Saturday, September 10, 2016

Saturday Pix

Amusingly, a number of Freepers thought this was real.
Hell yes, the blinged out plane.
There is no made up quote too outlandish.
MAGA Hat died for your sins.
Much better than those vulgar liberal sites!
Freepers are quite committed to Bill hating Hillary. Also Hillary being fat.
Freepers are dismissing Russian hacking as government paranoia.
Bah, 'CHEATER' is no substitute for the bling!


  1. I miss meshuge Mikey and his blinky eye gifs.

  2. Freepers are offended by accusations of religious bigotry and using religion to suppress civil rights.

    The correct course of action here is to immediately beat down any person making this statement. Beat their mouth and ask them to repeat what they said. If they do, Beat their mouth harder, and keep repeating until the SOB is unconscious or unable to speak.

    The Muslims would just kill them, but we have to be better than that.

    We are too polite, and too tolerant to beat the F*** out of people who desperately need it.

    We need to change back to the way real Americans used to behave.

    Intolerance? What intolerance?

    1. I'm sorry, but did "real Americans" really used to "beat the fuck" out of people on a regular basis like DiogensLamp claims?

      Jeez Louise no wonder conservatives are nearly extinct as a political force nowadays. Who the hell wants to associate with that?

    2. Thug, I mean, black conservatives should not take this advice, naturally. That would be absurd!

  3. Ya'll need to quit drinking LARGE glasses of
    orange juice. It puts too much sugar directly
    into the bloodstream too quickly. - INSTEAD,
    EAT A WHOLE ORANGE. That way, you get a bit
    of orange juice AND the FIBER needed to
    minimize the sugar "high" & fluctuating
    blood sugar levels. - A doctor told me that
    years ago & it works.

    Also, quit grumbling about stuff.

    Twinkie King

    1. If you weren't so FAT, your blood sugar levels would be fine and you could enjoy orange juice again!

      Did your doctor happen to notice that the back seat of your car is completely filled up with empty fast food wrappers?
      Clean your car for once in your life, dammit!

      Oh, and MAGA hat died for your sins too, STINKIE !!

    2. Who is MAGGIE? - I'm not fat & my
      BS levels are normal. My car is not
      dirty either. FANG won't ride with
      me driving any more. - YOU need to
      quit thowing off on TWINKIE. - True
      I'm not a fanatic about taking
      fourteen baths a day; but I am clean
      enough. - It's still hot weather
      here; so I'm fighting off fruit
      flies from the banana peelings &
      orange peelings in the compost bucket
      in the kitchen. - Also, quit saying
      ugly cuss words (such as "dammit")!

      President Donald J. Trump
      President of the United States of

      HITLER-Y is going DOWN!!!!!!


    3. "Who is MAGGIE?"
      Read the article, STINKIE !

      FANG can't even fit in your car with all the SONIC wrappers everywhere, you said you eat there like 20 times a week!
      That's where your obesity and diabetes comes from, FATTIE !

      Yeah, you're clean except for your poopie moo-moo that you wear every day of the year with no underwear, like a $2 whore.
      Throw that thing in the washing machine for once, WHORIE !

  4. Check out this anemic FR suggestion to support Trump:

    Put your home WIFI router Guest Account to work for Donald Trump

    1. Not the first time I've seen a vanity on this subject.

    2. I can see quite a few fat old freepers trying to reset their home WiFi name and accidentally opening up all their personal information to the entire internet.
      Ha ha

    3. Could there be anything more uninspiring than doing nothing more than posting on FR and changing your WIFI account to something pro-Trump?

      I mean, that's worse than when people say "I helped the campaign. I waved signs in front of the WalMart!"

      At least that takes some kind of energy to hold a damn sign!

  5. Hillary Clinton Was Politically Incorrect, but She Wasn't Wrong About Trump's Supporters

    1. "I suggest that others do what I began doing yesterday. While I am online, I periodically put in a search on Google — which I normally do not use — for “basket of deplorables” just to keep it trending.

      78 posted on 9/11/2016, 9:45:43 AM by Bigg Red"

      More FReeper uselessness.