Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

Freeping so hard he's become Communist! Objective Scrutator wants to Eat the Rich:
We should just seize all the assets of wealthy liberals like Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton to help pay off the national debt; after all, they are the ones responsible.

We would also be able to fund the military for a while with their assets; cutting all other government spending would mean that we could reduce taxes to historically low levels. Our GDP would skyrocket, and we wouldn’t be in debt to foreign countries.
Wow, did Magnum44 get this quote's context wrong. Does he know who Carville is?
The clintons are the perfect example of trailer trash. What was it Carville said? Something about trolling with a twenty dollar bill.....
I do think Trump could still win. The reasoning of Freepers like Fantasywriter is doing the opposite of proving that, though:
Trump has well over 11,000,000 twitter followers. A committed, fired up, loyal online army of 11+ million can be very useful in an election. But you don’t build and maintain a devoted following of that size by ignoring them. They require an occasional chunk of red meat.

Trump is playing this masterfully. It’s how he defeated 16 professionals in the primary. He knows what he’s doing.
Trump Girl Kit Cat had a great day!
Polling company was called Informed Electorate, I was so excited never been polled in my life!!! 
When they asked the questions I knew exactly WHY we were getting the poll results that are being reported, also asked me if I voted in every election including primary YES I DO!!!
I want to know more about Arthur McGowan's theory about Hillary's Satanic baby-sacrifices:
Hillary sacrificed several babies to Satan, and he has given her several decades of wealth, power, and immunity from the law. Now he’s pulling the rug out from under her.

ALSO: Hillary chose to kick off her campaign on the Feast of St. Teresa of Calcutta.
Genre-bending Arthur McGowan's demon-haunted world gets a super-villain:
Soros has his puppets in the presidency and the papacy NOW.
miss marmelstein wants to show kids the Killing Fields and tell them Obama's just like that:
I recommend The Killing Fields film to educate younger freepers on the horrors of Cambodia. It features a very young John Malkovich and it’s very good if very violent.

To this day, I remember reading in the newspapers about people with eyeglasses being shot and city workers being forced out of cities into the fields. It sticks in my mind the way the early reports of AIDs turned up in the old NYTs before it was totally pc.

I believe Dith Pran was murdered in Los Angeles by other Cambodians - some of whom were Khymer Rouge and got in through loopholes.

Remind us of anything??!
nickedknack is not doing well with this whole time keeps progressing thing:
One of the true (and few) icons of real conservatism — WFB Jr, Goldwater, Reagan, Thatcher, Schlafly. Now they all are gone, and we’re left with a sea of phonies.
knarf has odd choices for who he would bring back from the dead to save America:
We already live in Bizarro World when we have a card carrying Socialist running for President and a dying, unconvicted multiple felon running for President ... amd there is no outcry that seems to be making a difference.

If I had a magic wand, I'd resurrect Norman Rockwell and Judge Roy Bean.
Fai Mao saw something bad. Musta been liberals!
Drone video shows vandals toppling Oregon’s iconic ‘Duckbill’ rock formation

Hillary voters who love the environment. Without doubt
Liz had high ambitions for that non-debate forum thing:
I can envision Trump throwing moderator Matt Lauer a curve ball regarding his association w/ the Clintons.......

Lauer tries to reply....but Trump has this amazing ability to talk over an adversary (as Bill O'Reilly knows only too well).

Trump get his points in.....regardless.

That is going to be an amazing vignette.
DoughtyOne clearly knows exactly zero people who work at NASA:
We need these new space companies to get us back into space.

NASA has no interest in human space exploration. If we want humans back in space, these little start-ups are the only game in town.
faithhopecharity knows Brown Universiry degrees never result in jobs:
Parents, send your little boys to Brown where they’ll learn how to shove Kotexes up their a—es. You’ll only have to pay $276,424 for their BS in Gender Equity Community Organizing and when they come home to live with you permanently ( because they’ll be completely unemployable) you can buying them a lifetime supply of Kotexes at Costco
Doogle is not being very subtle:
Neither is Original Lurker:
Messicans aren’t the brightest people on the face of the earth.
They’re only a notch or two above Somalis and most mudslimes.

Matter of fact, they’re all pretty dumb.
Yeah, they’re all pretty stupid.
But let me tell you who the real racists are!

Speaking of racist, Karl Spooner
Despite their differences, Trump does respect other leaders and doesn't act like some ghetto person who just put a suit on.
Also racist, urbanpovertylawcenter. Are Freepers tiring of bashing Hillary or something?
Obanal has one heck of an EBT card and one nice banker who will let him take that much money out over a weekend!
And B4Ranch slips a direct one past the sleeping mods:
Somebody needs to shoot this traitorous CiC.


  1. Haha at Objective Scrutator's straight up communism.

    1. It's only libs he wants to take the money from, the Koch brothers and Dick Cheney get to keep theirs.

  2. If we want humans back in space, these little start-ups are the only game in town.

    "Little start-ups" now have the resources to launch people on manned space flights??

    1. Space X has a version of the dragon capsule which can carry people, granted it's still in the testing phase and they just had that huge accident....

    2. I just looked up Space X. "Under a $1.6 billion contract with NASA..." I would not call that a "little startup," nor would I say they're supplanting NASA. I'm not saying it can't work, but characterizing it as a "start-up" company is misleading.

    3. You can do private manned space flight - there are some startups looking at 'space tourism.'

      My point was more that NASA is pretty into the whole manned thing still - it's the Presidents who are not.

  3. Small Businesses built America, dammit. If it weren't for small businesses like Monsanto, Exxon-Mobil, Haliburton and General Dynamics, where would we be? (Not broke by giving them huuuuuuge subsidies)