Thursday, June 9, 2016

RIP Muhammad Ali

As I'm finding Freepers' increasingly obvious anxiety over Trump more and more amusing, cataloging their antics has been filling up my blog time. So this is a bit late, but I had to get to it. Well before my time, in a sport that started dying when I was in elementary school, I only knew Ali as something of a dim celebrity with a tragic illness. But this Muhammad Ali, at the top of his game when his game was more popular than any other spent the prime of his career in cooling his heels in order to object to the Vietnam War. Dunno if it changed history, but it's a helluva sign of the times.

Time having refocused their hatred on all things Clinton and Obama related, Freepers were mostly very respectful, even laudatory. But as is always the case with any death regardless of party there are some Freepers who are eager to show off how non-PC and contrarian they are.

So it took some scraping, but here's the bottom of the barrel!

sagar is sooo brave and un-PC, just like Trump!
Is it un-PC to say “good riddance”?
Strac6 seems to have forgotten when he endorsed Reagan and Bush:
RIP and all that, but never forget he was a White-hating, Malcolm X loving, America - hating draft dodger.
PetroniusMaximus knows he's in Hell:
He’s in a better place now

He is (was) a Muslim.
PROCON also loves him some hellfire:
He's in a better place?

He's in Hell...forever!

Good riddance of the muslim draft-dodger.
GOPe Means Bend Over Spell Run explains Ali's faith to his corpse:
You’re simply repeating yourself to say Ali was a Muslim racist. He was a draft dodging coward also given his religion has no problem with war or killing.
G Larry is one of the Ali fans, but made it here because he thinks Ali's getting drafted was some kind of conspiracy:
For those old enough to recall:

I came to believe the entire draft dodging charge was bogus.

He was 25 in 1967 and they weren’t drafting 25 year olds.
This was a complete political hack job.

Imagine if he’d been able to box in those four years, while still at his peak.
ohioman gives no details, just declares he's unimpressed:
Parkinson’s disease is an awful thing. I have sympathy for him for that. However, Ali is still one of the most over-rated human beings of our generation.
Though the thread is mostly nice, Tailback wants it to be nicer, so he decides all these long time Freepers being assholes are False Flags!!
The sleeper nutter accounts are out in full force tonight.

Trying to get the MSM to call Free Republic a bunch of racist whackjobs again.

Hopefully the mods are keeping an eye out.
ek_hornbeck calls him a retard:
I remember him as an ungrateful pretentious concieted retard. A negative role model stirring up dissent for the american way and hatred for white people

He mellowed a little in his later years as Parkinson's took its toll, but I hadn't any use for him either.

And "retard" is right - only a mentally deficient person would think that he's somehow protesting anti-black racism by changing his name from Cassius Clay (the name of a prominent abolitionist, Cassius M. Clay) to Muhammad Ali (Egyptian king and slaver).
Always the virtuosos in assholitude, wardaddy manages to praise Ali and also blame him for negroes in sports being so arrogant:
It’s still bragging it’s just not lying boasts

That was his shtick

And it ushered in how most black athletes and stars are today.....showboats and arrogant

Which I detest

But unlike them Ali was self deprecating and played hurt unlike your average black NFL back today who hits the bench on a hangnail flopping

Ali was tough....which is why his brain got cooked

Randall Cobb too hellacious hits and never went down yet he never got Parkinson’s syndrome
Torquay imagines Ali losing to modern boxers:
Funny! In “sting like a bee’s day”, Pacquiao, with both hands tied behind his back would have cleaned c”ass”ius’s clock before the first ring of the bell, and then of course Manny, as now, would move on to his other part-time world achievements!
NKP_Vet goes full on Ali being talented truther:
Never really had much use for him. His manager would tell the refs before the fight to go ahead and stop it if Ali was getting the best of him and the fighter was not fighting back.

Back in the days of Marciano you had to knock someone flat to win the fight. Ali came along and almost every fight ended in a TKO.

I also never liked the way he belittled fighters trying to get in their head. This didn’t work against Joe Frazier who whipped his ass in the first fight and put him in a hospital for a month after the third fight. Calling Frazier a gorilla was about as low as black man can go but that’s exactly what Ali called Frazier. He went for years without speaking to him because of the way he was treated.

Foreman would have beaten him Africa if he hadn’t over-trained and suffered from heat exhaustion, which sapped his energy before the fight. Then Ali scared to fight during the fight so he layed on the ropes and let Foreman punch himself out. He knew how weak Foreman was for the fight. First time I can ever remember where the champion was not guaranteed a rematch, and he never fought Foreman again.

Both Liston fights were rigged by the mob. So as you can see I was never fan of the loudmouth. Also didn’t like that he got by with sticking his middle finger to the draft board and not going in the Army. RIP Cassius. You and Joe can talk about your three fights. And all these American “muslims” from Ali, to Jabbar, not a war has spoken out about radical Islamic terrorists.
I have zero doubt there were a lot of conservatives in the 1960s with that level of delusion. But holding on to it for this long takes a special type of person.


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    2. To quote Chairman Rim: "Either way, we win - they lose" ("they" being Freepers of course).

      Personally, I'm torn. Do I want to see Freeper dreams shot in the head (Hilary) or subjected to lingchi (Trump). It's a tough one. Either way, Freepers have already lost: the election is just the penalty phase.

    3. Like many on the conservative scene they need a Hilary victory to give themselves purpose. Jim will probably rake in more at the start of the thon the frist day Hillery takes office.

  2. Ali wasn't a draft dodger. He was a conscientious objector.
    The difference is that Ali didn't hide or try to get a fake deferment.
    He stated his case, and took the punishment, which was worse than service would have been, since he'd have been kept out of harm's way.
    Agree or disagree, Muhamed Ali was no coward.

    Donald Trump, who got fake medical deferments, is a draft dodger.
    Donald Trump is a dlimy, yellow coward.
    Donald Trump is garbage.

    Lots of Freepers know this, and would love to say this, but they can't because they'll get the zot and in their lonely little worlds, where they pretend that they are beholden to no one, they need their censored safe playground.
    They need a safe place to vent their hatred, since there is no one in their real lives to listen.
    That is all FR is now. A safe place for people to spew hatred and to egg others on.

    1. After getting 4 student deferments in a row Donnie suddenly developed a medical condition! And then he got a medical deferment. It's like magic, isn't it?

      I am a little younger than Donnie, I was in the lottery. My number was 353.

    2. Serving is for others, not for "conservatives".
      The list of Republican chickenhawks is really long.

    3. Come on, be fair! His medical condition has improved now and he is eager to serve ... as Commander in Chief for the upcoming offensives against Mexico and China.

  3. I can't abide a First Laddie who's a DRAFT
    DODGER par excellence! - Oh, but, oh, but, I
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    Now, supposedly, she's ordered TRUMP off
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  4. "Ali was tough....which is why his brain got cooked

    Randall Cobb too hellacious hits and never went down yet he never got Parkinson’s syndrome"

    I read most of that thread it was surprisingly, generally respectful.

    But WTF is this. Seriously?! How little understanding about basic biology does it take to think you can get Parkinson's punched into you?

    I guess Michael J. Fox must have taken one hell of a fall from his hoverboard on set to get the disease.

    1. Twinkie does not like boxing! If it is
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      People getting pounded in the head
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      If anyone disagrees with me; then they
      are just INCORRECT!!

      And FOOTBALL! Don't get me started on

      OK. President Donald J. Trump, POTUS

      Learn it. Love it. Get used to it.
      Hitler-y is NOT going to be elected
      by hook OR by crook! No, No, No!!

      Love, TWINKIE KING
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