Wednesday, June 22, 2016

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Born again Nordic edition
I got into the subject with Lloyd Pye's Everything You Know Is Wrong. While I don't support his conclusions, it opens the door to some interesting questions for which I don't have answers.

I actually took some time looking for that name because I had a bit of a born-again Nordic experience. Another example of interesting questions with no conclusions. When I pray, as a Christian, I feel the presence of the Spirit, I feel that Jesus is love and the Gateway to heaven, but never answers. And always guilty and judging myself for expecting anything, like I should be grateful I'm not covered with maggots in a gutter in Calcutta.

Long story short, I had an exacerbating health issue and prayed about it, as usual I got bupkus, but decades of silence made me mad. I had a very angry one-sided convo with a silent Almighty, then proposed an experiment, and put my request to "whatever spirits or gods, I don't know what you are orcif you are, but if you looked after my ancestors in ancient times, show me you're there and consider my request." I went for a walk to cool off and I hadn't gone forty yards and a bald eagle with a squirrel in it's talons literally buzzed me, I could have hit it with a stick...OKAY...THAT was a hell of a coincidence...

Then my health started changing. My energy increased. It was like I had been walking with eyes at half mast and now I woke up. I needed a fraction of the sleep I needed before. My shoulder joint issues subsided into a vague reminder. I didn't see an old man in the mirror anymore. A month ago I started a hardcore diet and willpower seems completely beside the point, I just decided it, so it is. The way I deal with people, I feel confidence to a level that I don't want to "shine" too much and be overbearing. I could go on.

Where I am not having overwhelming confidence, is where I go from here. This makes me question my own stability as well as my relations with the Almighty and I keep thinking about how crazy some wackos get over religion and things they choose to believe. It was many weeks before I even tried another "conversation with my elders", and I had this clear feeling that while I had mainly been addressing a father god, he was pushing forward another person to help with an issue I hadn't prayed about yet, with advice on how to dedicate certain things I had been having failures with to them, so they could find me success.

The last thing I was expecting was an answer to prayer, and the context of the answer is a lot like the story, I asked for a fish, I'm being given a fishing rod rather than a fish. There is actually someone there, but it's like a holy family of some sort, always available, but I'm notvsurexabout visiting them. Going on two months I've done this "experiment" twice.

I'm still in a crisis. I still pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ. I still get silence. I still get the Presence and the feeling of Christ's love. But my guilt is entirely, completely, gone. And I miss it! Its almost like feeling unworthy was at least some kind of communication, some kind of answer. And I can't deny the changes, the crazy events. It's like I set the rules of the experiment, I had a result, I can't go on like the result happened.

My longwinded explanation of my "Viking name". And my chance to come out of my closet, tyvm ;) I pored over the Norse names and meaning thereof until I decided it was silly, often the names they gave themselves were intended to be humorous. For some reason I jyst always liked the sound of Ketill. It literally means an iron kettle and sometimes an iron helmet. Well, I've got a hard belly again and I've always had a hard head. "Whitebeard" or "Frostbeard" is one of the aliases of Odin, and since there's a white skunk's stripe down the center of my beard, I took it. I'm letting it grow, normally I shave, but I read the Lombard sect let their beards grow as a dedication to Odin, so.

I'm waiting until I feel ready for conversation 3, which is going to be different. In my research I came across a simple "rite of Bragi" where you dedicate a drink to the Holy Family (that's my term for them lately) and then you look at the surface of the drink, and you're supposed to experience something. I'm not in a hurry, frankly. So, there it is. Thanks for being my "victim" in my coming out. Now the pronouncements of insanity and eternal hellfire can begin, I'm ready ;)
Wrong kind of drama and crazy for Freep provided by the likely short-lived Ketill Frostbeard ("Go not a step from your door unarmed, travel armed for war, you may at any time need a spear." ODIN)


  1. Be careful what you pray for. I got
    hooked on 4-Way Nasal Spray several years
    ago & got where I had to use it all day,
    EVERY day. - Got tired of that. I prayed,
    "Dear God, please unstop my nose!" -
    Well, a couple of nights later, my nose
    started bleeding like a stuck pig. &
    bled, & bled, & bled. Husband took me to
    the ER. Nose kept on bleeding & would not
    stop! Finally, after at least two hours,
    & globs of gobs pouring out in clots;
    it quit. - That was at least 6 or 8 yrs.
    ago; and my nose has NEVER been stopped
    up for any length of time again. I think
    the 4-Way was designed to hook us.

  2. Weirdo paganism is usually a sure fire way to get zotted on FR ...
    however, Scandinavian paganism, with its inherent "white-power" connotations, may be given a pass (and even encouragement) in the present FR atmosphere.

    And, uh, when TWINKIE talks about "4-Way Nasal Spray", she means "Vodka".

    1. That's it! You 'uns just tell it like
      ya'll like & it's all just fantasy
      & unicorn farts! Twinkie don't drink;
      but Twinkie would drink if she liked!
      A little wine is good for you as long
      as you don't drink a whole bottle &
      then get on FM & tell big lying
      whoppers!! Ya'll don't even know that
      "Anonymous" IS "Twinkie". Ya'll ran
      poor Twinkie off for making fun of
      also CUSS like sailors! No wonder ya'll are throwing ya'll's votes on
      HITLER-Y and down the old crapper!


    2. I think we all knew who you were twinkie, your troll game is about as stale as four year old bread.

    3. No. I'll tell you what is as stale as
      four year old bread. It is the idea
      installed with HITLER-Y for another
      round of INTERN ABUSING!!

      THAT is what is STALE!! - Anonymous

  3. So, "Whitebeard" or "Frostbeard" > Muslim beard?

    His Norse god role playing is one hell of a mid-life crisis!

  4. Fucker has watched Thor one too many times