Thursday, September 8, 2016

Where the White women at?

Heading out to my sister's wedding in Michigan this weekend. Hence, a little dip into my buffer of 'evergreen' stories. Here is one from waaaay back in 2014. Anon found this rare and revealing gem of a thread.

Two young men in their 20s were escorting a 13-year-old to a dance competition. Her parents had checked these guys out and trusted them. Maybe questionable parenting, but I'm sure we've all seen worse.

But! these guys were black and the girl was white, and the drive was from Tulsa to Houston. So the trio was stopped by the cops, handcuffed, and desite a signed note, the parents were called.
When they said they knew and approved of this trip, their daughter was nevertheless placed in Childe Protective services.

In one of the more naked examples of racism on the site thusfar, Freepers know all they need about these two young men once they heard their skin color. The immediate stereotyping of the men, daughter, and parents make Freepers' racial feelings abundantly clear.

Lx is sure there was sex:
In my day, this was called Statuary rape and these guys would be looking at time.
turducken wants the kid taken away from the parents:
This young lady needs to be placed in protective custody.
armydawg505 wants the parents in jail:
Its the parents who should be arrested. Allowing a 13 year old girl to travel with two grown men not relatives, out at 3am "looking for a hotel," and letting her be engrossed in the hip hop culture is enough for me to slap them in tight handcuffs.
Joe Marine 76 is particularly unhappy with the father for letting his kid out overnight to do the Hip Hop.
This “father” is a worthless piece of shit.

It does not matter what color the “instructors” are. No father would let his 13 year old daughter be in the company of two grown men on a trip which requires and overnight stay and much less an UNCHAPERONED one. Good grief! And Hip Hop...?

And MY answer to my daughter who may have questioned my objection to such a trip would have been “What part of NO do you not understand?”

I bet Mama wears the pants in this family. Daddy has a terrified look on his face.
BenLurkin worries that the dancing may not be ballroom appropriate:
What kind of “Dancing”?
VerySadAmerican thinks the whole thing may be a hoax or a secret orgy or something:
I’d like to see if this girl can dance. I’d like to see if her “instructor” can dance.
Olog-hai knows who to blame!
Democratic mayor in Houston these days.
snowstorm12 somehow senses what's really going on.
The police should investigate further. Many exploited young girls in prostitution are exploited because the mother or parents are in on it and collect some of the money. Not buying the story.
PAR35 thinks the daughter looks a bit slutty:
Girl looks like she isn’t exactly a low mileage model.
Holy shit, TexasCajun is the most racist!
..a little Hip-Hop Trayvon Syrup and these guys will have their way with their little Ho.

Hip-Hop "artist" have no respect for women in their lyrics or videos!
lacrew makes no racial allusions at all:
Funny thing, I’d never let my underage daughter travel out of state with two snoop dog wannabes, complete with a notarized statement abdicating my parental responsibilities, and stay out until 3 a.m passed out in a car.

Heck, I’m not letting my 18 y/o daughter do that!

Anyway, they weren’t ‘looking for a hotel’. They were sleeping in the car, too broke to afford a hotel. Just another indicator of how ill conceived this adventure was.
MrB laments that Freepers will be called racist merely for second-guessing the parents, assuming prostitution, and worrying about the Hip-Hop Trayvon Syrup
Well, to be suspicious of the motives of two men, 22 and 29, with your 13 yr old daughter would be OK, except, the men were black, and to be suspicious of their motives would make us “racist”, and we didn’t want to be that,

so, we’re willing to sacrifice our daughter to maintain our “non-racist” feelings about ourselves.
Freep has gotten crazier in lots of ways in the last two years, but more racist is not one of them. How could you increase beyond this?


  1. Meanwhile on another thread somewhere: "When did parents start coddling their children all the time? Back in my day we were out until ten playing with neighbors unsupervised!"

    1. Only with *approved* neighbors.

    2. I think autocorrect screwed you. "Approved" should read "white", right?

  2. Statuary rape

    Sounds ouchie for the rapist.

  3. Hip Hop Trayvon Syrup is a great name for a mixtape.

  4. And if this were a trip with one teen and two men in their 20's to go sing th gospel it would be an attack on Christianity.

    From what I hope is a non-biased POV, having been a white 13 year old girl once, I kind of lament that guys aren't trusted simply because they're guys. Having a little trust in instructors, and in your kid, to report if something is iffy.

    I mean, we're talking about a 13 year old, not a 6 year old. No way she doesn't have a cellphone. A little guidance on unacceptable behavior and encouraging her to be proactive in her safety, should go a long way.

    This whole thing is sexist in addition to racist.

    1. "sexist in addition to racist" is FR's stock in trade.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.