Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rich people spend their money wrong!

A common talking point of the fiscally conservative is that the government is now doing what private charities should do, and would do better. They also like it when rich guys spend their money as they see fit. But when liberal billionaires give half their money to charity? Suddenly it's eat the rich time at the Commie Cafe!


How about using it to open businesses to EMPLOY people instead?

Because corporations do all the same things charities do!

MarineBrat hates the rich cause they don't treasure freedom:

I can't think of any billionaires whom I believe are appreciative of the value of individual liberty the way that I appreciate liberty. I love liberty far more than security or even life itself. It's my believe that by the time a man has scraped up a billion dollars, he's long past placing liberty on a pedestal above life itself, because his liberty comes cheap to him. A few mil here, a few mil there... presto, security, which to him equals liberty.

My liberty comes from God alone, and is to be cherished.
Cause Bill Gates has always been rich.

Mamzelle knows what leftist charities are like:
If they were donating to cure disease-but more likely they want to encourage more abortions.
rcrngroup is unsatisfied since these guys are still rich!
They could give away supposedly 90% of their wealth and they would still have armies of lawyers & accountants who will help to create tax free shelters & trust funds so that they never will need to worry about their own selfish desires being taken care of.

The billionaire club all supports left-wing, socialist, causes & agenda. They are pure bastards, every one of them, and bankroll 0b0z0 & his fellow demoRAT socialist-commie pigs!
pabianice also looks the gift billions of dollars in the mouth. If they don't give away everything, they aren't really generous!
Oh, spare me! These wonderful billionaires willing to live on just $5 billion instead of $10 billion. The suffering! The humanity! The vomit-inducing hypocrisy! If they are serious, they should give-away all but $100,000 so they can feel like most Americans.
Truth29 thinks charity is an Obama conspiracy:
Bull. This is collectivist tripe pushed by Obama groupies. It is an attempt to install a value system to give for the greater good and that private wealth is unsavory.
karnage also thinks this empowers Obama somehow:

Fools. They will only encourage Obama to demand even more.

DoughtyOne knows the mind of Bill Gates:

Now this isn’t a confiscation, but it’s still a fleecing. Gates is letting go because he feels guilty for having accumulated that much money.

cherry is pissed:
scam instead of paying taxes on their money like the rest of us, they get to booster they're favorite "charities" or "foundations"...many of them with leftist leanings....and avoid taxes on all that money....
Cherry wishes all that money went to the government, I guess.

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