Tuesday, September 6, 2016

All Debates are Fixed

Debate moderators are out, and not one of then is a right-wing partisan! To Freepers, of course, this means they're left-wing partisans.

And because Freepers are never content with implying subtle influence, they've deluded themselves into certainty that the moderators leaking the questions to Hillary.

PghBaldy feels the lack of white men:
Black, gay, woman, Jew. Looks like America! /sarc
rockinqsranch knows the fix is now in:
We’ve been thinking Hillary would come up with some excuse to get out of the debates, but this assures she will be there knowing the questions to be asked will be sent from her campaign to the moderators next week.
ducttape45 is angling for Trump to skip the debates:
I wouldn't do a single debate if I were the Trumpster. These so-called "debates" will be wall to wall "gotcha questions" designed to help the Hiltery and hurt the Donald.

I wouldn't do it, I just wouldn't do it.
I love minnesota_bound's term for non-Freepers:
All of them are Mad dog liberals.
Donald Trump should insist on changes.
ImJustAnotherOkie knows all powerful people fear the reach of Clinton Death:
Lester Holt would do better hosting a show on the Clinton trail of dead bodies.
thoughtomator is done with having non-Republicans be moderators:
Imagine what the Left’s reaction would be if 80-90% of the debate Moderators were Republicans for an entire election cycle. 
For a single cycle? Howabout permanently? I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a single conservative as a Presidential debate moderator, ever.
JohnT416 lays out the only moderators he won't consider partisan:
I HOPE Trump’s Team does not agree with these moderators? Every question will be focused on making Trump look bad. It could cost Trump the election.

How about Moderators like Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram, and Gov Huckabee?
As if Freepers wouldn't immediately excommunicate any of those three if their partisan blundering lead to a debate that didn't go well for Trump:

Jack Black has a great plan that won't look like Trump's sulking after a loss at all!
Trump should refuse the second debate. This would demonstrate that A.) He’s in charge B.) Screw CNN and Anderson Cooper. C.) Get rid of all the fake “undecided voters” format, which is likely to be the worst. D.) Let him do something else instead.
Main Street is really into the idea that Hillary now controls the debates:
As for the question, right at this very moment these Liberals are sitting around in boardroom conferences hard at work crafting gotcha question designed to intimidate, humiliate and embarrass Trump.

They will throw Hillary Clinton a few “gotcha Questions” that they will already have slipped her handlers earlier, so that she will be fully prepared to respond them with well prepared answers.
ducttape45 explains that the media wants to destroy America:
I don’t trust the MSM. No one here on FR does either. To me, it doesn’t matter how well he answers the questions, the MSM will spin the answers to say whatever they want them to say.

And if we thought the MSM was biased against Bush, McCain, Romney, Reagan and others, just wait until they bare their teeth and go at Trump. They know that to completely destroy this nation they have to ensure Clinton gets into the White House again. Trump is now the lone bastion against them and they know it.
RavenLooneyToon thinks an anti-gay rant is they key to Trump victory:
"Well, Mr. Trump, please elaborate about your proposal to heartlessly deport 11 million immigrants, many who have spouses, children and siblings here..."

"Anderson you are an ignorant, pillow biting, pantie wearing, emasculated pile of stinking feces. I want to remind America this is not a debate, and my only purpose for being here is to expose your candidate as a treasonous criminal who should be locked up.

Keep your hands above that desk! What you are doing under their is perverted and disgusting! Did not your mother warn you that you could go blind doing that? Your candidate does not have the courage or mental faculties to get on stage with me and argue the merits of American superiority.Instead, that brain damaged, pathetic, sociopath liar is hiding drooling in a cup in her soiled diapers practicing her responses to questions composed by her own staff for you to parrot like a trained ape.

You want to talk about immigration policies? Well let's start, you moronic mongoloid idiot, with what part of "illegal" as in illegal aliens, do you not understand? Undocumented, Illegal, what ever half-assed con job lyric you choose, they are invaders, and the very fact that they are here in violation of the law makes them criminals you brain dead accomplice!

Next question, Anderson."


  1. Gotta love it when FReepers write their Trump-fic

  2. Unconfirmed reports of leprosy at elementary school prompt parent notification:


    From the comments of the pseudo-religious FReepers, I'm really surprised that they've forgotten about Jesus and the Lepers.

    1. You mean when he launched them out of a catapult into the Mediterranean while screaming ethnic slurs at them?

  3. "Black, gay, woman, Jew. Looks like America! /sarc" -- This is hysterical. The inclusion of "woman" is especially bizarre.

  4. "Black, gay, woman, Jew. Looks like America! /sarc" -- This is hysterical. The inclusion of "woman" is especially bizarre.