Friday, June 10, 2016

Spotlight Friday: mulligan

Everybody loves dalereed for his aggressive ignorance and omnidirected anger at everyone and everything. But also for his pithy style. This guy may not have quite Dale's incandescent bitterness, but he does have a delightfully brief style.

Loves Trump and Sarah Palin, but everyone else are RINOS and trash. In fact, it seems like everyone and everything is idiots and trash.

There's too many garbage people out there to explain why - just declare a story's principal to be idiot trash and move on to the next!

Obama is criminally insane
Trump is qualified Obama, you are not. You are without doubt the worst President of the United States in its entire history. You are not qualified to run a zoo or any other organization. You should be in an institution for the criminally insane.
David Bowe
Who is he. Never heard of him.
Oregon State University has a required course in tolerance:
Idiots in control.
Judge Roy Moore suspended from the bench
Evil and idiots in control.
Townhall article says America today is like America in 1910:
What a waste of time and words. Just another piece of garbage.
Sean Penn
Sean Penn, who is he? Would guess, just another jerk.
Paul Ryan will step down as convention chair if Trump wants:
Good, just get rid of this piece of trash.
Can America survive 8 years of Hillary Clinton?
Not even 1 day.
Anheuser-Busch renames Budweiser as 'America'
All one needs to do is read the comments. And that will tell you why America is in such a mess. Evil is in control and truth and decency are on the gallows.
He loves that gallows quote, Title Caps and All - Response to Gay Pride Supreme Court Ruling.
Evil on the Throne - Good (decency & truth) on the Gallows.
Dinesh D'Souza's 'America'
Evil on the Throne - Good (decency & truth) on the Gallows.
2014 - Assessing Obama's Term in Office
Assessing Obama and his cult. One big disaster. Evil on the Throne - Good (decency & truth) on the Gallows.
Commission Finds ‘No Compelling Medical Reason’ To Exclude Transgender Americans From Military
The commission is made up of fools. And their report shows that 100%.
The Pope.
Perhaps the Pope is not a Christian.
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Ginsburg is evil and stupid and a disgrace to decency.
...Even Reagan?
Go back a few years to the Goldwater/ Johnson campaign. After that the GOP and many conservatives just quit and most became RINO’s.
Millennials more open to idea of slavery reparations
Complete ignorance.
Susan Rice
No, too many stupid and ignorant people like you, Susan.
If you are watching Obama you are watching garbage.
Boehner, you are the garbage and you really stink up and mess up whatever you touch. The best solution for you, that someone, somehow would get rid of you in a dumpster.
Pelosi, pure trash.
Jorge Ramos
Jorge, get your head out of the sand. You are dumber than a rock and not near as useful.
Back to the rock well for Whoopi Goldberg:
Whoopi is dumber than a rock.
Confederate Flag:
Keep it flying. Someone with intelligence. Not one of the politically correct morons.
Everyone intelligent person should have one. That leaves Democrats and liberals out.
Glaciers melting
So what and who cares?
Government is the root of all evil.
Mika Brzezinski
Some are born stupid and never get over it. Mika fits the bill.
Article: "Delegates choose the GOP nominee"
This person is a complete idiot. Should be in an institution.
Do not fear it, just destroy it.
Celebs vow to leave the country if Trump becomes president
Good, it is always best to get rid of trash.
Brian Williams
Brian Williams is an idiot.
Lindsey Graham
Graham should be removed from office. He is pure trash and a disgrace to America.
Mitt Romney
Poor loser and selfish as well.
Chris Christie
Christie is trash.
Lust for Palin.
Is Todd Palin one of the luckiest men on earth or WHAT?

Right on.
Half of the country says they're done with Sarah Palin.
That indicates that half the country is made up of ignorant stupid people.
Gingrich is 100% worthless and not worthy of being President of anything. Wake-up people and face reality.
Obama is a disaster, was, is and will be.
Obama in Cuba
Obama fits right in with that trash.
Obama during 2013 government shutdown
Obama is very near a complete breakdown. And the world will be a much better and safer world if that happens.
Obama's 50th birthday:
If the ‘0’ is dropped then the proper age is being celebrated - 5 years old and in my opinion a 5 year old would be doing a better job than the ‘zero’ Obama. How he ever got elected is beyond any intelligent reason.
America’s recent upsurge in Islamophobia
This is pure trash. Whoever wrote this is a complete idiot.
Sen. Dianne Feinstein on Clinton's e-mails
Another incompetent idiots comments. Feinstein should be in jail.
Trump Must Be ‘Decisively Rebuked’ So Republican Voters ‘Learn Their Lesson’
Trash by a trash reporter who works for a trash paper.
So much evil in America today.
It is Time for Trump to Unify the Party
Another Establishment Republican idiot.
People and media people.
Many people are just stupid. And many are media people.


  1. I kinda miss the Caribou Barbie fan club and the hilarious posts about SARAH (alway all caps) with her off the scale IQ and incredible moral fortitude etc.

    Muskrat Man just doesn't seem to get quite that level of unswerving, universal adulation yet (HardlyALady27 excepted).

    1. HarleyHarpy probably wears the batteries out on her teeny tiny "personal massager" nightly thinking about Lil Donny.

      "The Donald stormed into the room, muttering about Mexicans and low energy opponents....he grabbed Harley Lady, ripped off her exquisite gown....."

    2. "...and tossed his shirt aside. Hardly gasped: the shimmering orange glow of his chest was more intense than she remembered. Donald's lips twitched at the corners. 'Tartrazine' he whispered. They say it makes you hyperactive. Let's show those elitist Tumeric pussies what 'drill baby, drill' is really all about."

    3. Smelling faintly of toupee glue and Hawaiian Tropic Sunless Tanner, Donnie swept Hardly into his flabby arms.
      His small, stubby fingers ran through her hair.
      "Hardly!", Donnie gasped, as he pressed her close, struggling to encircle her substantial girth in his arms...

    4. I happened to be listening to Gilbert Gottfried reads 50 Shades of Gray earlier today, and now this. I am very amused!

    5. "is it in yet?" harley asked again, her being trembling to its core with nigh unbearable anticipation. she felt more than heard donny's response waft up from between the crepe-covered pillows of her flesh.

      "zzzzzzzzzzzzz ..."

    6. Y'all should be ASHAMED of yourselves, speaking them SALACIOUS, SCANDALOUS and NASTY words.

      I should WASH out all your mouths with some IRISH SPRING SOAP mixed with garlic powder and Damascus Earth!

      My WU WU stones are just about melting over here with such Talk!

      President DONALD J TRUMP!

      I'm out y'all giving me fits!
      Twinkie King

    7. Notice hoe FINKIE RAT doesn't seem to mind all the foul mouthed freepers.

      In keeping with the Hardly/Harpy theme ...
      ... a freudian slip, perhaps?

    8. I thought they were WOO WOO stones.

    9. Aarrgghh wins. "Is in it yet?"
      Somone needs to make bumper stickers
      "Trump 2016 - Is It In Yet?"

  2. A lot of his post read like text messages or old school telegrams.

    Like his firearms thoughts. Doubt he releases one of the reasons they caught on was because you could throw a matchlock at a peasant farmer a lot easier than teach them how to use a sword or bow.

    Never understood viewing other men as "lucky" with the women they have. Aren't you happy with your own relationships? Aren't you "lucky"?

    Side note just randomly read though the Budwieser post, never heard of them changing the name, but I don't drink. A freeper decried the name change as a "Perfect example of capitalism’s abuse" Haha. I thought the omniscient free market could not abuse anything.

    The free market has spoken, so let it be written, to let it be done.

    1. I see Mulligan as the office janitor that everyone avoids because he's always muttering these comments to himself as he empties the garbage cans, and everyone knows, from unpleasant experiences, to not engage with him.

    2. The lust for Palin is because a lot of conservatives are sexually frustrated shut-ins. Especially Freeptards.

  3. "Half the country says they're done with Sarah Palin."

    That indicates that half the country is made up of ignorant stupid people.

    I know which half!

  4. Replies
    1. freeperville: the original liberal safe space ...

      theBuckwheat: "People become liberal when they give themselves permission to lie to themselves. They are liars and they live in lies. They share their favorite lies with other liars. That is commonly called a “narrative”. Language and truth itself is malleable and plastic."

  5. Romney says Trump will change America with 'trickle-down racism

  6. Well. Shit! Someone is lyin'. Posting stuff
    & signing TWINKIE'S name to it. . and it
    ain't "Damascus" Earth either. It is

    I don't write crap & sign ya'll's names to
    it. That is LYING!!

    TWINKIE is OUTTA HERE!!! Stew in ya'll's
    own LIE JUICES until ya'll get tenderized!

    ANYWAY; so it's her own damn fault!


    Ya'll are like one of those sticky traps
    for varmints. Hard to get loose; but not

    Sincerely, TWINKIE KING

    1. Dear Twinkie,

      If you don't want people to masquerade as you, AND you hate the tests required to post on here to prove you're not a bot, just make a frigging account already. I promise you it's not hard and solve both problems.

      Just a helpful piece of advice like the ones you've been doling out here.

    2. Well, Bye

      (Till the next post)

    3. See you next week twinkie!