Wednesday, September 7, 2016

'Passion of the Christ' sequel

As a Unitarian who doesn't like blood much, I skipped Passion of the Christ myself.

As bloody-minded evangelicals, Freepers are huge fans.

HarleyLady27 takes a break from worshiping Trump to worship this movie:
what Mel Gibson did with the passion was fantastic, and every time I see it, it brings what we are put on this earth for...
Mr. K is similarly effusive:
I saw it- it was one of the best made films I have ever seen

Every aspect of it

The acting, the cinematography, every other production category.

It was a filthy shame it was not given awards for best picture. And I would put it up there with the best of the best of all time.
Buckeye McFrog works up some hypothetical persecution:
An announcement that is destined to get a rise out of a lot of people.

Indeed. The nation and the world have become infinitely more hostile to Christians in the past twelve years.

Would have been nice if Mel had refrained from the anti-Semitic traffic stop rant as well.
Jim 0216 is a Pentecostal and feels oppressed by his fellow Christains:
You know, the Christian world has its own version of political correctness (PC). It excludes words/phrases like “the baptism in the Holy Spirit”, “speaking in tongues”, “health, and “wealth.” 
Similar to the freedom-robbing PC in society, in the Christian world, every PC exclusion are things that help a believer live a victorious, overcoming life. You don’t think Satan is behind PC both in society and the Christian world? Think again. PC is really the spirit of antichrist.
Jim 0216 also falls for this obvious, if bitter, joke.
Rumor has it it’s going to be an all female cast.

How you gong to have a resurrected Christ if it’s all female? Hopefully PC hasn’t invaded the Christian world to the point they want to make Christ a woman.
DCBryan1 wants a "Badass Jesus Wins All the Things" movie:
Passion 3 the Revenge would be accurate due to Jesus' return on a white horse with a flaming sword to bring as per Revelation.
Bigg Red is willing to excuse Gibson's antisemitism as a demonic assault.
In seeing stories about Gibson following the release of “The Passion”, I have wondered if he was under assault by demons after working on that movie. I remember that he left his wife and took up with some female, and, I think, they had a child out of wedlock. (I don’t follow celebrities, so I probably saw the story here.)


  1. I'm surprised at some of the subtle mockery in that thread too, against both Mel Gibson and the Passion movie.

    There are more trolls on FR than they realize.

  2. An all-female cast of Passion reminds me of the strip from You Damn Kid! called The Lady Jesus.

  3. every time I see it, it brings what we are put on this earth for...

    I always thought the message of Jesus was that we were put here to transcend humanity, not wallow in its excesses. Passion focuses on the brutality, not the message of love and forgiveness. It's a snuff film. It's interesting, but not at all surprising, that that's what would arouse Freepers' sensibilities.