Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Spotlight: Romans Nine

Another loud and proud Freeper Christian. This rural Missouri engineer has no glimmers of empathy, faith-driven White Supremecy, demon-haunted cosmology, old man eccentricity, theocratic tendencies, or actually being in some rural Maine cult. In fact, other than his screenname and dickwaiving about how powerful his God is and how deep his Bible study is, his faith doesn't seem to have any actual presence in his life at all. Even his Pastor seems mainline Freepish, when he comes up.

His name refers to a Bible verse about how the Jews kinda suck now that they're not into Christ. Odd choice, seems to me.

Kinda racist, kinda hates Muslims, spots so many bull dykes among liberal women, was for Cruz, now was always for Trump. The usual.

Seems particularly into pissing on graves (especially Jane Fonda's) and hating MLK, and laments the youtube conspiracy that keeps anyone from watching the youtube videos he totally didn't make but thinks are the best:

Lives in rural Missouri and racism is totally over, guys!
I live in rural southern Missouri and I he answer is no.

I never hear “nigger” anymore except by blacks.

Sorry to tell the race baiters but cultural racism on behalf of whites towards blacks has been dead for many years. Now black on white racism is getting ginned up since the Obama administration has decided it needed a distraction for other nefarious actions.
Also, kill all the black ferals:
These feral hood rats need exterminated before they do this again.
Mercy and forgiveness are for God to dispense. I am not God.
Also on the no-racism beat, his Pastor keeps a Martin Luther King hate-file:
One day at lunch I asked my Pastor if MLK was a communist. My Pastor is 75 years old and followed politics closely his whole life.

He answered yes and them said let me show you something. He went to his study and came out with a file about two inches thick. It was all articles from the 50’s and 60’s about MLK. I was floored with what I read. The Rev. was a serial womanizing commie. He loved his white women. Very common knowledge back in his time. I refuse to acknowledge MLK day. I will never celebrate commies.
Same story, no Pastor:
I remember thinking that King was a Christian. I was reading an old newspaper when I came across this article about him. I was shocked so I asked a good friend of mine who was in college during Kings heyday.

He brought me a file with hundreds of articles some of which chronicled his communist connections and behind the scenes actions.
The FBI files on him also documented his extreme womanizing. He makes BJ Clinton look almost celibate.
Conservatives have forgiven past sins by Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Robert Byrd, SOROS when he was a twelve-year-old.
Liberals never never never stop. They still want to trash Reagan 30 years later.

We conservatives trash each other. Go figure?
Gays and sexuality:
The act that homosexual males engage in is of a violent nature so to try and make me feel surprised by this is not effective.

All the real life lesbians I have known had extreme mental problems beyond thier sexuality. They were not like the Hollywood portrait painted in movies and tv shows. Most were militant bull dykes.
Personally I think most rape cases we hear about are actually people who regret what they have done or wish to cause thier “partner” shame.
So many Bibles!
I have approximately 50 study bibles. Let me know what you are looking for from a study Bible and I can help you pick one that is best suited for you.
The CDC are hoaxters:
Every year the CDC and WHO comes out with some new scare that is going to infect the world.

I am the only one that notices this?

Hmmmmm let me think why would they do that?
Bill Clinton only supports Hillary because she feeds him celebrities to bang:
Elizabeth Banks? I guess she she swings both ways. I bet she is the price Hillary had to pay to get Bill to pull out one more good speech.

If I had been in that room I think I would have puked.

Bills son in law looks like a real firebrand. What a sissy boy looking metrosexual.

That whole place was devoid of alpha males except for the bent one.

Anybody else notice all the bulldykes in the crowd? Some fine looking specimens for sure. I bet a bunch of their breaths smell like rotten chicken in the morning.
Wimpy Obama would be beaten up by FOX News tough guy:
Obahole is great at answering with non-answers. The main stream love it.

Major Garret would eat Obahole for lunch.
I bet that smirk on O’s face would look good on Majors hand.
He wants to beat up Joe Scarborough:
I will never be close enough but if I was I would punch him right in his €0€#$ucker and happily take the punishment.

These people are our enemies same as ISIS.
Grave pissing:
I would (and will, if I live long enough) piss on his grave.

I hope to share in this pleasure. Him and Hanoi Jane and Hillary.

Never forget Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, and Ambassador Stevens.
More grave pissing:
Pelosi, nothing can stop her from showing off her stupid.

Can’t wait to read of her demise.
She can join Hanio Jane at the end of my piss stream someday.
“ex nihilo”

What a wonderful Creator we have! I will worship Him.
Where have all the birther videos gone?
Anybody know what happened to the video called “Dreams From My Real Father”?
You could watch it on the internet for free and them it was gone.
It did a great job of telling the story of his childhood. It claimed Frank was his real father.
Who does no one watch these awesome youtube videos?
YouTube is a terrible site.

Ever notice a lot of videos with a right sided message only have 231 views?
Trust nothing!
I do not trust anything anymore.

A very large part of pro-Trump or pro Second Amendment videos on Yuotube only show 237 views even several days after the first time I look at them. Videos with links from sites that I know are getting many many hits.

The ruling elites (D and R), big banks, media, and social media giants are all working to destroy our Nation. We need a plan to destroy them.

I’m afraid no election is going to make any difference.

Hillary bitch slapped the FBI. The FBI ran and hid.

The Clinton Foundation ownes many many key official and key officials families.

The Mafia is jealous.
Israel is too liberal these days:
It is my understanding that the Isreali culture has become very liberal.
I have read several articles that elude to this. I have no first or second hand knowledge only what I have read.
Is this real language? self-hating union memeber:
I have been a member of two unions Local 541 Teamsters and Local 101 Operating Engineers in Kansas City. My father was Local 2 Sheet Metal Workers, grandfather and my uncle were union plumbers, my grandfather and uncle on the other side where union roofers, my fathers in law was a boilermaker and my wifes stepfather was a teamster.

I cannot believe how uninformed most union members are especially since they allow the unions to control such a large part of their lives.

Union pensions are exactly like a pyramid scheme, without more coming in on the bottom the top gets lopsided and falls apart. I wish no ill on any union member but I despise the unions unyielding blanket support of democrats and their Anti-American ways. I am amazed at the total ignorance of union members as it concerns politics and the results of democrat policies.

Union pensions will be cut drastically, there is no way around it except for the Fed gov to bail them out. This is exactly what the illegal bailout of GM was all about.
No way to tell how many tyrant traitor Hillary has killed:
she should be tried for treason and hung.

No way to know how many American lives she has cost and the amount of damage to our intelligence networks that has been compromised. Years and years of sacrifice down the tube to finance her quest for ultimate power.

We need to understand she is just as evil as any despot that has ever lived.
A Cruz guy back in the day:
I guess you do not know much about Cruz. Lazy he is not.

Are you angling for Trump?
An adulter, a promoter of greed and sensuality, a man whose word is so good he has been married 3 times.
Sorry but as a Christain when there are other options I will take the better man.
The Constitution, the Country does not need a business owner to “run” it especially one who has had habitual bankruptcies in his businesses. That kinda negates the whole business man mantra.

Bill Clinton, he claims to be a Christian doesn’t he?
Cruz-Hillary debates:
Can you even imagine Hillary Clinton debating Ted Cruz?

Makes me giddy like a school girl thinking about it. I bet Cruz would loose part of his tongue by biting it to keep from smiling. That old hag would scream like the witch on the Wizard of Oz.
Now, of course...
These polls are bunk.

Trump is going to beat Hildabeast like a drum.

Top it off and I bet she knows Trump will appoint a special prosecutor that will be honest and she will be indicted.

I believe Trump will win in a major landslide.
The wheels are off the Clinton machine. Bill has lost his mojo the butcher of Bengazi never had any.
Laws don’t matter.

We the people are allowing this to happen because we are collectively too scared to do anything about it.

The DOJ is not for Justice anymore.

The country is lost. Trump cannot save it, no one person can yet we lack the fortitude to stand together so here we shall fail together.
He wouldn't mind shooting some libs before he gets into heaven:
I will not give up on the land my forefathers fought to protect and preserve. If that means my death to do the same then so be it. I’m only passing through heading to my eternal home anyway.


  1. Wow this is an angry Christian. I didn't know Westboro Baptist was in Missouri.

    I wonder if this guy has a bunch of stickers on his truck of Calvin pissing on things.

    1. I know this is going to sound naive but somebody help me here, please.

      How can somebody who claims to be Christian and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ be so angry and filled with hate and bitterness and despair? And what in the world makes them think that Jesus would be pleased with them for this?

      I ask this as someone who identifies as a Catholic and a conservative. I am not pleased with the state of the world in general and the state of the nation in particular, but I look at the way these Freepers carry on with impotent rage and I wonder just what the hell happened to them?

      These people brag about wanting to urinate on graves and being as unmerciful as they possibly can, and they actually boast that God will favor them for it because they're angry at all the "right" people! They claim to be followers of Christ but dismiss His teachings as foolish, especially "love your enemies", and they basically say "I don't have to do what God commands me to do, and God will applaud me for it because God is on my side!" They praise the Lord and curse to hell all of their political opponents in the same breath. That is the height of arrogance and a weird combination of hubris and misery.

      As a Christian this is an embarrassment. I'm just trying to wrap my mind around it because I think when someone sees demons that seek to consume them at every turn in every situation like these Freepers do, this kind of abject fear goes beyond just politics. That's my opinion anyway. What do you all think?

    2. As with all things biblical: selective reading helps.

      Freepers are heavily into Matt 10:34 (armed conflict), Gen 19 (exterminate gays), 1 Sam 15:3 (genocide foreigners), Lev 20:13 (exterminate more gays) and so on.

      The hippie, proto-communist, forgiveness and mercy Jesus is a distortion. The "real" Jesus/God is about wrath, smiting, judgement and retribution (see above).

    3. There's also the fact that there really aren't a lot of significant differences between most people's moral precepts in broad outline; the key differences tend to be who is perceived as a fellow person and hence worthy of moral consideration, and where one is perceived to be taking action

      Note how often dehumanizing someone or claiming that "we have no choice"/"they've left us with no alternative" comes up

    4. Christians like these are no different than those who denied the divinity of Christ because he wasn't a warrior coming to settle the score with their enemies.

      I can't answer how or why they call themselves Christians, but pray that they find the peace they are lacking.

    5. "...those who denied the divinity of Christ because..."

      That would be Jews then.

      "Christians like these are no different from Jews".

      You sure you want to ride that train?

    6. Speculating wildly, fire and brimstone Christianity has largely gone out of fashion, but in a rural part of Missouri, it would not surprise me if we had a sinners in the hands of an angry god style church.

      And once you make Christianity more negative than positive, it's easy to move on to dehumanizing other groups.

      Religion is like technology - it enhances already existing impulses in human nature; it does not change them.

    7. Anonymous, many have denied the divinity of Christ. Anti-trinitarians existed before the Council of Nicea (325 AD) through today, and you could talk about them all day without ever mentioning Jewish people.
      So, I'm in no way criticizing Jewish people.
      I'm criticizing those who call themselves followers of Christ, but don't do the things he asks of them.
      Nice try, though.

    8. Right. So, it's Unitarians you have a problem with then?

      Believing that Jesus was simply a mortal prophet (like Noah, Moses etc) doesn't cause you to ignore his teachings and believing in a demi-god trinity never stopped the Papacy launching the crusades and the inquisition. It is perfectly possible to deny Jesus' personal divinity but still hold his teaching as divinely inspired.

  2. She can join Hanio Jane at the end of my piss stream someday.
    What a wonderful Creator we have! I will worship Him.


  3. President Hitler-y Rottenham Clintoon
    Nohope, Arkansas

    President Donald J. Trump
    President of the United States of America


    1. Seen the latest polls?
      Trump is shitting the bed even worse than last week!

      Of course, WRINKLIE and HANDY, like all freepers, are very familiar with shitting the bed.

    2. Strenuous Trumping is always risky for the bed sheets. You can go from gas to liquid to solid so suddenly there is no time to react! I'm guessing enthusiastic Trumpers have noticed this on FR since they've been discussing DIAPERS lately.

    3. I ain't no damned freeper. FR would
      not tolerate AUNT HANNIE. They got

      And I DO NOT poop my bed! That there
      is a LIE from the pit!!! You'uns LIE
      worse than any "Freeper" I ever saw!

      Call TWINKIE anything you'uns want to
      call her. I do NOT keer!! Do NOT call
      FANG any names. I love FANG. He is
      my own blood nephew; but TWINKIE is
      a LOSER in my book! I TRIED to get
      FANG to marry LUCY TUTTLE; butt he
      THOUGHT that TWIKIE hung the moon!

      That TWINKIE thinks she's hot POOP
      on a STICK when she is really just
      a COLD POOT on a SPLINTER.

      I'm still voting fer TRUMP as I wuz
      around back when the CLINTOONS STUNK

      TWINKIE'S father did go to North
      Africa, Italy & Germany during WWII
      in Army Infantry. He wuz TOUGH AS
      WHITLEATHER! How he raised such a
      wimp as TWINKIE, I cannot figger!

      He would be 96 yrs. old if he had of
      lived. When he mustered out of the
      Army, he had been through HELL and
      did not expect to live past 70 years

      If TWINKIE comes on this site; do NOT
      tell her I wuz here and wrote a bunch
      of insults to ya'll. She tries to
      control ME worse than Hitler-y does

      Well, I am CLOSING OUT. I have to
      hunt and peck type and it is a real
      STRAIN on Hannie.

      DO NOT rat me out to TWINKIE! If
      you'uns do, HANNIE will have to cast
      an EVIL EYE on you'uns!!

      President Donald J. Trump
      (LEARN it!)


    4. Which of the Twinkie multiple personalities wrote that?

    5. The funny one....oh wait....never mind.

    6. Many years ago, on the newsgroup alt.politics.homosexuality, there was a troll much like Hannie/Twinkie. He/she/they would post long, ridiculous, religious screeds against homosexuality and pretended to be part of some weird church who claimed they God regularly visited them. And that was the most normal part about them. To give you an idea, the name of their church was First Universal Christian Kingdom (check the acronym that makes). They also claimed to be cured of homosexuality (except when they weren't) and one claimed she tied her child to a chair on Christmas. There was even one who posted everything in Ebonics.

      That's who Twinkie/Hannie reminds me of.

      parents 18 MONTHS AGO that HE would
      send a donation to her charity in
      memory of KAYLA?

      You do know who KAYLA is. Of course,
      you do. The story was on tonight (the
      news documentary with Elizabeth

      Hussein Obama LIED (SURPRISE!). NO
      donation was forthcoming. Hussein
      DID grant absolution to anyone making
      RANSOM PAYMENTS to ISIS for their
      family members being held by ISIS.

      SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Could the
      pallets of cash he delivered to the
      terrorists in exchange for the plane
      load of hostages have ANYTHING to do
      with that?


      YOUR "beloved" sorta "black" POTUS.

      HUSSEIN has been weighed in the
      balances and found WANTING!!


    8. No comment on aunt handies comments?

  4. Roman and his wife did the dirty once, forty years ago, on their wedding night. They haven't spoken since.

  5. I do like this new "Hillary: Bigot"-sort of attack they've got going on.

    In the 60s upon the assassination of MLK Jr., Hillary helped sign up more African Americans to vote while Trump was working with his father to build Trump Towers in Coney Island where Trump worked hard to keep "the blacks" away from living there.

    I guess they've forgotten that narrative, but I can't say that I'm surprised by that.

    1. I think if they start playing tit for tat on things in the past the whole "Hillery got a child rapist a reduced sentence by discrediting the victim" story will pop up.

    2. In today's soundbite news culture, possibly. To me, it comes down to, she didn't want the case, but when thanks to local politics and wanting to get her low-income defense firm off the ground, she took it and did her job to the best of her ability.

      That involves slimy lawyer tactics, that while not illegal, rub folks the wrong way. Still better than I can say for the slow teen from Making a Muderer's appointed defense lawyer.

  6. I "may" be this, and I "may" be that but

    If ya'll are queers; my Bible tells me
    that if a person be FILTHY then let them
    be FILTHY in peace.

    I'm not a member of any weird "church"
    as ya'll accuse me of being. FANG & I
    attend a FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, a Southern
    Baptist Church.

    I don't believe in doing "queer" sexual
    activities. I'm sinful as any mortal
    person is sinful, and one sin is as BIG
    as any other. BLOOD OF CHRIST! It's ALL
    any of us have; our only hope.

    FANG is real. FANG, JR. is real. TWINKIE
    is real. AUNT HANNIE SUE HARGRAVE passed
    away several years ago in her nineties.

    I (Twinkie) do need to shove off and
    leave ya'll alone.

    HILLARY & BILL are going DOWN.


    1. See you in hell, WRINKLIE !

      H'am Sanwich Yeshua OogaBooba !

    2. Yeah, those weirdos in the FUCK church used to claim they were real and that their church was perfectly normal, too. We all knew it was an act. Some of us played along, others ignored them. But like Twinkie/Hannie/whoever, they also posted in an over-the-top excitable kind of way. For example, they used exclamation points the way this troll uses all caps. Eventually, they admitted it had all been some sort of sociological experiment done by university students.

    3. So twinks, are you saying you get possessed by the spirit of aunt handy?

  7. Well it seems Lil Donnie has an app now. I hope it's like Pokemon, I wanna see the neighborhood kids walking around with their phones Capturing Mexicans, Bigots and Slovenian Models

    In typical Trump style, "News" leads to Drumpfs Twitter feed. There are levels of Trumpiness you can reach from "Apprentice" to "Big Time". And by singing up, Lil Donnie will have a Yuge mailing list to sell to others