Tuesday, June 7, 2016

‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle vs. the Truth

It's pretty accepted on both sides of the aisle that Chris Kyle was something of a storyteller. But not, of course, on the right, who like their heroes as cartoonish as their villains. So when Kyle's claimed medals don't match with Navy records, Freepers circle the wagons. The smarter ones attack the integrity of Navy records, the dumber ones presume a larger, if undefined, conspiracy.

Opinionated Blowhard doesn't care about facts so long as strawman Hillary remains evil:
Kyle has been dead how long? And the media keeps trying to dig up dirt on him. Hillary! commits multiple felonies that undermine national security and its old news. Obama pals around with terrorists and its old news too.
SaveFerris doesn't even bother to mention Kyle, and just goes straight to wishing actual Obama be revealed as strawman Obama:
If only the media went after the avalanche of Obama discrepancies, lies, falsehoods, connections, coverups, gaps, etc.

There would be at least a two-hour show every week.

And, btw, it would garner the highest ratings.
yarddog does not believe:
My guess is that his claim is accurate and the Navy records are not.
Cue long derail of Freepers discussing their medals and how the military totally shortchanged them all.

As he often does, gaijin makes it about race:
They’re killing our heroes.

The objective is to kill our CULTURE.

If Chris Kyle were black THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN.

UNDERSTAND what is going on, here.
Lest anyone doubt his white pride, gaijin compares Kyle's honesty positively with Martin Luthor King:
MLK plagiarized over half his PhD thesis and he never took ANY legal step to change the first part of his name to “Martin Luther”.

His name was —was ALWAYS— MIKE King.

Charismatic? Yes. Right about rights? Yes.


Eh...NO, Mike didn’t have one.
TexasTransplant would like to take this time to whine about his own veteran woes:
And if you think Service Records are FUBAR

Med Records at the VA are many many times worse. Those records also tie into SSA and Medi-whatever records ...

Basically they hope you die before they have to deal with you or pay.
SkyDancer invokes the liberal media, and *bam* no more need for facts:
The liberal media hates the military. Period. Anything from them even if it’s true is a lie.
Squantos is sure this is all liberal lies, and probably Kyle got some sort of SUPER medal:
As to Kyle .... I believe him versus the presstitutes. Lack of Validity, Trust, Professionalism etc is more of a insult to a true warrior that would never compromise his record of such matters that could have been “discovered” easily and may I suggest long before now by those that will lie and fabricate anything to discredit the man, his way of life and his family , friends and fellow SEAL’s.

my bet is the navy FOIA will reveal a 5/16th star device is on his silver star “ribbon” that works like the USAF / Army oak leaf clusters that indicate 2nd or third or TEN silver stars as Colonel David Hackworth earned in the Korean War....

zzwhale thinks Kyle was just citing all the medals he earned but didn't put in for:
and he probably earned more than that...
in nam seals 90% of the deserving cases didnt get the medals because no one took the time to submit the paperwork

ExNewsExSpook suspects some were secret medals for top secret badassery:
Also possible that Kyle was decorated for highly classified missions and those awards may not show up in Navy biographies and personnel records that can be released to the public.
CivilWarBrewing thinks Kyle was assassinated for undisclosed reasons:
I’m waiting for O’Reilly to publish a book entitled ‘Killing Chris Kyle’. Would love to see Team O’Reilly investigate WHOSE ORDERS KYLE’S HIT MAN WAS CARRYING OUT. I’ll betcha it came from the Muzzie in the White Hut.


  1. "Anything from them even if it’s true is a lie."


  2. this is great news for john mccain!

    Reno89519: "Funny in a way, as we now have Lyn’ Ted, Ryan, McConnell, and others siding with Clinton to defend a biased judge. That’s a win for Trump."

  3. Freepers on the Judge in the Trump case. Your daily racism thread of the day.


    1. I can top even that! 0 to racist in under 10 seconds:

      "500 year-old shipwreck loaded with gold found in Namibian desert"


  4. Marine Corps joke, “how can you spot a Navy Seal, he’s followed by three Navy photographers and an Admiral with a bag of medals.”