Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

alternatives? argues that privatizing Social Security is a liberal plot:
Ryan wants to make SS even more progressive. If your pension and/or investment income is over a certain amount then you lose your SS. The “certain amount”, of course, would decline over time. 
It is just another way of further penalizing working and saving. I which Ryan would leave the Republican party. He is a false choice.
BigEdLB is seriously hoping for two truckloads of corpses at every Trump rally:
Trump should pay for his own security, and there should be 3 trucks. One for the living protestor to be transported back to the border. One to a morgue where identified protestors bodies can be picked up, and one for dead unidentified protestors to be transported to the nearest medical school for dissection. Stanford is close to San Jose.
patriot08 finds the Freeper humor when the White House is placed on lockdown to be super wholesome:
Now THIS thread replies are funny,clever and clean.
(unlike the same multiple, nasty, lame ,DU-like jokes about Gere and the gerbil every time his name comes up)
Eddie01 compares conservativism to being stupid:
The whole “conservative enough” argument is starting to remind me of the whole “black enough” argument 8 long years ago.

Conservative is as conservative does.
Probably engineer Awgie explains how awesome Trump is gonna be, because of how like an engineer Trump is, and how everything can be solved by analogy to engineering:
Trump will approach the Presidency with the eye of a structural engineer. He is trained to analyze and build enormous structures that last for centuries. He understands the importance of strong foundations and proper building techniques. He will apply this knowledge to the very structure of the federal government. He will not tolerate unsustainable architecture and frivolous design. He will insist on government policy and practices that reflect reality.
DollyCali is thrilled at Trump's frenetic rambling style:
He started out with one story. Before finishing, oh wait, he switches to another story. Before getting into it, he is on another story.

isnt it great??? we love it (esp we ADDs) our spontaneous, excited about so many things, guy
haircutter joins the growing Freep movement of taking great glee threatening what will happen when Trump wins:
Dear Bret Stephens...WSJ.

You can vote for whom ever you wish...even a wood pecker if you desire...TRUMP supporters will take him all the way to the White House and YOU can forget about ever getting an invite there...

You can also ki$$ my American Butt...or whom ever else you might desire to do...folks like you make folks like me...TOO NOT PURCHASE YOUR TRASH NEWS PRINT..

Trump's election has replaced Civil War II as the solution to all Freep's problems.

haircutter spends a lot of time and trouble calling Hillary fat:
This is gamesmanship. Get Hillary to waddle her fat behind into exhaustion.

Burn her out. She is not fit physically.

Notice she is sitting at a lot of the ‘chats’ and Rallies lately...
Standing on her chubby legs for long periods of time is difficult when approaching the 70’s and then she wears those tiny pointed toed small heels...that are from the 60’s or maybe 70’s...
She seems to have gain a lot of weight during this Primary run...guess she just can't pass up the bakeries. wink~wink. So I predict she will go off the trail for a couple weeks at a fat farm before the Fall season...JMO
jennychase is still counting on bikers to bring that right-wing violence:
Funny, no anti-@realDonaldTrump protesters at the #RollingThunder rally in DC today. Wonder why? #cowards
Seeing More Clearly Now is re-purposing all the Obama Muslim conspiracies for Huma:
Hilliary's HUMA will ensure there is a cash flow from the Muslim Brotherhood, HAMAS, Iran, Hizbollah, Syria, ISIS, ISIL, AL Qaieda and others...

Unless Huma Abedin and related financiers already realize the twenty year old and counting Hillary Clinton path to political influence is already over.
combat_boots adds yet another layer to the Benghazi Conspiracy, this one involving unrealistic amounts of blood:
It’s a little like Chris Stevens dying of smoke inhalation-in a bathroom that showed it was lathered with blood up to 4+ feet.
reaganaut speculates that conservatives who not support Trump want him killed:
Do Levin and Cruz support assination talk? No.

How do you know? Just because they are smart enough to have Beck throw the idea out there does not mean they don’t agree with him. I think Cruz is still in denial about losing.
Newtoidaho on a reporter that wrote something about Trump U.
Definitely a metro sexual faggotty looking sleaze.
Limbaugh bent knee to Trump. RitaOK will never forget, though:
Rush loading up onto the TRUMP TRAIN, has been an embarrassment to watch and painful.

Rush now must turn his Butt Hurt into some kind of rain maker financially.

When he could not see through Cruz, I knew he had plainly lost his political midas touch.
Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America has another angle on the Hillary e-mail scandal:
I think the FBI knows something..

TigersEye is trying to turn the Dylann Roof massacre of blacks in church into an anti Hillary rally:
Let’s ask Dylann if he supports the death penalty for Hillary’s treasonous acts!
MeanWestTexan has convinced himself Obama would celebrate a mass killing of whites:
Happy to see him die.

I also know that a black that killed 1000 whites would get a parade by Obama.
Simple and violent PROCON knows that by not mowing down rioting Muslims, Paris police have surrendered:
These punks rioting in Paris aren't hardened isis or taliban muzzies, these are, for the most part, muslim street punks rioting in order to make their little muslim enclaves/no-go zones in Paris.

Paris' police handling of these punks shows me they've already given up.

Only stern, shoot-to-kill measures will ever return the city to normal, if it isn't already too late.
sailor76 may be the only one:
Andrew Jackson

IMO our greatest.
In attacking that judge Trump's going after for blatant Hispanic heritage, eyeamok equates the NAACP with the KKK:
Dear Megyn Kardashian, would you please answer these::

How many Federal Judges in GOOD Standing with the KKK are on the Federal Bench??

How Many Federal Judges that Actively Support and Defend the KKK are on the Bench??

How Many Federal Judges that support or are Active Members in GOOD Standing with “The Race”(la raza), are on the Bench?

How Many Federal Judges that Support or are active members of and in GOOD Standing with the NAACP (black power), are on the Bench??

Is This RACIST on my part??


  1. Yes DollyCali; spontaneity, excitability and Attention Deficit Disorder are EXACTLY the qualities one looks for in a President!

  2. Ya'll think Hitlery has ADD? So, ya'll are
    backing Burnie? But, but, but . . Bill
    PROMISED Hitlery she would get to be the
    FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT! In exchange for
    standing by her man during the LEWINSKY

    Take a nap; you'll feel better.

  3. He will not tolerate unsustainable architecture and frivolous design.

    So, no gold leaf and pink marble, then?