Friday, September 2, 2016

Saturday Pix

Unflattering Photo Hillary cannot stand before Photoshop Trump!
Why doesn't Bill want grass?
Why is Hillary using her momentum to fundraise and not holding feel-good rallies in non-swing states?
Stashed in the attic, so we get the horror of horny President Bill Clinton again!
The poor jihadis that no longer exist? The hatred of Strawbama has really muddied the thesis here.
Demonology is once again on the rise on Freep, and I'm pretty excited about it.
"Blacks! Vote like I say or else you're enslaved!" Outreach lookin' good.


  1. I like how freepers keep pretending Trump isn't flabby saggy dough ball.

    1. Sometimes I think JimRob might hand out augmented reality glasses to all FP donaters, because it seems like they all see everything (and I mean literal things, not concepts) in the same opposite of reality way.

      Hillary is apparently almost 300 lbs, with awful dirty hair, Trump is an adonis, with hair that Fabio envies, etc.

      Their mirrors at home must reflect nothing but Ubermenschen.

  2. "Why doesn't Bill want grass?"
    The print is so small on that pic that it took me a minute, but once I saw the caption...I'm dyin'....

  3. "Many I talked to did not see this as funny, but a prophetic call that the Black Americans gave to Donald Trump, a mantle that had been prayed over, fasted over, and that they took quite seriously. I was weeping, several others I have chatted with said the same sensation they felt that it was a historic moment. He got whacked by the Holy Spirit."

    Well, it's going to be a Trump landslide now! The Lord has spoken. Or something. But anyway, put your money on Trump, he's a sure thing now that God has picked him.

    1. Don't forget to give your winnings to FR!

    2. "He got whacked by the Holy Spirit."
      IF ONLY!