Thursday, September 22, 2016

WiFi activism

Commenter RomneyGuyHere found this little group of Freepers trying to feel powerful and activist while maintaining their lazy and passive-aggressive lifestyle.

I don't know if it's the politics of the profession, the nature of Internet forums, or just random chance but A lot of Freepers are computer-tech types. So when a Freeper posted about how he's naming his wifi with Freepish terms in, "My WiFi Yard Signs," some Freepers got pretty excited.

That's interesting enough, but Freepers' gloating at the reaction of hypothetical liberals is almost as lame as their planned wifi burns are.

WMarshal loves making people using Starbucks' wifi roll their eyes for a moment:
On my iPhone I named the WiFi personal hotspot “Obamasucks” and when I work remotely from a Starbucks I am sure it upsets a lot of Libtards.
RW_Whacko is also stoked for some Starbucks activism:
I've ordered the components to make one of these.
I hate Starbucks coffee but gonna take it there and 'socialize' it, just for laughs.

Hillary for PRISON - 2016
Typelouder has allowed himself to have a liberal neighbor. Unclean!
Ours has been NOBAMA for about 7 years. Have a neighbor with Yes Hillary, 2016. He’s a old liberal lawyer.
usconservative is really excited to troll his coworkers, and has all the tech-specs planned out like technobabble in some 1990s Internet thriller:
That's HILARIOUS!!!!! I have a few (read that: at least 4, probably 5..) old wi-fi routers laying around. I'm stealing your idea, it's AWESOME!

I'm gonna drive our Security Ops guys nuts at work too on Monday. One of 'em is a big Obama and now Shrillary fan. I'm bringing in my Pine64, making it a hot-spot and turning on the Bluetooth and doing the same thing. LOL!! I'm gonna SPRAY the place in wifi with HILLARY FOR PRISON 2016!!
Zeneta gets the most replies, though, by changing the subject from anti-Hillary campaigning to more purestrain bigotry:
I live in an apartment building that is full of Muslims.

What should I re-name my Wi-fi?

Islam is a death cult?

Mohammad is a Pedophile?

And there are soo many more.
Jmouse007 responds with these:

Jesus Loves You

allah wants you DEAD
LizardQueen is far from the only one to make a pork joke:

Yaelle knows group insults never have the punch as picking an innocent target to tear down:
Thought of another one for ya.

Achmed Boom Boom Clock Factory
Yaelle then follows up with more prosaic anti-Muslim insults:
Since you don’t want to be vandalized, raped, etc, you might try something more tempting for them like Omar’s Pretty Goat Farm or Halal Meats and Brides.
VanDeKoik remembers, hey, wasn't this about Hillary once?
Another good name would be “Leaked_Democrat_Emails”.
But mostly Freepers revel in hating Muslims, not Hillary/Trump stuff, for whatever reason.


  1. I hope usconservative actually follows through with his plan to be a dickwad at work.
    Lets see how that works out for him, ha ha.

    Plus, even though some freepers may be tech savvy enough to be able to change the names of their WiFi networks, I'm certain very few of them realize how weak the typical home WiFi or "hotspot" security is.

    Freepers are going to get the hell hacked out of them. The identity theft is going to be awesome.

  2. Replies
    1. No shock there. Remember the exodus of gay Republicans over a decade ago?

    2. So, are they going to protest this by changing their WiFi at work to things like "free ham" or "moneylenders"? I doubt it. They're stuck on Muslim.

  3. Maybe I should change mine to "Freepers Are Stupid"