Thursday, June 16, 2016

Obama: I Am 'What a Feminist Looks Like'

Freepers, regardless of gender, don't know much about feminism. Though there is sometimes a weak attempt to distinguish 'good' feminists from the contentless "Feminazi" slur Rush has long used for women he doesn't like.

But, as it is for countries, vagueness on concepts is a feature for Freepers, as it allows them to change it depending on it's immediate utility to them. Thus, Obama saying he's a feminist means to day feminism is bad, and makes you a girl and also gay haw haw.

Today has really shown a recent juvenile tone Freeper's loathing has taken as Trump's polls have been sinking, and cracks in denial begin. If this continues, it's not gonna be pretty - though it will be funny!

KC_Lion is excited about the coming storm of sexist insults:
This thread is going to be good!
mandaladon starts off strong:
Our effeminate leader is a Muslim feminist ...
KC_Conspirator beings in some of that reddit MRA charm:
Ah, classic man-boob, magina, beta male, cuck.
Also drawing from more modern Internet culture, vsEPAwarrior thinks Obama is only defending women to look noble, and doesn't really mean it:
**cough*** white knight **cough**
TruthInThoughtWordAndDeed basically assumes feminist is bad:

Don’t be like Obama.


euram knows feminists can't have penises!
So, when does he go in for his surgery?

What a pathetic little “man” he has always been.
rockrr agrees - feminist means you aren't manly:
Ødungo: “I Am ‘What a pussy Looks Like’
Red Badger gets graphic:
He probably has to use a strap-on...................
17th Miss Regt proudly types out the least original joke, presented in the least original format:
"I may be a little grayer than I was eight years ago," Obama told the advocates.

"I may be a little gayer than I was eight years ago," Obama told the advocates.

Fixed it.
Bridesheadfan knows all about men who are feminists:
I always knew he was a fagula.
Ketill Frostbeard just yells slim black men look bad. Oh, and Obama gay.
You are what a Q-tip dropped in old motor oil looks like. Greased up and ready for Reggie.
Huskrrrr - feminist men kinda want to be girls:
What better President to lead our gender confused country.
stephenjohnbanker wants you to know his amazing gaydar is totally objective and not driven by partisan hate at all:
Some men by their gestures and mannerisms are dead give away faggots. Obama fits this to a tee.
vpintheak weakly tries to take the mantle of feminist away from Obama.
Of course, he is a modern feminist. I consider myself an old school feminist, the way it should be.
If you're any kind of feminist, you ain't posting on this thread, dude....

glennaro manages to have contempt at Obama for not acting like the evil sexist Muslim he's sure Obama is:
In obama’s religion, being a “feminist” makes him a heretic. (On the other hand, in referring to himself maybe he meant “feminine”.)
Read Write Repeat kinda heard a bit of a womens' studies class once, but it clearly didn't stick:
The Third Wave feminists will drool with hatred over this statement.

According to them, men aren’t allowed to call themselves feminists.
And poor treetopsandroofs seems to actually think Freepers' schoolyard taunts about Michelle Obama being a dude are real:
I’ve grown tired of seeing Michael O’s poorly concealed package.

What cracks me up is that on lots of the sites “exposing” Mike, so many of the respondents just wish he would come out already.
Well, Freepers gradually began to accept Obama gay as gospel so...


  1. IF you are under the age of 30 and not a
    Liberal, you have no HEART. If you've
    reached 40 and are still a Liberal, then
    you have no BRAIN.

    I guess you all have to support HITLER-Y;
    BILL has PROMISED to deliver the
    Presidency into her grubby little paws.
    If he don't; his name is MUD! Anonymous

    1. If you're any age and a Freeper, you've lost your mind and your grip on reality. And I think Donald Trump is doing a spectacular job of delivering the presidency to Hillary. Bill doesn't have to lift a finger.

    2. Can't help but notice most of your pro-Trump arguments is that he's not the demon Hillary.

      Good luck with that.

    3. Hi twinkie! How is dubs and crew?

    4. STINKIE (and OINKS) are going to be among the most disappointed of freepers with a Trump presidency.

    5. Agree w/ Oz.

      Can't win with "vote for x because he's not y"

      That doesn't compel people to turn out on Nov. 8th.

    6. Dubs & crew ain't feelin' the LOVE.
      Boo-Boo lives outside; has deserted
      her litterbox. Dub stays hungry all
      the time. Tonight, it's Chitling
      Quiche, Dinner Rolls, Sweet Iced Tea,
      Jello Instant Chocolate Puddin' (not
      for Dub, though; don't feed dogs
      choklit! - *Secret: I'm pretending
      to be TWINKIE. She's gone. Ya'll ran
      her off from this site acting all
      sophisticated and things like that.

  2. And a big "Ha Ha" to Ketill Frostbeard.

    His profile page makes him look pretty much like a Skinhead. Either that, or someone who thinks "Game of Thrones" is a documentary.

    1. He claims to be an Odinist, how that is going to fly in the long term in freeper land is anyone's guess.

    2. Haha, that's too good. It makes me think, given the age of the account, that he's a troll though. A person who follows a polytheistic belief, that's not going to go over well.

      I'd almost pay to see some of their expressions when they read his blog post. Cleanse the unbeliever.

      If he is he'd be better off at Stormfront itself than Stormfront lite. There's probably other actual Odinist over their.

  3. The poll-unskewing begins!

    1. I don't know where the OP's article was getting his information. You can just use Google and find out Ds make up 31%.

      Not a big deal, right? But it's the difference of 2.5M people.

      Close to 2/3rds of the 38% of NPAs are "left-leaning." That means more than 56% are on the Left.

      CBS has a pretty good poll there.

      I was upset when I saw Fox and Rasmussen oversampling 8-10 points. No way in hell are right-wing assholes like Freepers making up 53.69% of the American electorate.

    2. "To: Hojczyk

      Carter was beating Reagan until the last week....They were trying to get Carter elected....In the last week they had Reagan even or ahead ....they new Reagan was going to win....

      3 posted on 6/16/2016, 8:23:52 PM by Hojczyk"

      This doesn't even make sense.

    3. Yeah. In two Gallup polls taken in October, Carter was ahead by 4-6 points. Before that, he either tied or was way behind. His numbers started dropping off in March and Reagan passed him in July. No way did Carter think this was going to be an easy win for him.

  4. Don't even know what to make of this one:

    I suppose y'all thought I was kidding when I said this would be a bloodbath, and that, as usual, Trump wouldn't get so much as a scratch in the melée.
    Trump is God's chosen to set the stage for The Harvest. Because America is both the only/last Christian nation on earth and the only nation to stand with Israel, God will treat both nations as one in the end.

    Making America the world's single-greatest financial and military superpower is step number one. Trump is The One.

    All who stand against him will be removed by God.

    126 posted on 5/23/2016, 11:02:09 PM by Gargantua ("President Trump... nice ring to it..." ;^)

    1. Oh, it won't be long until FUDT. If history is any indication.

    2. Don't forget the link. And I'm thinking the FUDT may take a while, if it happens at all. When you slavishly worship your nominee like the second coming, it's really hard, even in a loss, to turn against him.

    3. Belief that the U.S. is God's chosen is pretty common among fundamental protestant sects. Or the idea that because we are a "Christian nation" the U.S. will sort of be lumped in with Israel at the end.

      I went to a church once were this was tacitly challenged by a member, it did not go over well.

      Even though this view is not at all supported by anything in the Bible itself. It's nothing more than brining modern nationalism into religion.

      I've never enjoyed being around people who proclaim stuff like "the harvest." How do you deal with people on a normal day to day function when they think everything is pointless and are waiting to be taken away on some level? It's akin to an old person waiting to die almost. Who want's to be around that all the time?