. They subsequently become abusers themselves, and have intense hatred for themselves, and by extension, hatred against everything and everybody.

One cannot accept and harbor the sort of twisted, illogical mindset that is islam (or liberalism) without carrying a tremendous amount of self-hatred and hatred of others.
Duchess47 fell for some right wing BS in 2012, and now cites that to disbelieve anything she doesn't like:
I fell for the narrative that Chris Stevens was gay at Benghazi. Turns out that wasn’t true.

I now suspect everything the government tells me. I doubt very much this terrorist was gay or a regular at the bar.

I will believe he was there prior to the killing, checking out the place.

At this point, that is the most I will believe.
dfwgator just wants to torture someone:
I think the Dad drove him to do it. Water board his ass.
dp0622 pivots this into the well-worn liberal media narrative, so Freepers know what to do with it:
It rips my heart out that conservatives NEVER thought of buying major networks.

I’ll never understand why.

How did things change so badly in the media from the 50s to the 60s and beyond?

Ben Hur. The Robe. The 10 Commandments. Then a decade later, garbage.


  1. i'm with ncalburt on this one:

    i wanna know more about this "islamic terrier" ...

    1. The dogs of war.

    2. Jerk Russell Terrorist

  2. What's Hussein to do? Does he bash his
    beloved gays? Or does he bash his beloved
    MUSLIMS? Or does he lie and obfuscate? Or
    does he simply SPEECHIFY and walk out in a
    huff? - Never mind, his Ministry of
    Disinformation is on it! - Anonymous

    1. The thing is that unless you're an extremist who must generalize about all Muslims and/or gays there's no contradiction at all.

      Self-hating gay Muslim did something horrible with a gun.
      This anecdote is just that - an anecdote. Only people who need to hate gays, or Muslims, or even guns will try to keep this crisis from going to waste.

      Doesn't look like Obama has that need.

      But Freepers sure seem to!

    2. What DOES Hussein Obama NEED?
      Surely SOMEONE knows! - He sure did
      look like "Ned" in the First Reader
      in that "speech" he came out &
      belched out & then hightailed it -
      not "allowing" any questions. Then,
      today, MORE speechifying.

      EPIC FAIL! Anonymous

    3. I was going to say the same thing. It's just another example of ultra conservatives need to see the world in black and white, as if the greys are beyond their comprehension.

    4. It's always telling when someone is actually *incapable* of imagining a speech that isn't either a) finding someone to "bash" or b) just "speechifying."

      There's a certain type of personality that starts answering every tough question by looking for someone to blame. And there's a certain point of intellectual incuriosity beyond which you never think past your first impulse. The Venn diagram of the two would have Free Republic dead center in the middle of it.

  3. What's more, Jim Hoft, proprietor of uber-nutty right wing blog "Gateway Pundit", has himself come out as gay.

    Freepers are totally perplexed ... a surprising amount of gay love is going on unzotted.

    1. I'm a Freeper & I don't know who
      Jim Hoft is from Adam's Housecat.
      Do you have ANY remote idea how many
      Freepers there are, or how many
      varieties of American citizens are
      on Free Republic at any given time?

    2. How many freepers there are?
      ... very few compared to a decade ago, and ever fewer who are contributing members.

      Varieties of American citizens?
      ... again, through unhinged zottery, the freeper demographic is quite diminished.

      We're just enjoying the wrinklebag cruise as it circles the drain.

    3. As mortals; we are ALL "circling the
      drain" & it's only by the grace of
      God YOU aren't whirled down with the
      rest of us. YOU certainly are smug
      in your assumptions of immortality.

    4. Freepers (and Bill O'Reilly watchers) are much closer to that proverbial drain that the increasingly progressive public at large.

      And, uh, its not by the grace of god that I'm not a freeper like you. It's by the grace of reasonable intelligence, which you lack.

  4. It rips my heart out that conservatives NEVER thought of buying major networks.

    If only conservatives could own one TV station, one radio channel, one paper...My God...it could be beautiful. I wonder why conservatives are too fucking stupid to know what to buy, without Freepers telling them what they should have done thirty years ago.

    1. Don't blame him, he fell through a wormhole and hasn't yet realized he's in a bizarro universe.

    2. Like Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and talk radio don't exist.

      It reminds me of a saying I heard from an old Russian woman on some documentary. "If only Stalin knew what was going on.", i.e. the purges/mass starvation in the USSR he would stop it. Denial is a balm to people.

      It also probably goes over his head, but aren't conservatives naturally better with money/entrepreneurship than everyone else? Don't they usually sit around saying that? Such heresy should be zotted.

  5. They tried that before: