Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Commander in Earpiece Forum

I guess the Commander in Chief Forum didn't go so well for Trump. I see two threads on it - one is Dick Morris saying Trump did super duper well (who even Freepers are skeptical of nowawadays), and the other is this sour grapes conspiracy that Hillary had an earpiece based on a blurry twitter photo.

SisterK did not approve of Hillary's talking style:
That would explain the unnatural cadence/delivery.
Too much work to memorize all the no-answer answers.
SisterK is hopeful:
If this goes viral....
SisterK is REALLY hopeful:
Be a real shame if this went viral...
DAC21 also thinks that if the rest of the right gets on the Freep crazy train, it will be great politics:
Drudge needs to run with it. No way she can say there was nothing there. They will have to come clean and they will say it is a hearing aid. At which point it will just add to the meme that she is breaking down worst than a Yugo.
TADSLOS slots it into the narrative:
Busted. Again.

Lame ass media excuses in 3...2...1...
Though TADSLOS doesn't appear to be giving this the Serious Outrage many are trying for:
Yeah, I wonder if she's tapping coded replies back to Huma....

Huma: "Do you need another injection? Tap once for YES"

Clinton: TAP.....TAP....

Huma:'re fine...?

Clinton: TAP...TAP...TAP...ffzzztt...


Clinton: " ...Aack!!"
volunbeer prefers the more common Freeper narrative that Hillary was given the answers beforehand:
FWIW - her answers appeared very rehearsed and I am pretty sure she knew some or most of the questions. It would be difficult to hide nonverbal cues or not stutter if someone was squawking in your ear. Just my .02.

But I would not put it past her either.
volunbeer brings the science with some body language analysis:
One thing I have noted with Hillary is that she visibly relaxes when she gets an expected question for which she can give a scripted answer. Her cadence does not jump like a person does when they are thinking ahead and talking. It’s recital - scripted and she appears calm and in control. However, watch her reactions when she gets an unexpected question or one that she does not have a script for and it is much different. Her dictation is different and her body language stiffens into annoyance.

She was prepared tonight, but Trump probably came across as more authentic even if he still overused his cliche’s (he does this - pointless to argue about it). She does not do press conferences because there is no way to prepare answers beyond the obviously expected ones. Trump will take questions from just about anyone.

I wish he would start responding to some of the reporters and ask “why do you not ask my opponent the same thing?” It would be a solid deflection that would illustrate the bias in media and the fact that she won’t talk to the media.
blueunicorn6 knows that with hate as your guide, you can decide anything is real!
Hillary Clinton is a lying, thieving, bullying, cheating, insane, dirty little snot who flunked her bar exam.

Of course she would cheat.

That’s why they make scanners.

Find the frequency and blast a bull horn through so loud that everyone can hear it.
Zakeet likes the idea that Freepers are getting to Hillary:
You Freepers are so irritating when you snipe at the littlest things ... like my Parkinson's disease ... the Fresnel lenses ... the grab rails ... my stumbling ... my falling ... the drug cocktails ... the adult diapers ... the equipment bulges ... the chair lifts ... the coughing fits ... the extended nap breaks ... and now my combo hearing aid and cheat bug.
ChicagahAl explains that Hillary is actually a puppet of evil powers, but also she is evil, despite having no power:
She’s as much of a puppet as Obama; the dummy in a ventriloquist act.

But more crooked and more evil.

And since she can’t play golf, she will spend all her time simply being evil toward America.
Sarah Barracuda says 'no hearing aid' quite a bit:
That is NO hearing Aid that’s for darn uncle wears one, he bought an invisible one that goes deeper into the ear canal so no one can see he is wearing one(He says he doesnt want to feel old so its hidden) what Clinton is wearing is NO hearing aid, what that thing is Im not sure but its no hearing Aid..and we all already knew she gets the questions fed to her..DUH, she doesnt open her trap to anyone til she gets the questions given to her in advance
tcrlaf sees that twitter hasn't picked up on Freep's delusions - another coverup!!
despite 10’s of THOUSANDS of #HillarysEarpiece posts in the last 3 hours, this is not a “Trending Topic” on Twitter. IMHO, it is being held down by the staffers.


  1. Hillary's New Title:

  2. Having watched the worthless "forum" last night, it is very hard for me to believe that anyone on FR could be satisfied with his answers about the VA and about rape in the military. But, anything to stick it to a Clinton, I guess. That's why the whole site was created all those years ago -- right?

    1. Pretty much, that's why I'm convinced that secretly Jim wants her to win.

  3. I can't go through the whole of reactions - was there even one mention of Palin's earliece?