Wednesday, August 31, 2016

‘This Country is made for Only Me’

Back at the end of July, Jon Stewart did a little segment where he really got at part of Freepers' exclusionary world view: “You just want that person to give you your country back, because you feel you’re this country’s rightful owners.
There’s only one problem with that: This country isn’t yours. You don’t own it. It never was. There is no real America. You don’t own it. You don’t own patriotism. You don’t own Christianity."

Daily show stuff rarely made it to Free Republic back when Stewart was on, but for some reason this did. And thus we are treated to Freepers trying to explain why America is a country created of the Freepers, by the Freepers, for the Freepers, and no one else. SPOILER - do not expect a lot of content, if sometimes a lot of words.

Regulator tries to belittle Stewart on this little website here:
Awww, whatsa mattah, Jonny?

Worried we’re on to the game? You gonna lose?

With just a little quoting out of context, BookmanTheJanitor proves Stewart thinks America is a fantasy!
There is no real America.

...says it all.
Arm_Bears doesn't bother with the explanations:
You don’t own patriotism. You don’t own Christianity

As a matter of fact, boy, we do.
Lent goes with the usual Freeper technique to avoid engaging a liberal - call them scared and then move on in triumph:
Trump is smoking these frauds out and they’re panicking. He Looks strung out.
On this site full of retired engineers and IT guys, HarleyLady27 gives a whole thing about how real Americans are noble blue-collar blah blah blah that was old in the 1960s.
OH BOY (rubbing hands together)

For your information Jon Stewart, it isn't YOUR Country either, we just let you live in a ‘small’ part of it...

This Country belongs to the thousands of workers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, brick layers, waiters and waitresses, nurses, Mothers that take in extra children so their Mothers can work...

Your the biggest jackass of them sit there thinking you are King and guess what, your what we working people of America call a ‘grunt’ a low celled brained idiot that doesn't know anything, never had anything to know the difference so while your sitting here trying to look and seem important remember this: It is the Veterans that fought to keep your a## protected and gave you the freedoms to write and say that garbage you speak out of your mouth, and the Police Officers who don't care who you are when you call them, just to save your sorry a## so it doesn't get shot off...and you and your high and mightiness are just about as sick as what you look like looking back at those ‘few’ that really do look at you and those ‘very few’ that actually really listen to the filth that comes out of your mouth...

Take your garbage and go sit in the gutter where you belong because your not good enough to walk in the foot step of any human being on this earth!!!
Sarah Barracuda with Freep's brand of very carefully modulated antisemitism:
This coming from the self hating Jew..I think we should send him to Syria, let ISIS play with him for a little while..and if they cut off his, would actually make him look smarter
excluding no doubt many Freepers Toespi - Real *ahem* Pure America is everyone descended from the American Revolution and that's it!
Sorry but I have to speak out a$$hole because I have a patriotic duty to remember ALL twenty-three ancestors of mine, both maternal and paternal who fought and sacrificed in the American Revolution, which makes me pure American bred.
lexington minuteman 1775 also plays the American Revolution card, before he takes refuge in anti-Muslim paranoia:
Actually we do own it Jon...hence my FR screen name... 
and one day when a Sharia headsman lops off your fugly will understand that Trump was right all along but you will be in hell and so you wont be able to tell anybody...ain’t that the pits!
Stuck in strawman-land, Spok completely misses the Stewart's point that liberals can by patriotic Christians as well:
“You don’t own patriotism. You don’t own Christianity.”

Actually, Jon, we do, because you people (the left) despise patriotism and Christianity. These institutions will only survive because we do.
An a long but confused post, Pollster1 starts out by saying America belongs to every legal resident, and then acts like America is the only country to fight Hitler, and also some other wars that didn't happen!
Of course, by the end 'every legal resident' believe all Freeper things, and liberal citizens do not exist or something.
This country is ours. And we are willing to defend it against illegal invaders and communists. There are immigration laws. The traitor in our White House is ignoring those laws, but they still exist, and they mean something.

We do own this country - along with every other legal resident of this country. Our ancestors built and defended America, and we owe it to our children to keep this country free. We owe it to them to pass it on with more freedom than when we received it, and so far we are failing at that task. So far, but we still have time.

There is a real America, even if John Stewart is oblivious. The real America is the one that stopped Hitler (a German national socialist), Stalin (a Russian soviet socialist), Mao (a Chinese socialist) and will stop Obama (today’s American/Kenyan/Indonesian/global socialist) and roll back his socialist destruction.

We do own America, since we honor the actual written Constitution that guards American freedom. America is not the land, or even people who sneak in. America is an idea written down as the Supreme Law of the Land - and ignored by tyrants who want to topple freedom. We own that idea, and we will use it to stop the thugs who just want power over others.

We do own patriotism, since we love our country even with its flaws (even with the most dangerous flaw in our history currently ruling America, we still love our country, the opposite of those who only love America for the first time when it’s ruled by a tyrant).

God owns Christianity, and we are thankful for that. We fall short of meeting the standards God wants us to aspire to, but we still hold up those standards as an ideal and strive to do our best - the opposite of denying God and rejecting His word, i.e., being a liberal.
Toliph fastens onto the Jewish bit before seguing into white genocide:
Not interested in jewish lectures.

We built the place, and we’re taking it back.

Did they expect us to go to our demographic deaths quietly? Trump is the beginning, not the end.
Bellflower with the eyes analysis:
His eyes have that pathetic, I am lost look. He needs The LORD desperately. Sadly he doesn’t know it.
Gator113 knows what looking thin means!
It looks like he may have AIDS....or perhaps a drug habit.
clintonh8r knos what Stewart has been doing:
kiryandil sums up most of Freepers' arguments on the thread that I'm skipping because they're even dumber than this stuff:
Jon Stewart, Cuck for Musloids...
cymbeline blames Stewart for Trump being an asshole:
Some people why Trump sometimes speaks coarsely.

Could it be he’s noticed how viewers flock to trashy TV performers like Stewart, which doesn’t speak well for a lot of Americans. I think Trump has realized how to get their attention and possibly their votes. To many of our fellow Americans being trashy is being cool. It’s sad that our kids have to be exposed to that type of entertainment. Adults haven’t realized what these media cool guys and gals have done to a lot of kids. Maybe it’s not as bad as I think.

Maybe a lot of parents have given up on keeping their kids in a wholesome environment. “Giving up” - that’s one thing Trump is fighting.
In a performance unworthy of even high school debate, Redwood71 is pretty sure Steward proved you can't own anything, man.
That also means you don’t own an original idea, or a job, or a brain, you must be living in the Twilight Zone, Jon. Nobody owns anything, like your opinion in the public venue. 
Back to the empty declarations. IronJack argues only veterans are citizens. Wonder what he thinks about black veterans?
That’s right. We do. Why?

Because we fought for it. We bled for it. Our friends and family died for it. It was a purchase paid in blood. And if we don’t own it, you two-bit pussies who never broke a sweat sure as HELL don’t.
Brooklyn Attitude basically proves Stewart right:
So who owns America? Those that love it or those that hate everthing about it? Who are the patriots? Those that attack it and side with its enemies or those that defend it? those that respect and revere its history, laws and traditions, or those that denigrate them?
RollingThunder lists the only jobs that really count as American, and then lists the traitors he doesn't like, before triumphantly pointing out that liberals think they are right, but in reality they are always wrong:
Hey you dipshit! THIS IS OUR COUNTRY! You and your Liberal Jerks are the ones who are the enemy. Schmucks like you disparage law-Abiding American Citizens, Law-Enforcement Officers, The Military and Veterans and Legal Immigrants.

You praise and worship the traitors and Anti-American scumbags like Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Lynch, Al Sharpton, BLM, etc. YOU ARE THE ONES WHO SHOULD BE THE TOLDED THAT THIS COUNTRY ISN’T YOURS.

You are a bunch of sick, demented, perverted, people(?) who think that only you are right. Well you ain’t, and you’ve never been right, only wrong!!


  1. ... and StormFront-lite becaomes more and more StormFront heavy every day.

    Man, I'm fleeing to high ground on election night to get away from the flood of Freeper tears and explosive diarrhea that will wash across the lowlands after Hillary wins in a landslide.


    2. Yes because secretly she's been having them move into red states and register to vote....

    3. I think Ken S. was trying to be silly.

      At least I hope he was trying to be silly.

    4. The doctors say my silliness is...terminal...

  2. @John_Courage - well, of course!

  3. Since my Dual Canadian/American ass served in the US Navy, I'M a real American, even though I live in Canada and vote for Democrats on my absentee US ballot, swallow that Freepers.

  4. Delusional in the extreme. Nothing Freepers said or could ever say can ever refute a single word that Jon Stewart said. Sometimes I just can't wait for these whiny, entitled baby boomers to start dying off by the truckload. Sure there are members of younger generations with that same attitude, but without the baby boomers, they'll find themselves overwhelmingly outnumbered, even in the off year elections.

    1. They don't typically refute anything at FR.

      They just say truly introspective quips like "FUJS" and "Jon Stewart? He's still around? Whooo cares?!?"

      Then it's an echo chamber of people trying to outdo everyone else in how much they hate Jon Stewart.

      You can replace Jon Stewart with any left-leaning or RINO names and it's the same thing.

  5. With their ever-changing tribal loyalties and purity criteria, Freepers remind me more every day of the Star-bellied Sneetches of Dr. Seuss.

  6. Who is this Jon Stewart you speak of?