Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Freepers suddenly love the Brexit

I was a bit disappointed in Freepers' reactions to the Brexit going through.

Their usual ritual of smug celebrations followed immediately by dark portents of liberal plots was attenuated by their general America-centrism. They couldn't even be arsed to fill in their dim understanding with a comforting narrative!

Even Trump's support didn't seem to get them really ranting. Though the fact that globalism is explicitly involved does goose their ever increasing nationalist paranoia a bit:

Scott from the Left Coast hits the populist bromide that used to work gangbusters on the Jews:
Let the markets throw their hissy-fit. The global elites...banks, corporations, denizens like Soros were rejected by a people who wanted to be free. Nations are local control, and perhaps we are seeing a new birth of nationalism. 
We are that little bit further away today from being peasants and slaves to our money masters. Let them go nuts and make themselves less wealthy. They have been rejected.
SteveH makes with the bumper sticker:
Awesome. Make Britain Great Again!

a perfect sound bite for trump, if he wants!
tcrlaf gets in some quality gloating:
Listened to BBC World on the way home from work tonight.

They are STUNNED and Flabbergasted, with comments like “This is a TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE day for Britain!”, etc.

This simply CANNOT BE HAPPENING. Their Facebook accounts and Twitter accounts all told them this was impossible.

They were even trying to say “Uneducated people voted to leave, those with degrees voted to STAY!”
And the always odious Diana in Wisconsin can always be counted on to be smug about how liberals are probably sad:
Is John Feckin’ Kerry on Suicide Watch? LOL!
Eurotwit is one of many who discusses how to use this to make money:
Buy pound sterling.

If you are willing to sit on it for a few years.
Tolerance Sucks Rocks is sure tax cuts and deregulation will solve everything!
It does not appear to be good for Britain, the pound is crashing and they will likely go into recession.

That won't last long if Great Britain continues to improve its fiscal policy (lowering taxes, etc.).
I need to look up Freepers' reaction to Kansas breaking over Brownback's conservative policies.

JennysCool may want to look at the age of who voted to leave:
Britain is showing the world should no longer be ruled by old hippies who think it’s still 1974.

Viva 21st century!
Breaking with Freep's past narrative that England is all Muslim FlyingEagle lays out how this was about everyone BUT England is Muslim:
Language, religion, customs: the culture has been assaulted and imperiled for decades. With the muzzification of Europe, this is the last stand fof redoubt for Britain.

We will hear much gnashing of banker and business teeth over the matter, but the truth is its a wonderful outcome for the people. There is great strength in sovereign rule over a country’s currency and customs.

I lived in London for 5 years, my two daughters were born there, and I have travelled there extensively for mainly work and pleasure for the last three decades. I am so happy for the British who are now escaping the EU tentacles. Switzerland never ceded over their sovereignty to the EU, and the main Swiss problem has been how to manage the relative strength of their currency and economy versus the EU. Britain will soon have the same issues.

Stupid Obama was all pro EU - oblivious to the economic, cultural and political destruction taking place in the UK. The British voted with their feet: a spectacular cry for freedom, no matter the short term price.
bushwon makes the call for ethnic cleansing more stark:
Congrats to Great Britain!

Next, turn Londonistan back into London!!!
Textide thinks we need to play England against the rest of those rivals in Europe:
And for every door that the EU closes with Britain, it should be an opportunity for the US to strengthen our relationship. That is, so long as our next president doesn’t wear a pant suit.
Husker8877 is a one issue voter: Fuck the Clintons!
I got just one thing to say: Knowing that Bill and Hillary were against Brexit was all I needed to be for it. They are the most accurate political litmus papers on earth as far as I’m concerned! Pretty much if they’re for it, I’m against it!

Ok I’m going to say one more thing: F*** the g*dd*m Clintons all to hell!! I love that they got their asses handed to them once again! Woohoo!!
publius911 hates Germany and wants some new Nazis to take them over...
One of my greatest puzzlement (as a student of history) for decades now, is how a little nothing country, saved from the NAZI clutches, became so delusional as to see themselves as arbiter of the worth of so many countries better than themselves.

Let the new NAZIs finally own them and teach them the humility they so richly deserve.

Belgium can return to being a necessary fence between giants, with bootprints on it in every direction...

Good Riddance!
I think the new Nazis he's talking about are Muslims...
Also, Belgium? How did that work?


  1. I'm not sure, but I think he just called for Nazis to take over Germany and invade Belgium...

  2. Wait, I'm confused, isn't capitalism good? Aren't banks and big businesses the job creators of the world?

    1. That was like two years ago.

      Nowadays, bankers are in bed with Big Government!
      Though deregulation and tax cuts are still the key to prosperity, somehow.

    2. See. What confuses ya'll is that FR
      is a forum of thousands of different
      people with different ideas &
      opinions. Most hold jobs, and unlike
      ya'll, they don't have time to bottle
      unicorn farts & read every word on
      any forum. Not FR & certainly not FM.

      Yes. People who have money create
      jobs. Robbing the "Robber Barons" in
      order to give a starting salary of
      $1000 an hour to recent high school
      grads is rather silly; but it will
      buy their votes AND at the same time
      it will raise the price of Big Macs
      & fries to gourmet meal prices -
      thus killing the business (the sow
      that the parasitic little Dhimmicrat
      piglets suck on).

      Surely no one on FR "called for
      Nazis to take over Germany and
      invade Belgium". My dad went to
      Germany via N. Africa & Italy to
      REMOVE the Nazis from the world's
      rectum in WWII. There's a reason I
      call her HITLER-Y.


    3. Is it normal to read Twinkie's posts and not get very far before becoming lost?

      And Twinkie's understanding of basic economic concepts is about as developed as a child who shits his diapers and smears them on the wall.

    4. TWINKIE's father sounds like a brave and honorable man, who would be so ashamed of his little girl posting on a white racist neo-nazi site like FreeeRepublic.

      God forbid that TWINKIE might have to pay an extra ten cents every time she goes to the Sonic Drive-thru.
      Well, in TWINKIE's case, since she's there at least five times a day, it might begin to add up.

    5. Twinkie, I don't think I'm going out on a limb by saying that most Freepers could stand to skip a few Big Macs. Gluttony (mass consumption) is a sin, a sin that FR seems to be very proud of. So's pride, come to think of it.

    6. "That is, so long as our next president doesn’t wear a pant suit."

      You heard it here (Ok FP first) first! Trump and all true Conservatives must only wear skirts (kilts?)! Because suits with pants = Hitlery!

      Seriously, speaking as a female, I am tired of the 80's-esque term of a "pants suit". It's started to itch at me like an emerging allergy. It was new fangled at the same time that women were wearing those stupid scarf bowties to feminize a look that *did* (for a reason) imitate men's fashion, but without intimidating men.

      Basically, inherently sexist, but necessary at the time. But I've never seen anyone said to be wearing a "skirt suit".

      So, how about everyone is just wearing a suit and stop implying that a woman wearing sensible pants is some sort of statement?

  3. Now is our chance to seize Airstrip One from Eurasia

  4. I really think the average freeper believes that Britain was somehow "captured" by the EU and forced to join in some way, and now they have somehow "liberated" themselves.

  5. Not really Freeper related, but the whole Brexit push is interesting.

    Looking at demographics the younger generations supported staying in, while the older generations did not.

    In essence the people who work and will have to work in the UK economy by large support staying in. And those who will be or are already pensioners want out. They don't have to deal with the fall out, good or bad, of the vote.

    Still I like the idea that the average UK citizen gets to vote, similar to how the direct democracy works in the Nordic countries. Something like this would never fly in the U.S. Aside from Congress not wanting to give up power, I can see Republicans complaining about not having the money to run such a vote. But of course the tax cuts must flow.

    1. Great stat I heard was the the more immigrants a location had, the more likely it was to vote to remain.

      Direct democracy has it's share of problems beyond expense, of course, but it's interesting to see what referendum states like California come up with.

    2. Immigrants being UK citizens, I assume? I won't pretend to be very well read up on UK legalities, but it seems like a reasonable assumption on my part that people on working visas (or if that's not the term, the equivalent) didn't have a vote.

      So, that brings me to my question - by referendum states, do you mean, what they would do if asked if they wanted to secede?

      I'm probably just being a dumbass here by missing the point. My only other guess here is what will happen regarding Trump? Because a larger proportion of Hispanic voters in my current state of AZ is the only reason I can think of as to why we're kinda (thankfully) up for grabs.

  6. Oh, I do also have to add: I've heard this on both sides. "If Trump/Clinton is for it then all I need to know is I'm against it!"

    I bet both like ice cream. And sex. And movies. We're all human. We all have commanalities.

    It's the flavors they like that you should pay attention to. Which in the real world political spectrum means informing yourself, seeing what you like, and seeing who you agree with.

    Basing your opinion on what your enemy likes is the laziest of approaches to something quite important.

    1. Ya'll are all over the board. Jumping
      from one jag to the other, then eating
      large amounts of cheap beet sugar and
      going off the deep end from diabetes.

      Ya'll won't understand that there are
      MANY FREEPERS on FR; with about as
      many different opinions as there are

      Unlike on FM, where all the opinions
      are alike and all pure Communist

      Pity. Hannie can't get through to
      ya'll. Twinkie can't get through to
      ya'll. Fang can't get through to

      We ain't giving up our guns. Hitler
      got the Germans' guns and HITLER-Y
      wants to grab our guns. Which has made
      me more diligent in my bullet-making

      Ya'll made me burn my fingers pouring
      hot lead because you were SO hot over
      HITLER-Y and her gun-grabbing ideas.

      It's sad.


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