Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Trump's psychic power

As usual, Free Republic seems to be ignoring the Trump University fracas, at least for now. Luckily, Freep always has more to deliver.

Freepers' run-of-the-mill cult of personality gushing about Trump seems a lot like the desperate delusions of those unable to admit to themselves their belief they will lose. They come from the same fearful place where America is always about to fall, and superlatives are the only cure.

So who is to say whether Freepers' enthusiastic seizing on an MSNBC tweet attributing a quote to 'President Trump' is merely counting chickens, or covering up their sour anxiety by whistling past the graveyard? Point is, it's one of the weirdest mountain from molehilling I've seen.

Trumpinator explains what this truly means:
It is no accident it is the power of Trump's persuasion. He already sold himself as the president - projecting past the sale.
Trumpinator continues in a language all his own:
Trump is a 4th dimension media mage.
OneHun loves the mind control!
LOL. Subconscious mind control by Trump has some power! No wonder the left is in panic.
vette6387 thinks this is actually calculated:
Guess it’s finally come to them that he IS going to be President, and they are now starting their “journey” to the opposite side to preserve their wallets and credibility (in that order)!
trebb is pretty sure everyone secretly loves Trump like he does:
Subconscious blips telling them that Trump is the only one there that is actually Presidential material. They respect him despite themselves.
1Old Pro knows Trump's election is secured.
Our long national nighmare is about to end, this guy Obama has been worse than Carter.


  1. "preserve their wallets and credibility"

    Is he implying that Trump will result in bankrupting everyone? Not that it couldn't be true, I just wouldn't think a Trump fan would say such a thing.

    1. I took it to mean that MSNBC (and by extension all other journalists) are now pretending to support Trump in order to maintain their source of income and their credibility, because he is the inevitable winner.

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  3. Another long time freeper tells it like it is and catches a hot zot for his efforts.

    1. If ya'll will just eat garlic on your
      food; that will also work as well as
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      need to eat garlic most every day.

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    2. Brrrr ... cocking the leg against Chairman Rim's giant golden (or is it just yellow?) statue. It is high time that some Freepers learned that lips are for kissing (Rim's ass) NOT for expressing opinions!!!

  4. What is that place going to be like the day after the election? Ugh, it's gonna make Jonestown look like a mild food poisoning outbreak

    1. Nope, Freepers need the rage to keep them going.

    2. AMJ is right: this isn't a rerun of "hold your nose and vote Mittens/McLame".

      This time the post ZOT Freepers have engaged cognitive dissonance warp factor 10. They are actually all in with the muskrat madness. No matter the outcome, there is going to be explosive decompression of the Freeper expectation containment field.

    3. They're going to blame Hillary for voter fraud. Kind of like how they've blamed voter fraud in the past few elections.

      Mind you, I haven't seen a single poll showing Donald Trump winning that hasn't absolutely oversampled Republicans.

      (I don't trust Rasmussen polling because they refuse to display their methodology unless you purchase the results.)

      A recent Fox News poll showing Trump leading oversampled Rs by about 8 points.

      Rs account for 29% (31% Ds), but of the remaining +/- 40% of NPAs, almost 2/3rds are left-leaning. So why would a Fox News poll show Rs 52 to 48?

      That's senseless.