Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Trump firing campaign manager another masterstroke

I have managed to find nothing about Trump's seeming evolution on immigration, but rest assured I'm watching Freep like a hawk! It will be interesting to see how his new advisers change his tactics; I have some anxiety.

I'm a political pessimist, which means I glom onto whatever (plausible) narrative that's bad news for Democrats. And this new campaign shakeup has such a narrative - I've never found Kellyanne Conway to be as great on TV as everyone is saying, but I do hear she's able to handle Trump in a way that neither Lewandowski or Manafort could (by treating polls like TV ratings, for instance). Dunno what an anti-GOP bomb thrower like Bannon will be like, but an on-message Trump could become problematic, if he hasn't destroyed his chances already.

Freepers, of course, are sure this is all great news for Trump, though with a bit of a different spin from me. Freepers never really liked the fact that Manafort understood that Trump kinda needs non-fringe people to win. While their doubts are become more and more evident, they still buy into the silent majority as part of their suite of pro-Trump denial. And any contact with the GOPe is at least as evil as contact with the Democrats these days. Thus, I found it dumb, but unsurprising that Freepers suddenly discover that Manafort was a GOPe mole this whole time.

DAVEY CROCKETT tries for graciousness on a thread where that is not to be:
Thank you Mr Manaford, job well done!
Dr.Deth is sure Manafort was inept:
Oh noez whatever will Trump do without the genius who guided President Dole's election.
ObozoMustGo2012 is ready to blame all non-Freeper doctrine on this new scapegoat:
I think he tried an intervention, got Trump to endorse Ryan (which happened right after the rumor about the intervention) and then Trump just decided he had had enough of Manafort

I wonder if Manafort persuaded Trump to pick Pence, too. That pick was very unconventional of Trump. I saw Trump picking Flynn as his first choice. I admit, I would prefer Flynn too.
laplata noticed that Trump hasn't sad anything crazy in like three days:
Manafort didn’t encourage Trump to stay on message. Trump is now on message and connecting. A huge improvement.

It looks like the “Concern trolls” here were correct. Apologies accepted.
fortes fortuna juvat meanwhile, wants to feed his Hillary fetish.
Hillary won’t have anything all weekend to combat optics of Trump in flood ravaged areas. This is a brilliant move while Bam Bam is golfing with Larry David and Hillary sitting in her diapers with minions holding her hands.

This is truly a spectacle to behold.

“Hillary sitting in her diapers.” Now that is a funny scene to visualize. Any cartoonists around here?
Gaffer may not realize how small he makes himself by making a comparison to England during The Blitz:
In my opinion, we (those Trumpers and discontented working American voters desperately wanting to stop this evil Democrat tyranny) are exactly like the those that comprised the whole of fortress England in the lead up to D-Day.

We are legion in numbers, largely quiet and purposed. Setbacks, press and sappers abound and a myriad of diversionary moves being made on both sides. Yet, we silent many are like the massive armada that, if anything, unlike Rep. Johnson's tipping of Guam, could well turn over today's wartime England and oust these sons of bitches from our realm of influence.

We persevere, we maintain, and we WILL go vote.
With her relentless show biz focus miss marmelstein is always just a little off, but I feel like she'd be fun in a crazy aunt sorta way:
I always thought he had a sleazy Robert Evans-1970s-Hollywood-Producer quality that I didn’t care for.

Let Trump be Trump!
GOPJ explains that Manafort was gonna Jeb our Trump!
It seemed Manafort wanted Trump to morph into Jeb Bush.

Manafort missed what was going on: IF WE THE PEOPLE had wanted Jeb we would have voted for him... we voted for Trump. We wanted Trump the person, Trump's ideas, Trump's solutions, AND Trump's 'tone'...
antonico is hearing street chat that Manafort was trying to manipulate Trump into becoming bland:
The street chat is that Mannafort is true and true Washington DC Establishment if there ever was such a thing.

He worked for a lot of interests. The rumor was that he ingratiated himself into the campaign to get Lewandowski out, convince Trump he was as tough as The Donald, while silently sabotaging the campaign with suggestions that Trump be more genteel, more restrained, etc.

In short, Mannafort fed the narrative that the GOP Elites & Democrats feasted upon almost the minute the shell game started. Trump - clearly nobody’s fool - used Mannafort to lock up the nomination. Then told him he was fired after his utility ran out. And Trump probably suspected Mannafort was basically undermining him all along, which is exactly what the elites wanted.
sarge83 is sure Trump smoked out another Trojan Horse:
I suspect that the GOPE figured out they could not defeat Trump in the primaries and Manafort was brought forth to Trump as a way to sew up the nomination and to make nice with the GOPE. Hey Donald this guy will help you sew up the convention and the GOPE likes him and can bring a peace and reconciliation between you.

The ultimate plan of the GOPE was for Manafort to sabotage the Trump campaign after the convention assuring they remain in power even with a Hillary presidency. And witness once Trump left the convention through in some cases his own self-inflicted wounds or GOP inflicted wounds the hits kept coming and Manafort

Trump figured out there was a Trojan Horse in his camp and acted accordingly.
Sacajaweau just blames SOROS:
I think you're going to find Soros as the man behind the Manafort controversy.

Manfort was a lobbyist for 25 years...working with our allies.

Rather than deal with a distraction, Manafort and Trump took the high road.

I'll bet Soros is behind the Ukraine controversy. Hell, Soros owns the Ukraine......way back into the '80s.


  1. So Soros owned the Ukraine, when the Ukraine was part of the USSR. Seems legit.

    The possible Trump flop on the Einsatzgruppen, oh I'm sorry got my languages mixed up, the "Deportation Task Force" (Quick linguistics Einsatzgruppen means task force in German) probably won't register much right now.

    My guess is they will say it's a brilliant move to say TBD to throw the evil media off the trail.

    Personally I'm looking forward to him having to answer this question in the debates.

  2. "... if he hasn't destroyed his chances already."

    trump's chances of winning were always zero. the weakness of the gop slate and the extremism of the base guaranteed that. so what more deserving nominee to sit atop the viking pyre than the king of crass?

  3. Ya'll can thank me for keeping AUNT HANNIE
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    1. Cool story bro.

    2. Something about snakes squeezing bananas and getting maggots drunk on cider and stuff, I zoned out, sorry

  4. On Butterdezillion's lunacy from the earlier post: she's clearly kind of unbalanced, but I honestly feel some compassion for her...she seems like a pretty intelligent person who is making sense of the stuff not going right in her life by making herself the center of an elaborate, global conspiracy, the likes of which we can only begin to grasp. And, it must be pretty exhausting to live with the constant conviction that we're just around the corner from an Obama-Soros-Iranian-North Korean EMP attack that will destroy us all.

  5. Now that the final feeble gates of sanity have been removed from Trump's campaign, it will be interesting to see just how far he self-destructs in the next 70 days.

    1. Just wait till he releases his "revised" immigration plan next week. The revolution is going to eat itself.

  6. Trump voters are quiet and numerous. Right. Does absolutely everything they believe have to be a fantasy?

    1. Being deep in denial is one of the cornerstones of the freeper lifestyle.

    2. At least we have a "lifestyle" of
      sorts anyway. - YOU are the ones
      who are steeped in the "fantasy" of
      the "glamour" of the CLINKTONS!

      IF Hitler-y does manage, by hook or
      by CROOK, to "win"; batten down
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      You people are so ensconced in the
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      For now, I suspect that Hussein has
      issued to "order" for the mass
      killings to cease - until after he
      can get Size Eleven Panties
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      your hats. You ain't seen nothing

      YOU are the ones in denial. DENIAL
      that Hillary Clintoon & Bill Cock-
      toon are not SENILE old has beens
      that had absolutely NO respect for
      the highest office in this land.

      I must assume that you also have
      no respect for anything much either.


      Let him who is FILTHY be FILTHY in

      Accusing others of what YOU yourself
      are guilty of doing. The COMMIE


    3. Hey Ozy, Twinkie is really you, right? C'mon, admit it.

    4. Twinks you have a fairly unhealthy obsession with the Clinton family, have you thought about finding some other hobby that gets you away from the internet and news channels?

    5. Accusing others of what YOU yourself
      are guilty of doing. The COMMIE

      So Freepers are Commies? Good to know.

    6. See you in Hell, WRINKLIE !!!!

    7. See you in Hell, WRINKLIE !!!!

    8. Hey Ozy, Twinkie is really you, right? C'mon, admit it.

      Haha, I wish I were that creative!

    9. Hey, Twinks, I know this is the internet and all, so no one can be held accountable for their words unless you let it be so, but what if Hillary wins? You said you'd accept his will, as it's all part of his plan (wait, aren't we supposed to have free will? Eh, let's save that for another time).

      So, if Trump loses, you're gonna accept and move on, right? As in, if you're still posting here you won't claim it was a stolen election, right? Because Freepers and even Trump himself seems to be setting up this narrative. But if it's God's will, are you then going against God. Just wondering.

      PS: WHITE BEANS & SPINACH have more potassium than bananas, so try switching if peels are causing problems.

    10. To everyone else: I've figured it out! Ever play a Zelda game? Ever notice how the NPCs always have important items/nouns emphasized in all caps and red in their dialogue?

      Twinkie is simply an NPC trying to relay important info like who the villain in our country is, and magic items like STONES. It's dangerous to go alone, afterall, so take your THIS VITAMIN.

  7. There was a post about Trump's evolving status on immigration immediately after the first news story. It had about 20 replies when I saw it. Reactions were muted; most people seemed to think it had to be a lie or a misrepresentation pushed by Democrats. A few people said they were disappointed in Trump and one mentioned he would lose their vote if he came out for amnesty.

    The thread must have been deleted.