Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fear of Equality

Freepers are a people ever switching between Randian wealth-worshipers and blue collar anti-bankers. They try to integrate these two beliefs with a 'capitalism can never fail, only be failed' worldview wherein the fairness of the free market is being suborned by the evil liberal rich.

But they (for now) retain a resistance to regulating the rich, despite their mostly being evil and liberal, because the government they evil liberal rich control is somehow more evil than the ELRs themselves.

As an ideologies based on being against things rather than actual substance, it's all confusing enough to make you want to forget coherent philosophy and just lynch a bunch of ferals.

marron is sure that any government that has fairness as a goal must also think the ends justify the means:
If a politician can convince you that he can fix income “inequality”...

and you go for it, realize it or not, you have just made him king. Because now he gets to decide how much you have, and how much you get to keep. With one move across the chess board he now owns it all.
eCSMaster makes a bad thermodynamics analogy that probably only amuses me:
Incom inequality == entropy.

Entropy drives a system, causes things to happen.

Socialism == "complete equality" == zero entropy == stagnation and death.
I want the USA back will only settle for a complete overthrow of the bourgeois
“equal” means the same amount. Income equality means that everyone gets the same amount. The ruling elite obviously doesn’t mean that. They want to continue living high off the hog while the rest of us struggle.
IronJack shows the way working class people manage to come out against their own interests as he rants about taxes being fundamentally unfair because the only people that get government benefits are criminals, criminal blacks, and illegals:
How is it "fair" that a small business owner who spends the better part of his life building his trade through hard labor and honest practice be taxed so that a man who has never worked at all and who survives by cheating and robbing others may prosper? 
How is it "fair" that a middle-class family can't send their daughter to college because they are taxed so heavily they can't save the money, yet an "inner-city" spawn of an unemployable mother and an absent father gets a free ride on the taxpayer's dime? 
How is it "fair" that a waitress working night shifts at a truck stop has to pay for her insurance but an illegal alien with a brood of anchor babies gets hers for free?

What ever happened to merit being the measure by which rewards were disbursed?
ConservativeWarrior seems to actually understand what white privilege is, though he then thinks reparations exist right now:
I have never had an answer to this question: When you sit down to play Monopoly, everyone is equal, equal money, govt owns everything. After 4 hours of play, one person is rich, the others are bankrupt. When did it go from fair to unfair? Show me that point please.

Social activists will say the game was rigged from the start.

Your white (privilege) dice each go up to 6.

The minorities are playing with black dice, which only go up to 3.

Every time you pass go, you must give a portion of your cash and properties to the minority players to compensate for the inherent injustice of the game.
Cyberman blames the system, and the man who created it: Jimmy Carter!
The underlying problem is that the system is rigged so that wealth isn't going to the working people who create it. The scam can even be pinned down in time fairly closely:
Late 1970s... hmmm... who was running things then?


  1. Some of my favorite topics to watch the Freepers discus is economics, especially the current problems and the problems that will come in the future.

    They'll sometimes point out, correctly, that wages and productivity have been decoupled. But blame it on government regulation.

    It's also interesting to watch someone get torched for suggesting that the mortgage interest deduction be removed because it's an attempt at encouraging consumption of a particular good and that is not what taxes are for.

    Of course those that benefit from it wave it off as "getting their fair share" of government largesse or "reclaiming their tax dollars".

    Some of the best are how automation/AI in the future will render vast sections of the human workforce obsolete. What shocked me was one person actually suggested a UBI would needed to keep social order and was promptly flamed.

    Most of them seem to think, as you point out, that "there must be a way" or "I don't know how but the free markets will pave the way."

    1. I also enjoy the occasional "migrant farm workers" threads where farmers come under fire for having to hire *Mexican* laborers to bring in their crops, or lose them.

      The farmers are crucified for being too cheap and out-of-touch to buy magic robots that are apparently capable of harvesting every crop known to man for mere pennies a day.

  2. Late 1970s... hmmm... who was running things then?

    Did he happen to notice who was running things later?

    Dictator-for-life and supernatural being Jimmy Carter takes office in 1977 and has such sweeping authority that even the Reagan-Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush-Bush administrations and several Republican-led Congresses are powerless to correct the wage gap during their terms. Carter must have had some superpowers to have capped wages forever!

    1. Didn't you get the talking point memo?

      Every four year term of a Democratic president will need two hundred years of a Republican presidency to undo all the damage!

      Yes, according to right wing pundits, the Democrats are that strong, and Republicans are that weak!

    2. That's a good point. Like Communism, a Republican administration has never worked because it just hasn't been given a chance yet. We need 200 more years for them to figure out their platform, and then all will be well.

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  4. I was amused by the thermo analogy as well. It was so bad and so FR

  5. fixed:

    How is it "fair" that a small business owner who spends the better part of his life building his trade through hard labor and honest practice be taxed so that [Donald Trump] may prosper?

    How is it "fair" that a middle-class family can't send their daughter to college because they are taxed so heavily they can't save the money, yet [Newt Gingrich] gets a free ride on the taxpayer's dime?

    How is it "fair" that a waitress working night shifts at a truck stop has to pay for her insurance but [Melania] gets hers for free?

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    3. Time to put down the gin bottle, Twinks.

  6. In the "Just when you thought they couldn't get any lower" department, Freepers joke about Kelly McGillis getting attacked (because lesbian) and Sinead O'Connor being suicidal.

  7. FUBC!

    Ben Carson: No longer one of the "good" blacks. He said mean things about guns.

  8. Taxes, both personal and small business , in the US fall at about #25 among the 50 biggest industrialized nations. Thus taxed to death shit is a joke.