Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Orlando Shooting Grave Dancing

A new record in American mass shootings. By a Muslim first generation American at a LGBT club in Orlando. Blech.

Freepers see so many targets to hate and generalize about they have some trouble deciding. After some confusion, the settle on dancing a 'America will hate Muslims for sure this time, making Trump's landslide extra inevitable!' dance on the graves of those they don't consider Real Americans.

HomerBohn cries some crocodile tears, but his confusion about what Strawbama would think is telling:
President Soetoro has mixed emotions regarding the Orlando carnage inside a homosexual night club.

On the one hand we have the Muslim killers operating within the United States under directions of Isis while on the other hand those butchered were homosexuals. The LGBT agenda isn’t going to be pleased over this turn of events.

I do feel deep sorrow for the families of the victims. Especially those who didn’t know their children were LGB or T.

Poor Hussein. He’s in a quandary.
goldstategop is pretty sure this anecdote proves every Muslim in America is just waiting for a club to shoot:
Omar Mateen appeared to be an unexceptional, average middle class American before he went rogue.

He probably was an affirmative action baby and was promoted every step of the way.

Like with the San Bernardino jihadists, he lived a life most Americans can only dream of.

Apparently, all of the bounty and good life America bestowed upon him wasn’t enough. Jihad apparently was more than enough.

Muslims have no loyalty to the nation state and its flag, which is an alien concept to them. Loyalty to Dar al Islam always comes first.

Which Mateen proved in spades.
Paladin2 agrees - time to throw out the Constitution!
He didn’t go rogue. Just another 2nd gen muzzie infected with SJS. THERE IS NO WAY TO VET FOR THIS but to eliminate Islam in the US
metmom thinks it's time for moar guns:
Watch gun sales spike.....
robert14 thinks life is an action movie where going in guns blazing is the best way to save lives:
I do not understand how this went down. The police decided to hide behind their police cars and talk to the Muslim terrorist while 50 people lay on the floor bleeding to death. 
If the police had ended this during the “golden hour” most of those lives could have been saved. Am I politically incorrect? You betcha.
I looked up 'golden hour.' It's a British concept about evidence and crime scene protocols. Ya learn something new Freepers have misinterpreted every day!

BenLurkin is one of the few who hates gays more than Muslims:
I feel sorry for the emts and criminologists having to work in all that contaminated blood.

They will have to wear hazmat suits.
who knows what evil? also cannot overlook the main thing about these dead people:
Bad day to be a queer. This sure seems like an organized attack.
Back to Muslim hating, seekthetruth wants some evidenceless arrests!
As a citizen of Florida I call on Governor Scott to arrest the parents of the Terrorist and hold them in prison until they are deported to the country they came from. We all know the Terrorist's parents knew exactly what their son planned to do and are also guilty of the murders and injuries of over 100 innocent Americans.
And of course, FlingWingFlyer blames Obama:
This is the “new norm.” Thanks to Obama, these massacres are going to become more frequent in this country. All of the “gun control” in the world isn’t going to stop it. Sorry commies, it just isn’t going to help.
Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America grips his guns tighter, if that's at all possible:
More mass killings with guns = More support for gun confiscation.

Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America is really getting up a head of steam preemptively hating Obama's rhetoric now!
NO WAY Oblama calls this an 'Islamic terror attack'. He HAS never and WILL NEVER use that term with the words in that order. 'ACT OF TERROR' is his term because it does NOT implicate Islam or Muslims. A man stabbing his wife in the kitchen is an 'Act of terror' but not necessarily an 'Islamic terror attack'.

OblamaF*CK will NEVER implicate his brothers, EVER. He will NEVER say 'Islamic terror attack' EVER. He never even says 'terrorIST attack', EVER. It is ALWAYS 'ACT OF TERROR' because that term does NOT implicate Muslims or Islam.

F'ING F F F U BO!!!!
And from another thread, this mass shooting makes the always kinda sociopathic Freepers really happy as they smug it up about Trump's assured victory on a tower of gay bodies:

Boost??? He just won the election!!!
Dick Bachert:


  1. This one is odd and something I can't bring myself to read through, way to much hate over their on this, so props for doing so.

    Part of me does worry though for the so-called "Security Mom" segment of the U.S. voting population when stuff like this happens. Guy shoots up his workplace, he's a depressed/unstable man and nothing can be done to stop it, move along nothing to see. Muslim shoots up bar it's a conspiracy against all life in the U.S., let's institute a pogrom lite.

    They hate Muslims, but they also hate gays. So killing gays is good but a Muslim killing people is bad, since the Muslim could also kill them, but then the gays deserved death.... spins into infinite loop.

    As for the blood contamination. Anyone in the heath field wears gloves all the time when handling anything related to human body fluids. From a safety perspective, I'd rather handle fluids at a gay club than a backwoods depressed town in West Virginia or Missouri.

  2. Poor Hussein. He’s in a quandary.

    An American Muslim gun lover who mass murders gays is really more of a Freeper quandary.

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