Thursday, August 25, 2016

Trump's immigration confusion sewing Freeper chaos

I'm quite a bit less worried about Trump bringing in a Trump whisperer to keep him on message, since Trump's latest messaging has been as unwise a move as I've seen him make.

Persecuting illegal immigrant is the one principle Freepers will not trample to worship at the altar of The Donald. More than that, Freepers tend to be on a hair trigger on the issue, ready to come down upon any who evince a hint of empathy or pragmatism. This is somewhat cancelled out by their cult of personality around Trump, but Trump still has a lot less room to maneuver than he does in any other arena.

And yet Trump has decided to try to finesse this issue. Of course, to Trump finesse means to both soften and stand firm simultaneously. So you get '"There could certainly be a softening because we're not looking to hurt people," followed shortly by "....but we’re going to follow the laws of this country and what people don’t realize--we have very, very strong laws."

On most other stuff, Freepers are content to listen to the dog whistle and ignore the first part, but this issue the muddy message leaves Freep riven with chaos and angst.

Arm_Bears will give Trump one more chance...
Trump is on the verge of shooting his candidacy in the head.
ncpatriot is all in still:
Trump is very tough, but he has a lot of compassion too.
Sir Napsalot is trying to focus on the red meat and ignore everything else:
The excerpt is misleading.

In the same sentence Trump talked about softening, he said

....but we’re going to follow the laws of this country and what people don’t realize--we have very, very strong laws,” he told Hannity.

To me, that's the strong indication of where Trump's so-called softening is going to come from.
SharpRightTurn is not amused:

How about enforcing laws, deporting illegal aliens (just as Mexico does), and regain control of our borders? Anything wrong with that?

I’ll take sovereignty; Trump can keep the softening.
Will88 is already blaming the GOPe:
I’m afraid some of the GOPe types have gotten to Trump and convinced him that the party must pander specifically to Hispanics rather than appealing to them with issues that affect all citizens and legal residents.

It worked so well for that master panderer Juan McCain. Trump will damage his chances with this by causing some number of voters for whom immigration lawlessness is a top issue to stay home, and it will win few if any new Hispanic voters.

They just can’t figure out that such pandering will likely subtract more votes than it adds.
Donglalinger's crisis mentality is not having any of this Trump nuance:
The wall needs to be built asap,if not Reagan amnesty 2.0 is coming
9YearLurker would like to remind every Freeper of all the ridiculous things they believe and how much they hate illegals:
let’s not pretend that there are only 12 million of them. There are 30 million, at least. And every single one of them — and their offspring — immediately get affirmative action placement at the front of the line of white Americans.

They also already are a majority on the dole, at least three generations in, even if they are those “great, great ones” Trump is talking about that he now more openly admits he wants to legalize.

This population votes overwhelmingly Democrat. It is also overwhelmingly low-skill, at least three generations in.
TheStickman doesn't trust FOX News's transcript of Trump's words:
Are suggesting that Fox News and Trump are part of a left-wing conspiracy to elect Hillery?

FNC has proved this to be the case going back to the very 1st “debate”. eMost of FNC’s talent spend hours daily bashing Trump.

Vote Trump 2016
GOPe Means Bend Over Spell Run is another who picked a sentence he liked and ignored the rest. But how long will the halflife of these denialists be if Trump continues down this path?
This Fox story must of been written by biased liar Megan Kelly.


Which means all illegals have to be deported. As such, Trump’s simply softening his statements to appease those ignorant offended soccer moms that want to appear compassionate while they commit suicide via illegals!
Windflier blames the messenger for asking those trick questions:
Hannity, you frikken dope. What have you done?
Jay Thomas knows the problem is that you always read or hear Trump's words via that evil media:
Listen to Trump not the media, people. It keeps the blood pressure in check. (not you)
Jay Thomas has decided townhall is not media, I guess:
Smell like shamnesty.

Smells like not reading the article nor watching the town hall.
anti-Trump lurkers begin to smugly unveil, like AmericanInTokyo:
Interesting to sit back now, and watch this unfold on FR, a day many of us warned would come.
central_va has always been single issue. Well, plus loving the Confederacy:
Trump is about to lose me. I am not sending any more cash. He is lightening to the squishes.
bobsunshine explains that anyone who doesn't like Trump's new position is just too dumb to see the cleverness in Trump's new position to not do anything different from Obama:
Agree 100% Trump didn't change. He is being very smart on this issue. We all know he can not immediately round up people and put them on a train back to Mexico or wherever ( except for the criminals - Send them back ASAP). Now think what Trump is saying – “we will be humane – we will follow the law” . The Law says deportation if not here legally or overstayed your visa. He is trapping everyone into believing he wants amnesty or something.

Second, who is our “Deportation Force” – — ICE, yes our own government agency. Since the Law is already on the books, they just need the go-ahead. So if you are caught here illegally, then you go back. Period. That’s the law which hasn’t been enforced. Now Congress might not like the law, then they’ve got to change it. I don’t think anyone will fault Trump for “following the law”. So get on board the Trump Train, we still have a few more cars with empty seats, and vote for Trump.
Luircin knows all who doubt Trump on Free Republic have an evil agenda:

Sore Cruzers, sleeper trolls, and accounts I’ve never seen before all getting together for one great big circle jerk of hate on this thread.

I guess they had to go somewhere.
 A commenter hoped Trump never tried to pivot and drove the Freep-train all the way to losevill. I think I agree that would be both the most fun and the best for the country. But seeing Freepers tortured by slowly increasing cognitive dissonance has it's appeal as well.


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  2. "let’s not pretend that there are only 12 million of them. There are 30 million, at least..."

    There's only one person who has ever suggested that there's 30 million illegal immigrants in America and that is Ann Coulter. She also has no evidence of this and isn't known for her analytical skill. That's where Trump got his 30 million figure anyway.

    "There are, to my knowledge, no credible, research-based estimates of 30 million," said Jeffrey Passel, an expert on Hispanic immigration at the Pew Research Center. "The 11-12 million range is broadly accepted by almost all researchers and immigration advocates (regardless of perspective)."

    1. Remember Freepers add in all the "anchor babies" because they contend that birthright citizenship is a false/illegal interpretation and, that being the case, all descendants of birthright (only) citizens are also illegal.