Thursday, September 8, 2016

Matt Damon is Rich and Liberal

Another one from 2014. I chose this one because it's the beginnings of Freepers' current 'all non-Trump rich people are evil liberals and against us.'

An interesting one from ay-nony-nony

There is something interesting going on about Freepers' relations to the rich. They still want to hang on to their Randian superman ideal where they are better than the lazy poors and could all be rich is only they wanted to. But the Chamber of Commerce counsels against raving rage-gasms, and even likes immigration. So a lot of the rich have become communists who hate the rich.

The resentment when a rich person becomes a traitor to the producer class is quite amusing. Here, Freepers react to news that Matt Damon has a fancy house while being liberal.

wac3rd - compassion for the poor means you get all your money taken away.
So, Matt Damon is selling his home for a $5.5 million dollar PROFIT??? It needs to be taxed at the 95% rate for people who advocate for Marxist ideals. Pay your fair share, Matt.

The Left Wingers, social justice, equal pay crowd of wealth redistribution really, really hate rich, gated community fat cats with mansions....ooops! That's Matt "Che" Damon's Miami house for sale, the advocate of the voiceless and the Howard Zinn (Commie) disciple.
Why Rush Limbaugh is allowed to yell about immigrants without funding a private wall or something I do not know.

henkster argues all environmentalists must live in shacks.
No carbon footprint for that shack, eh comrade?
wac3rd - we are all slaves to Matt Damon!
You must not question the Nomenklatura class. They own you, peasant.
SMARTY has no doubt Matt Damon is lazier than he is, because Hollywood is an easy business to get into.
He’s one of those limousine Liberals living large and enjoying a lifestyle VERY FEW can or ever will ... while telling everyone else to do without, pay more taxes, stop being so GREEDY and ‘sacrifice’ so the ‘downtrodden’ can have a leg up!

Really, Matt?

BTW- I am certain that I have worked harder, longer and tolerated MORE CRAP in MY work, and for a whole lot less than he EVER did!!
School of Rational Thought has decided the house is ugly and so is Matt.
Holy Beige Batman! What an awful interior for a very nice looking property.

Appears he bought near top of market and can expect to take a loss.

Seems he never actually stays there judging by his ever present potato white complexion.
Inevitably, fieldmarshaldj accuses Matt Damon of being gay.
Where are his cabana boys that help him with his bath ?


  1. BTW- I am certain that I have worked harder, longer and tolerated MORE CRAP in MY work, and for a whole lot less than he EVER did!!

    Work smarter, not harder. Guess you're not that smart, Smarty.

    1. Agreed. Just what I thought when I read that.

      Of course, the idea that people in entertainment don't work hard to get where they are is a fallacy. Most will call it luck that got them their break and working intelligently after that. A and B list celebs may get hug paycheck compared to us workaday slobs, but they have to live off that for months or even a year or two at a time. That takes financial planning.

      When they fuck up you get a Wesley Snipes, a Nicholas Cage, or the newest waiter at your local Applebees.

    2. Or a D-list celebrity who's stumping for Trump.

  2. Limousine Liberals Living Large DOES have quite the ring to it.