Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday Spotlight: T-Bone Texan

He's been a Freeper since 2014, but this week he's suddenly decided to get real active and real crazy.

He came to my attention with his passionate advocacy for the idea that Judge Curiel wasn't an American Citizen despite being born in Indiana. His profile is shot, but namechecks fear of Mexico, Red Dawn, and gun wankery. Meh. But he's got a lot more going on.

Buys into every white oppression fantasy, and explicitly cites White Supremacist wankfics 'Camp of Saints' and fellow Freeper Matt Bracken's books.

As with many Freepers, he's really into dwelling on the mechanics of gay sex in great detail. Even more troubling, he admits to being a fan of beheading videos.

And he's suuuper into pot and booze. Which could be related to his hateful mania.

Ghetto America.
Well, there are two Americas: The normal one with us in it, and the ghetto America where the greatest interest a mother has for her son is on the day he is shot while committing a violent felony.

If anything it is an indictment of black ghetto culture, which sprang up and is allowed to exist by leftists who use blacks as a tool to further their agenda.
Black culture is bad, and should be ended...somehow.
Black culture is the reason Shaliqua can’t read.

Black culture is an utter failure. It needs to be quashed. They need to be brought back into the fold of civilization.
Requesting a Hillary/Obama execution wankfic
Treason is a capital crime.

I think the leftists know that unless they pull off a hail mary-type victory and achieve 100% control of this nation, they are not just going to prison, but the ringleaders could even be subject to capital punishment.

...Which would be an awesome plotline in Matt Bracken's next tome.
Mixing up White Supremacist novels with documentaries:
In Camp of the Saints, the invading brown masses landed at the French Riviera, IIRC.

Then they murdered all the white people.
Samoans also hate whitey:
The Samoans I met in CA were prone to violence and were taught to hate white people.

Many of them teach their children to goad white people and then attack in packs. I have been spit on by a 12 yr old Samoan while delivering pizza, and had my nose broken at 18 by a Samoan coworker.

No, they are not American.
Shockingly, not a fan of MLK.
Actually Michael King was NOT an ordained minister, and since he plagiarized his thesis, is he really even a Dr.?
Mixed race babies are 'excrement.'
And I will throw in that of the hundreds of white wimmin with mulatto offspring I have encountered, not a single one was married to the father of their excretions that I could see (those in my own family included).
School administrators totally cover up black student's crimes:
All across America are administrators very willing to side with the savages in the name of political correctness, and in the name of their careers.

I saw it first hand when I worked in a rough a school district: the admins would contort themselves trying to unsee violent and criminal behavior by the usual suspects. Nothing was ever the fault of the criminal student; there were adults making excuses for them, as a career, it seemed.
Unless I miss my guess, another Freeper schoolteacher. *sigh*

Mexicans are the ugly Latinos:
Most females on Mexican TV are Columbian, Venezuelan, or other, but not Mexican, because no one wants to look at dumpy mestizos, not even a country made up of dumpy mestizos.
Confusion about facts and law where it comes to Judge Curiel
... there’s no actual evidence that his parents were not citizens....

Oh gosh, I am going to disagree with that right there.

All evidence produced at this point regarding his parents implies that they were 100% illegal aliens when their little SJW was born. One never became a citizen. The other did, but after the SJW was born.

According to the 14th Amendment, he is not a citizen.
Really getting out there re: Curiel.
If he was a citizen he’d be termed a traitor. However, as a filthy foreigner who is the product of a violent and primitive foreign culture, he is more accurately deemed an Enemy Alien.
Justice Sotomayor hates him:
All I need to know about her is that she hates white people, and would gladly let my white child be violently murdered if it would further the interests of her and her fellow co-ethnics.

In our complex world, I believe it is important to not overthink things.
Michelle Obama wants him dead:
Oh puhleaze.

She also wants dead white people. Did that make it into the article that I did not read?
The Yankees didn't really fight in the War of Northern Aggression
Many of the men New York sent to die in the War of Northern Aggression were not even citizens, but recent immigrants, mostly from Ireland but also Germany and a smattering of other Caucasian countries.
Got away with driving drunk bawahaha!
Years ago I was leaving a wedding near NASA and ran into a checkpoint.

Even as hammered as I was I had the common sense to enter the parking lot of the mall next to me and execute a U-turn.

So did many others. Cops could do nothing.
More how to get away with DUI
The "I smell alcohol" farce is a canard. Smell, from the side of the road, cannot be measured or recorded for later use. It is the cop's opinion, which has no value legally, and is used to terrorize citizens.

The solution is to refuse to roll down your window - just crack it. When the cop asks to roll it down, say no.

The cop will be innocuous and say "It's just so I can hear you better", to which you reply "I can hear YOU just fine".

Cops are trained to look for openings. Don't give them one.
Raised in AA:
I was practically raised in AA meetings. Your post brought back memories of coffee and cigarettes.

Once I even took my brother to one in your zone, in Laguna Canyon, specifically for homos.

I just went shopping that time.
Drug sniffing dogs:
Drug sniffing dogs are trained to sniff out a specific terpene that occurs in cannabis.

The thing is, it is present in many other foods and plants too.

I believe drug sniffing dogs at traffic stops should be illegal. A random guess has the same or better probability of being correct.
Why he might be worried about drug sniffing dogs:
With the advent and increase of edibles and other products made from raw pot, will the importance of good looking, high quality pot decrease?

It seems to me that the emphasis on big sticky buds and the other visual aspects would hold less importance when people are no longer using the raw pot but rather eating it in gummies and brownies.

Thus, growing and harvesting sub par pot would still be commercially viable as it is not THE product but merely an ingredient in the final product.
His 'buddy' got into some kind of unspecified legal trouble in Vietnam:
My buddy works for HP.

He was sent to Vietnam on business for them.

He was warned not to leave the hotel at night.

He left the hotel at night.

Hijinks ensued, but not good hijinks, and he had to buy his way out of trouble for several hundred dollars.
Fucking with his neighbor, the census taker.
I am proud that I was the very last person in my area to respond to the census. I never mailed it in, and the census guy haunted my front door for WEEKS. I’d come home and see him camped out and just keep on driving.

When he finally cornered me (with the help of his supervisor), I gave the most outlandish answers possible.

I claimed Hispanic ancestry just for fun. He did not bat an eye.

He wanted to know what I paid for my house. I said it was a gift, and when he pressed further I admitted I stole the house from the rightful owner, forced them to sign it over to me, and then I killed them. He did not bat an eye.

For my ancestry, I claimed to be “East Atlantean”, because my ancestors came from England and Scotland, and those places are on an island in the East Atlantic. He said he’d never heard of East Atlanteans, and I said that’s because of the genocide; not many of us left.

He did not bat an eye.

I felt bad for him because he was a neighbor from down the street trying to augment his income; otherwise I would have forced him off my property physically.
Obama gay
Bath house Barry, the Turd-burgling Butt Pirate.
Gays want to kill all conservatives.
No one here on FR proposes murdering homos simply because they are homos.

Keep in mind though there are many homos who propose to murder US because we are conservative.
Never heard of Yosemitest, or fr_freak, or muawiyah, eh?

After the Orlando massacre, advice for a gay guy that can't stop name-dropping gay sex acts:
He needs to immerse himself in the Bible and stop immersing himself in hairy gay butt holes.

I wonder: does he ask God to save him as he’s fellating unknown and anonymous strangers in the bar’s bathroom?

Because we all know the health risks of that.

Does he ask God to save him as he is having promiscuous butt sex with his many random partners who he met that night?

Because we all that can be deadly too.

The answer is no. He turned his back on God and wants to pick and choose which of God’s laws he will obey.

I hope he has an epiphany, and puts down the anal lube and fisting manual forever.
Make a death-list of liberals:
As you traverse your day to day life, make note of the leftists, extremists and hateful people in your immediate sphere who would destroy our way of life simply to advance their un-American agenda.

Make a list. Keep it in your head. Do not write it down.

This guidance might be a subrule better labeled as 2a or 6a, as I see them all as partly intertwined.

On my street, I know exactly who I can count on and who is my enemy. You should too.
Come oooon, we need to revolt noooooow!
...Since the ballot box has not worked, we must now go to the other box....

And we must act relatively soon, as the old guard is dying out and there is no new guard.

That's why the overt leftist power grab recently is a good thing - it serves to enervate the masses and wake up normally apathetic Americans.
Kill all nonAmerican lobbyists:
It is a federal crime for a foreigner to attempt to influence the political system in the US.

It should be a capital crime.
Fan of beheading videos:
Sadly, that website freezes up my computer, both at work and at home. So I cannot go there.

And I say that as a fan of beheading videos.
Fox News stands by decision to post heinous ISIS burning video online:
Mainsteam media is on the same side as ISIS and Obama.

After viewing this horrific video I want to go out and buy more guns and ammo, which is probably why the Treasonous MSM wants to hide this truth.


  1. Be a dick to the cop. That'll get you out of that suspected DUI stop!

    1. What is "a dick to the cop"? - By the
      way, where is TWINKIE? I miss her.

    2. Hi twinkie. What did you feed Fang today?

    3. Twinkie thinks we're as stupid as the Freepers.

      The punctuation and capitalization is exactly the same.


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  2. Alcoholic Texan with an arsenal of guns, an anti-government bent, and a neighborhood enemies list ...

    no, nothing could go wrong there!

  3. "all evidence produced at this point ... implies"

    i see what he did there.

  4. SJW is dog whistle used by alt-rights.

    Alt-right is basically the modern version of the neo-Nazi.

    Typically you'll see them post 'cuck' and 'mangina.'

    1. SJW doesn't seem like a dog whistle. More like a snarl word since they throw it at everyone who isn't a shithead. The alt-right has been growing, especially in the last two years.

  5. In our complex world, I believe it is important to not overthink things.

    If we're still petitioning for new Freeper taglines, I'd like to nominate this one.

    He turned his back on God and wants to pick and choose which of God’s laws he will obey.

    But DUI, stick buds, and murder lists are A-OK with God in some cases?