Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Burrito Legs

I consider illegal immigration to be semi-colonial levels of exploitation, so I'm not a fan. And neither are Freepers - as I often observe, it's their one actual principal. Except while they claim it's about economics and voting, it's really about nativism, with all the fear and racism that entails.

So when an Austin high school valedictorian comes out as undocumented on Twitter, I see it as a smart addition to the American People. I think it's silly to argue that she's some sort of criminal. Freepers, though, take it farther and seem to think she won't stay and enrich America, like she's a spy for Mexico or something.

Oh, and ugly. In her tweet she says she has great legs, which opens the floodgates to Freepers sadly attempting to declare her as hideous as their simplistic loathing insists she must be.

The few non-Trump conservatives always argue they're anti illegal, not anti conservative. fivecatsandadog shows the real heart of the GOP:
Flaunt your undocumented status, dummy. There’s plenty of us NATURAL BORN U.S. CITIZENS who would LOVE to send your a$$ back to Tijuana.
ResponseAbility seems to think Trump hasn't yet convinced every xenophobe to vote for him:
Looks like a few more votes for Trump to me.
BatGuano is sure our scholarships are for citizens only!
She has proved her character to be lacking.

Bragging that she tricked the system and will receive a free college education is sick.

That is the pure “establishment” of her character.

Her parents should be proud and deported.
SkyPilot yells about how illegals are the new aristocracy and racist shmoes like himself are the new serfs:
Gracias! Gracias! You little people. I DEMAND taxpayers subsidize me. If you disagree, you are a Racist! And I will complain to La Raza about you!
B212 also with the peasants metaphor, as if she won't pay taxes after she gets a good job post-college:
in your face, tax-paying peasants....just keep paying and I will keep spending your money.....
stephenjohnbanker decides she isn't actually smart - it's affirmative action or something!
I wonder how many teachers knew she was undocumented a weighted her higher than she actually earned? 

Very first thing that crossed my mind.
Will88 also speculates this valedictorian is secretly dumb:
I've read of schools that give tests with bonus questions so students can score higher than 100 on exams. And there are other 'extra credit' scams which make it easier for all students to at least get at least a passing grade, and the better students can have higher than 4.0 GPAs.
Cincinnatus.45-70 also cannot deal with disapproving of someone and allowing them to be good at anything:
I assume she cheated on tests just like she cheated in coming to this country. So her real grade point average must be something like 2.0, 2.5? But, still, I hope she gets what she deserves in life. After the deportation, that is.
Persecuted female conservative Professor cloudmountain rants that this woman will probably become an evil female Professor:
She’ll probably go the academia route. No need to work.

No doubt.
I was in academia for forty-four years and teachers, from B.A./B.S. to Ph.D., and all I can say is: YOU ARE RIGHT.
I got along with all the men in my department but not with the women. They knew better than to challenge me so they just left me alone. My best friend was the department secretary.
My mother had taught me EONS ago that the secretaries control the world. She was correct.
There's probably a story behind cloudmountain's inability to get along with her fellow women. She's already been spotlighted, and is a huuuuuuge, if academic sounding, racist.

She's right about secretaries though.

mom of young patriots has been teaching her children conservative resentment of their peers and blaming liberal bias for bad grades:
is she actually congratulating herself on her own legs? How self absorbed - not to mention low class.

My son goes to another Austin area high school. He noted that this year’s valedictorian is a flaming liberal - even claims to be a “communist”. He said the guy has book smarts and takes tests well, but has no common sense and walks around with his nose in the air. My son thinks that the high GPA, at his school at least, must be a measure of how much a skull full of mush can soak up the liberal agenda and spit it back out on paper. The more you can follow directions and avoid any true critical thinking, the higher the GPA. Obama Youth.

Milton Miteybad does not take kindly to her legs comment, or her curves:
Her legs aren’t all that great, either. And given the chunk factor at work here in her teens, this one is going to be about 275 lbs. by her mid-30s. Book it.
BatGuano tries to critique her body parts; a more pathetic post on Freep I have not seen:
Those legs are “not nice!” they are not in proportion to the rest of her body, the knees are ugly and her calves are too thin. Yes, that is not a pretty face.

Be proud bitch, that doesn’t change your being a cheating dog!
Someone should make a script to graph Freep's use of bitch over time. It's really spiking these days!

In just 2 economical words Stayfree mixes racism with sexism with...oddness:

BenLurkin knows when you don't like a woman, she's probably a slut:
What nice legs?

Looks like she had rug burns on her knees.
NorthMountain also adds in a bit of sexuality to his insults:
She ought to be in a whorehouse in Juarez ...
SouthParkRepublican is really resentful of this girl seem middle-class.
This little brat has probably never known true want but Karma’s a bitch and Let’s hope it catches up with her.

As a fellow immigrant, my Grandfather would be disgusted with this woman’s attitude.
Echoing complaints about uppityness from bygone eras, SouthParkRepublican thinks the main problem is a lack of gratitude and humility:
if she had just said something like “I regret that my parents brought me here illegally and that the burden of the expense for my education fell on the shoulders of hardworking strangers. But I am grateful for the opportunity they have given me and will work towards citizenship and promise to become a hardworking person who contributes to this great nation”, I would probably applaud her. 
But nope. No gratitude at all. Just a sense of entitlement. Ship her out. I don’t care where to.
T-Bone Texan explains Mexican women are the ugly Latinas:
Most females on Mexican TV are Columbian, Venezuelan, or other, but not Mexican, because no one wants to look at dumpy mestizos, not even a country made up of dumpy mestizos.
T-Bone Texan seems suspiciously well-versed in Mexican food and uppity minorities:
Enchilada legs and taco flavored kisses, yuck.

She is just another arrogant Mexican. There are millions like her, and they all need to go. 
Ketill Frostbeard returns to the theme of Mexican immigrants being genetically extra bad:
So we’re really not having issue with Hispanic illegals, because that’s unfair to Hispanic nations who have their houses in relative order. We’re having issues with illegals from a genetic dumping ground. No wonder successful Mexicans keep such a wide moat between them and the feral population; they’re surrounded by landfill rats.

“Illegal Garbage” is a term I’ll use in the future.
See, Ketill Frostbeard can't be racist; he jerks it to LOTS of Latina women!
Chihuahua, we Americans have a lot of smart girls, this is their country and we've secured these opportunities for them.
Your home country needs you way more than we do, honey.
And when you get there, could you give this girl a visa application?
We've got a multitude of jobs in her field American women are unwilling to do ;) 


  1. Isn't most public education paid for by property taxes (and hypothetically the lottery)? I.E. the kinds of taxes that even illegals pay?

    If you're gonna be a bigot, at least be a factual one. But then, FPers aren't known for caring about facts.

  2. This kid had a 4.5 GPA? That's fucking phenomenal. Only Freepers would downplay that kind of success.

    Oh and the girl is beautiful.

    Good for her. Hopefully she lives to stick it to people like these.

  3. I'm just trying to imagine the fleet of marginal IQ pudgy Pugsleys these Freepers are raising, and they have the gall to call this student chunky and ugly. (She's neither.)

    Cloudmountain agrees that being in academia means "no need to work" and then goes on to boast about spending 44 years in academia.

    There's a whole lot of envy going on in this thread. Isn't that against one of the Ten Commandments they want us all to post in cement on every streetcorner?

  4. Ketill Frostbeard's comment is so creepy to me.

    But once again ignorance at play, I'm not a supporter of illegal immigrants in any form by the way, but her parent's paid for her education in some form.

    Either through owning property and paying local property taxes or though the rent on a property that factor in local taxes.

    1. The important thing to me is that she's not going to like run away to Mexico.

      Even if her education does involve some free riding, that investment will be more than made up for in taxes when she becomes a successful whatever.
      Because whatever she started as, I don't get the impression she's leaving for Mexico anytime soon - she seems to be pretty damn American to me at this point.

    2. Although he joined recently frost beard has a pretty interesting posting history, might want to keep an eye on him Ozzy.

  5. Remember guys, Trump is not racist and neither are these guys. Because Mexican isn't a race and it's only ILLEGAL immigrants they care about! Of course!