Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Jump! Jump!


Freepers' tribal ability to have a complete lack of empathy is a helluva thing. Their constant flow of bad taste and tired jokes in response to news that Sinead O’Connor has threatened suicide is really the sort of thing they would gleefully use to show how liberals are all classless psychos.

Though to be fair, they all think mental health is a government plot to take their guns...

mountn man's joke makes me tired:









Ghost of SVR4 is flippant, but at least quick:
somersault into a full pike. Anything else would be lazy; just like her career.
Viking2002 is one of many Freepers to point out that O’Connor is ugly:
She’s despondent because I broke up with her.

Ewwwww. I thought you had better taste than that. Even Laz would chuck rocks at her.
JudyinCanada brings the usual self-righteous religious moralizing that's clearly more about her public piousness than any third party:
I hope that she calls on God rather than making fun of Him. Perhaps she will. It would be wonderful to see another lost soul brought back from being spiritually dead.
miss marmelstein is as usual both perplexing and awful:
What is it with crazy Brits and Irish coming here to act out their sicknesses???

Go to Dublin and jump in the Liffey. You’ll get applause.
MIchaelTArchangel tells what is clearly a mangled old joke he heard, followed by some telepathy:
If she jumps from the bridge and survives, she should be charged with polluting the river.

If she jumps from the bridge and dies, she will only need to pallbearers as there are two handles on a garbage can.

But my instincts tell me she will not jump from any bridge. This is just a publicity stunt.
TangibleDisgust is pretty sure demons are involved:
she’s got a literal demon on her back. i’m sure of it. all of that leftist, anti-Catholic, pro-queer stuff she’s been mouthy about over the years has been a literal invitation for dark forces to grab hold of her. they will torment people for years and years until finally, suicide seems the only escape. that’s when their souls are lost for eternity.

our pop culture teaches people to laugh at such concepts and churches are afraid to talk about such matters for fear of scaring away parishioners, but the wages of sin are real and manifest and there are things you can do in this life that unwittingly invite demons in.
Shortly thereafter, TangibleDisgust hauls out the MRA BS, and it's daddy issues with nary a demon in sight:
this is how liberal SJW women with daddy issues and/or mental illnesses identify themselves to the world these days. it’s akin to the way venomous snakes and spiders have bright colors on their bodies.

some combination of these:

- shaved head/partially shaved head
- hair dyed in bright neon colors
- excessive body piercings and/or piercings on their faces
- large or lots of tattoos in visible places
Makes me wonder how sincere the other demon-obsessed Freepers really are.

GSWarrior is literally the only person with any empathy in the thread.
I hope that she is okay and seeks help.
Freeper since 2000. Go figure.


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  3. Conservatives love the Catholics when they're supporting a Pope who supports their positions but root for their downfall when they don't. They're excellent jugglers like that.

    Because they're clowns.

    Sorry, yes I stole that joke from Larry Wilmore from his Monday night show re:Trump but it's funny and applies :)