Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. III

conservatism_IS_compassion is watching the Hillary falling over on 9-11 video over and over until he finds Truths:
What struck me, on the tenth viewing admittedly, is the bald-headed guy well away from Hillary, behind her and to her left, who initially does not even seem to be part of the scene. He waited ever so causally behind Hillary and to her left until the van stopped and the door was opened.

Then, casually but with not a wasted movement or moment, he walks from the left of the video frame between Hillary and the van, does a 270° turn, grabs Hillary’s arm beneath the shoulder - and firmly helps her into the van. “Nothing to see here, move on,” oozes from his body language. That guy was not improvising or figuring out what had to be done; he had been practicing.
Boogieman would like to distinguish between natural rights, and derivative rights, though only he knows which is which:
Sorry, but when “civil rights” clash with natural rights, “civil rights” must lose. They are the derivative, and therefore, inferior rights. If you allow them to trump natural rights, then you lose all your rights.
Qathleen posits sunglasses as proof of illness:
More proof of a problem... or why is hilLiary the only one wearing sunglasses?
Geronimo calls Hillary a cunt:
Let’s face it, she is the epitome of the ‘C’ word and any adjective you ascribe to it, lying, crooked, corrupt, self-serving, elitist, disgusting, they all pale by comparison to what she really is...

A complete and total rhymes with punt...
Adder - Old Man yells at Obama:

I can’t scream it loud enough.

Tell it to your goat humper brothers.

I have NOT forgotten my rage over these 15 years.

I ain’t embracing sh!t.
TheErnFormerlyKnownAsBig got a sign from God to never forget:
Battalion Chief Mike Moran died in the towers that day.

My wife, 4 y.o. daughter, and my 3 month old son and I were to fly on 9-12-01....a trip that never happened.

I flew a month later and as I stood at the Seattle-Tacoma Int. Airport witing to check my bags....

The P.A. system comes on and they begin paging “Mike Moran pick up the courtesy phone, Mike Moran....” then as if it was all planned...a luggage hauling trolley that ran beneath the floors shook the floor up and down lime God was saying “don’t forget them.”
I love this trend, WashingtonFire:
Rush has been paid off by Soros.

He is a traitor
goldstategop speculates on Hillary's health:
Epilepsy is a good candidate, then there’s Parkinson or maybe a cardiac event.

That’s not something you treat at home.
Beyond health, goldstategop is sure Hillary is doomed:
For Hillary, there is no cure - the debates won’t help now.

Trump looks like a model of sober judgment and stability next to her.

No contest. Its over.
Shockingly, Diogenesis doesn't understand pneumonia:
Was it the CDC or the BenghaziB&tch’s personal MD
that invited her to then infect the child after
being reminded that she had infectious pneumonia?
LOC1 insists his facts are legit, which means Hillary's are not:
Hillary is a corrupt, lying, sick old crook who accepts bribes and betrays our country.

Everything in that sentence is well documented. She lies even when the truth would serve her better. Everything she says or does must be treated with the utmost suspicion.
adc knows all delusions are legit when it comes to the Clintons:
I have seriously considered the body double thing too. . . would not be surprised if they needed to do something like that, for situations just like yesterday, knowing her health issues. Actually it would be relatively easy, once having an excellent impersonator (voice and mannerisms), to do a little plastic surgery on a willing accomplice. It’s a streeeeeetch, but nothing is out of the question with the Clintons. Ever.
immadashell doesn't get why people keep reelecting the Presidents he knows to be crazy people:
Let's look at the record. Twenty four years ago we elected a known sex fiend to the Oval Office and reelected him four years later even after learning he had previously raped another women and subjected an additional young lady to sexual harassment among other perversions. 
Eight years ago we elected a totally incompetent socialist community organizer who had no qualifications for the job. Four years later, after he had clearly demonstrated he was a certified lunatic, we reelected him knowing only that he played a lot of golf and took a lot of taxpayer funded expensive vacations.

Now, this year, we have to opportunity to elect another pathological liar who potentially will be a total vegetable by the end of her first term. Not only will we do it, we will probably reelect her in 2020.
erlayman is still on the Hillary seizure train:
Patients don’t fall forward or have convulsive movements when fainting, they use themselves to the ground.
Concern trolling FamiliarFace has never worked will sick:
Her choice to ignore her doctor’s advice shows her poor decision making, too. She’s surrounded by yes men, and when she is given perfectly reasonable alternate advice, she throws it into to trash bin and carries on her usual way, with deception.
doug from upland has a another candidate for Hillary's assassins:
Oh, my. Frankie Valli mocking Hillary’s collapse. He may get whacked.
SkyDancer is just straight-up rewriting history:
Jill Stein: I would not have assassinated bin Laden

0bama would have pardoned him.


  1. 0bama would have pardoned him.

    There comes a time when speculation is not necessary. You can look at history and see exactly what happened. That Freepers ignore it is a sign of their mental illness. Either that or they have a brain tumor.

  2. Internet tough guys who bluster under fake names whine and cry when Facebook wants them to use a real name.

    Oh, waaaaahhhh. There, there, crybabies. Stay in your safe space, Freeper snowflakes.

    1. It is amusing that only two people in that thread seem to believe in the right of commercial websites to set and enforce terms of use. Whatever happened to the free market solving all problems?