Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Trump's family leave plan

Trump put out something approaching a policy proposal on family leave - let new mothers go on unemployment! And fund it through cuts in waste in unemployment! It's pretty lame.

But it's also directly against Freepers' knee-jerk worldview, where all entitlements that don't go to old folks are bad. So Freepers do their Donald Trump is just lying to the rubes dance.

Fungi is not a fan:
Another entitlement. Let them do it on the private level, not through government. Ivanka needs to campaign in person, not through this worthless crap. Another law, as if we do not have enough?
mia is cool with it, framing this as an anti-tax:
We are taxed to death and families are the ones who have been hurt the most. There are ways to make this affordable for everyone. But, first I’d like to read what he is presenting.
magna carta loves how efficiently Trump panders to liberals:
its obvious he will get rid of crap and crack down on fraud then he can slide in this program to give families a boost. If this is what it takes to give Trump a liberal outlet I’d say we are getting off pretty easy.
MinuteGal loves how Trump is sounding more like Hillary:
A well thought-out political move by the Trump campaign.

The issue will resonate with undecided women and minorities, but will never be passed to any extent by Congress....and the campaign brain trust knows it. So let's relax.

In the meantime, he snatched the issue right out from under the missing Hitlery, leaving her grasping and gasping for air as she bemoans the fact that this was HER issue.

HarleyLady27, of course, is down with this entitlement since Trump proposed it:
I just love that Trump is a year ahead of his opponent...

But the plan does sound good to me, so many women have had to leave the work force because to have child care, it takes their whole check...

And the single mothers, so hard on them...and then there are the kids trying to take care of the parents...

I can’t wait for a Trump Presidency!!!
bigbob - Trump can say anything, because the Democrats are infinitely bad:
If Trump can’t get elected, its President Hillary, Joe, Tim, or Fauxohantas. Just remember that.
little jeremiah also argues Trump is axiomatically better than Hillary, so all principles can wait until after the election:
Anyone who is totally freaked out by this:

Imagine what Hitlery will do in this regard....paid abortion leave, after the gov pays for the abortion. Paid “parental leave” for trans-whatever so the male/female/whatever gets leave after being artificially inseminated by 3 different something or others, ALL on gov dime.
Say the opposite of what Freepers said after McCain and Romney lost, entropy12 - argues that doubling  down on conservativism is a bad strategy:
Trump finally discloses that, yes, he is a demo-commie.

And you just confirmed my suspicion that you lack simple strategic thinking.
nopardons gets on the thread. This means she's gonna sit on this thread and smother any naysaying with her angry enthusiasm.
it's something to win over the idiot suburban women, who fell for the crap that he is a misogynist and hates women. And in that respect, it's a genius ploy!

The Dems have played the morons, FOR MANY DECADES, promising FREE STUFF FOR ALL....most of which never materialize3s, once the votes are in.

OTOH, we all HATE that garbage, but as far as I'm concerned, he needs to win this election and I don't care HOW he does it, as long as once he is elected, he governs the way he has pledged to, from the beginning of this.
"This is Trump's way to tell idiot women he doesn't hate idiot women (even though he does!)

nopardons further explains that Trump is lying, and Hillary will destroy America:
I just do NOT understand anyone who refuses to vote for Trump; especially over today's announcement. This is something that Ivanka dreamed up, is NOT one of The Donald's top priorities, nor anywhere near a priority with him at all. But what is IS, is a way to get the mushies to vote for him and he is jollying Ivanka.

OTOH, not voting for Trump is actually voting for Hillary, who WILL finish Obama's dream of completely destroying this nation. Ergo...the CUT OFF YOUR NOSE TO SPITE YOUR FACEers, are complete idiots and an ENEMY of this nation!
nopardons soon argues a Hillary Presidency is Sharia Law, whereas Trump's liberal impulses will be kept in check by our liberal Congress:
At least with Hillary I can count on having an fierce opposition party trying to stop her from installing socialists policies that destroy freedom. Seems like with Trump most of the so-called conservatives will give him a pass and we end up with 2 parties both hell-bent on giving us more socialism.

How about instead of lecturing me about Hillary you Trump supporters stop giving him a free pass, and make it clear to him that drifting leftward is deal-breaker and he should cut it out.

I never said in any post, that I approved of this childcare thing! The GOPEers in both Houses will give Hillary EVERYTHING she wants; just as they all rolled over for wee barry! OTOH, they'll give President Trump a very hard time, sadly, especially when he brings up really good things that ALL of us want!

With can kiss this nation good-bye and shall wake up under Sharia Law, quite quickly. The SCOUTUS will be lost forever. And Your taxes WILL be higher than you can even imagine.
nopardons then goes straight off the deep end:
I am neither for nor against the latest baby stuff.



You want ME to write to Trump and tell him what to do?


You just don't like Trump, have NEVER liked Trump, and don't want to be banned, so post this crap.
Alberta's Child also argues that liberal Trump will be stopped by Congress. Unlike liberal Obama...?
I don't like using the tax code to push an agenda (I'm a big fan of the flat tax), but I'm OK with this proposal. It's a political winner for two reasons:

1. Nobody is going to come out against it.

2. Congress is never going to pass it, so Trump will never be in a position to sign it.
Alberta's Child explains that Trump making fake political promises just shows he's an awesome salesman and American:
Well with Trump being the anti-politician one would hope he'd be different. But he's learned his lesson well and is issuing empty promises and buying votes with the best of them.

He's an anti-politician, but he's also a salesman.

People like to point out that he's a successful real estate tycoon, but at the same time he's also a reality TV show personality.

Welcome to America. We wouldn't have it any other way, would we?
Pollard also hits the Muslim scare tactics to allow Trump to say anything he wants.
With Hillary, we’ll get 110,000 muslims in 2017 as that is what obama just promised. (she’s apt to increase that number knowing her)

With Trump, we’ll instead get 110,000 new US born babies because some people aren’t breeding due to the cost of child care. Working type people that is. The welfare types already out-breed the working people.
I do hope Trump comes out against the wall. It'd be the final test of Freepers' awful principles versus their awful cultishness.


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    1. Twinkie hates seeds getting stuck in her dentures.

    2. Diverticulitis isn't caused by seeds being stuck in your gut. That's an urban legend easily debunked by dozens of medical websites.

      Not the first time a Freeper has been wrong and could have simply used a search engine like (the liberal) Google to disseminate fact from fiction.

    3. Twinkie also thinks that black people carry the curse of Ham.

  2. The GOPEers in both Houses will give Hillary EVERYTHING she wants; just as they all rolled over for wee barry!

    That must be how the GOP-controlled congress passed so many jobs bills. Oh, wait.

  3. Did...did Pollard just say Trump will make more people want to have babies?

  4. Here's a good one:

    Fayetteville teacher suspended for flag lesson on 1st amendment (NC)

    Freepers LOVE the Second Amendment but don't like that first one very much.

  5. "Hillary, who WILL finish Obama's dream of completely destroying this nation"

    Do Freepers look out their windows and see some sort of hellscape?

  6. Donald Trump Says He Is Troubled By Tulsa Police Shooting

    1. It's really strange how Trump just keeps repeating these words... how he repeats these words. He's very fond of repeating words, he repeats them.