Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. IV

kearnyirish2 - blacks have no role in America:
These animals really thought that when Obama was elected they’d be given the homes and material wealth of conquered white people; they are that tribal and stupid.

As Obama’s presidency winds down and they realize they are even worse off than in 2008, the situation is becoming more clear to them: Most blacks have no role or future in this country. A few will make it big in the “bread-and-circuses” economy (as athletes or rappers), a few more will score what are basically no-show government jobs, and the rest will survive on the dole, often supplementing their incomes through drugs or prostitution.
Red Badger is sure there's evidence somewhere that the Charlotte riots were False Flagged, so he'll just assume he's found it:
Somewhere, on FB or other social media, someone must have posted their group getting on buses or whatever to get to Charlotte or wherever the next ‘protest’ is supposed to happen.

This ain’t rocket science.................
Huh. So HarleyLady27 is from Utah. And Mike Lee is too liberal for her...
Mike Lee's brother sits on the Utah Supreme Court, one which I would rather see in the USSCOTUS...Mike Lee is a RINO, and is for globalism, CFR, H1B visas, TTP and TPA...

He might show to be a ‘conservative’ but that word has different meaning than what it did have...

DoughtyOne declares Cruz and Wife globalist fellow travelers:
Ted will be living off his wife....for the rest of his life. Wouldn’t be surprised if this marriage breaks up. Not sure if she knew “the real Ted”...

I think they’re fellow travelers. They’re both more globalist that we’ve been led to believe IMO.

This is a guy that couldn’t figure out H1-Bs on his own.

It will be interesting to watch what happens to him, as a footnote to history.
Nextrush's explanation of the 'piss of the court' tactic in the trials of the Bundy's sounds like it's a great plan!
It looks like Ammon Bundy's defense lawyer, Marcus Mumford, is fighting hard for his defendant in the tradition of Muhammad Ali in sports, Donald Trump in politics and so on. He's taunting the opponents and getting under their skin.

He's found the "Bull Connor" in District Judge Anna Brown to create a sense in the jurors minds that the judge is being cruel to the defense as indeed she is.

He's getting under the skin of his opponent, Judge Brown, and her 'kangaroo court' as activist Gavin Seim calls it.

Seim spoke late Friday with Ammon Bundy and made a video of his conversation with Bundy calling from jail about the case and the kind of defense argument he would like to make to the jury.
Islander7 knows exactly what post-Presidency Obama will be doing:
He’ll be LEADING the RIOTERS!!

...and he'll have Secret Service protection paid for by you and me.
proust is fine with whatever rights Trump wants to abridge - he'll change his mind soon!
..”Stop and Frisk”? How very nice.

So illegal search and seizures will become common place in America?

The constitution does still matter.

Thankfully this is Trump’s first draft. It will be very different by the 3rd or 4th round.
Greetings_Puny_Humans explains that it's only black people that won't get rights.
So illegal search and seizures will become common place in America?

Are you dumb? If you look like a gang banger, you should be stopped and frisked, maybe even beaten a little.
cynwoody - Freep's pivot to Russia continues:
All the [Russians] I talk to prefer Trump.

Glad to hear it!

And thanks for your on-the-ground report.
Bubba Gump Shrimp does not care that Lester Holt is a registered Republican, he's still biased!
Will Lester Holt come clean on TV and tell the world he DIDN’T vote for Obama?

I doubt it.

He’s a Colin Powell R if anything.

Probably a token in the newsroom to boost up the R’ reporter quota...
Not even sure what TheNext is saying here...
NO MODERATERS! Bunch of Lincoln haters.
Stuck in the 1980s, SaraJohnson cannot deal with the idea that AIDS might sometimes not be associated with gayness:
Actually in Africa, most of the AIDS victims are heterosexual.

Another lunatic, another person whose voting habits Texas Eagle knows:
If it wasn't for that armed off-duty police officer, that lone wolf Hillary supporter might still be butchering people today.

I say "butchering" because, according to Michael Savage (and I don't know if he revealed the source of this information), but the knife-wielding orphan in St. Cloud was carving up his victims as if they were chickens.
Sarah Barracuda is seriously getting off on Hillary Clinton humiliation fantasies:
I want to see the look on her face when she gets her a@@ kicked..that will be PRICELESS..the screeching screams, the ones that Bill Clinton has to hear every night, no wonder he runs to other women
Navin Johnson cheers on anti-Muslim violence from his keyboard:
Good. The more retaliation the better.
I'm getting a bit tired of Hillary healthers, but smoky415's diagnosis is pretty impressively falsifiable:
Life expectancy is anywhere between 5 to 10 years from onset. Her first fall was when? Around 2008? She has been coughing for a number of years. Now she has asperation pneumonia. She must be in the later stages of the disease. She has perhaps a year or two left. Always fatal.
In Olog-hai's history, just like Obama didn't kill Bin Laden the Generals did, FDR didn't do nothin' to win World War II, it was all Churchill!
Say what you want about FDR. But he put together a coalition that destroyed both Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany in just 3 1/2 years.

It is now 15 years after 9/11. Not only have we not destroyed radical Islam, it can be argued that we are not even winning. That is on both Bush and on Obama.

That’s because Churchill was ready to go before FDR. So it wasn’t FDR who put it together. Churchill didn’t call WWII the “unnecessary war” for nothing.
So now that Trump put it back in the news, Seizethecarp...
BirtherReport is back after being gone for a month. I am posting this blog article mostly for the VERY lively comments section containing new Arpaio articles links and a Carl Gallups/Zullo interview link and for those FReepers interested.
Jim 0216 explains that birtherism totally defeated Obama when Obama humiliated all of them:
The whole “birther” thing was a victory for Trump and those of us who have hated the Obama regime. A lot of people don’t seem to get that.

Trump was the only one to force Obama to show what Obama claimed was his birth certificate. It was a legitimate constitutional question and Trump won the battle to get Obama to show something to validate his eligibility since Obama’s history is so murky.

What Obama actually showed, questionable as it was, or even whether he is an NBC, are all kind of beside the point here. Trump forced Obama’s hand when NO ONE else could. That turned my head towards Trump as a guy who wouldn’t back down to the media, Obama, or political correctness.

This was a victory for all of us who hate the Left and political correctness. The Left is so desperate, grasping at anything. But usually, like with this, Trump can turn it around on these quislings.


  1. some friendly press advice for the memory hole ...

    LeoWindhorse: "someone needs to inform mr. holk [sp.] that they know exactly where his residence is and if there’s any kind of Candy Crowley funny business in this then there will be a cost to pay for him personally. these people do these things because there is never any cost, no downside to their gross misconduct. If there ever were to be a downside to this it would never happen ever again. They have to be trained to not screw up. America has to stop tolerating the Intolerable"

  2. YAHWEH (Almighty God) is IN CHARGE of what
    happens to ALL of us. That includes who

    WINDHORSE is out of line. Mankind in general
    is going to show his butt. Advocating ANY
    physical backlash against ANYONE & their
    families IS NOT RIGHT.

    Treat others like you want to be treated.
    (This is the WHOLE LAW and the PROPHETS.)

    Was WINDHORSE suspended from FR? If not, he
    should have been. Advocating violence is
    generally not tolerated on FR if the mod
    catches it.

    President Donald John Trump
    President of the United States of America


    1. "Advocating violence is
      generally not tolerated on FR if the mod
      catches it

      This whole blogspot is proof that TWINKIE FLAKE is a liar.
      FR does nothing but PROMOTE violence and racism these days.

      Any "moderation" that FR once had is long gone.
      The only thing that can get you kicked off FR now is pointing out the racism and calls to violence in a critical way.

    2. "YAHWEH"

      Oh, and this is America, speak English TWINKIE !

  3. Mr.K:
    "I hope she spends the entire debate trying to 'get under his skin'

    It will remind millions of men why they divorced their bitchy ex-wife, who made their lives a miserable hell.

    The only reason Bill Clinton gets ANY sympathy, is because he is married to her."

    Mr.K, in a nutshell, projects the life story of 99% of all male freepers.
    But, I do have sympathy for FANG.

  4. Debate is starting ...

    Donald sounds like he has the sniffles (cocaine?).
    And his wig is crooked.

    1. Jesus.

      He is getting his ass kicked, but you'd never know if you're looking at this thread:;page=1#1

    2. Trump did better than I thought he would.
      By that I mean he didn't go completely nuts on stage ... he came close in the first 45 minutes a few times but finally seemed to calm down.

      Hillary did better than I thought she would too, but you could tell during the final half hour that both of them were getting pretty worn out.

    3. From that epic thread :

      "She’s been given the question in advance, and her answers are rehearsed. Trump is better at thinking on his feet.

      2,363 posted on 9/26/2016, 6:30:28 PM by virgil"

      I put good money on this being the final talking point that Freepers settle on until the next debate.

      I rather doubt Trump is stupid enough to say anything like that but these days? Never say never.

  5. Even JimRob knows she won.
    So he had to post a whole vanity to rally the rubes and lay down the law against all those who bad-mouthed Trump on the main debate thread.

    1. Actually, it makes no difference who "won" the debate. Who cares? Keep hammering on the issues that matter.

      This is what losers say when they know they've lost.

  6. Hillary has lived her entire life lusting
    after POWER. She's had a lot of power &
    proves the psalmist's admonition about being
    ruled by women.


    1. Everyone worth anything lusts for something - it's called ambition. If you don't have it, you just live day to day without any big goals.

      Politicians, Hillary included, rarely wear it well, agreed. But Trump ain't exactly mister humble either.