Tuesday, August 9, 2016


In these times of Freeper unskewing and despair, what better time could there be for....TAGLINES!

Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America - probably all the Freepers who thought you were paranoid have been zotted:
((Some of you characterized my FReep name as 'paranoid' a few years back.. Care to apologize now?))
ConservativeMind thinks all blacks are killing machines, I guess?
(If 0bama had a son...he would be killing people.)
b4me knows it's always a good time to be a holier-than-thou scold!
(Idolatry is rampant in thoughts and actions. Choose whom you will serve....)
Chgogal's weird asymmetrical and partisan gender essentialism stood out both to me and commenter aarrgghh:
(A woman who votes for Hillary is voting with her vagina and not her brain.)
workerbee compares his political opponents to bank robbers and murderers:
(The President of the United States is PUBLIC ENEMY #1)
editor-surveyor is appropriately dickish for who he is:
(Freepers: Not as smart as I'd hoped they'd be)
nikos1121 looks forward to imperial ambitions and civil war:
(A Trump presidency will be like The Golden Age of Pericles in Greece)
Bobalu loves him the 'all mass shooters are Democrats' canard:
(Democrats use guns to shoot the innocent. Republicans use them for self-defense.)
datricker with the combo anti-Rush purity and JimRob ass kissing:
(Its morning in America! Sorry Rush, Jim Robinson is the new mayor of Realville)
Psalm 144 is still hating Cruz for not endorsing Trump:

(Don't feel lonely, Heidi. Oily Felito broke his oath to 14,000,000 other people too...)
Having no choice, Flintlock is gonna start shooting aaaaany day now:
(The ballot box STOLEN, our soapbox taken away--the BULLET BOX is left to us.)
FrankR argues against society and all voluntary associations, it looks like:
(You're only enslaved to the extent of the charity that you receive!)
gigster nails the first Republican to discover 'call everyone who votes against you morons' technology.
(Cogito, Ergo, Ronaldus Magnus Conservatus)
Dustoff45 with some light Biblical humor:
(Sound the Trumpence in Zion! The BOSS is in the House!)
Tucker39 is so welcoming of those different from him!
(Welcome to America! Now speak English; and keep to the right....In driving, in Faith, and politics.)
VermithraxPejorative blames Hillary for random stuff:
blackdog probably thinks he's deep:
(There is no such thing as healing, only a balance between destructive and constructive forces.)
Not even sure what Yaelle is trying for here. Is she Tinkerbelle? Is Trump Peter Pan? Does Trump fly on Tinkerbelle?
(Tinkerbelle glittering up the runway for Trump Force One!)
Cannot argue with FourtySeven: 
ChicagahAl is probably pretty proud of his sick burn against socialism. Maybe he'll analogize it to Ebola next!
(Socialism is the political version of AIDS. No Cure. Always Fatal. Contagious If Unprotected.)
It explains a lot that Mr Apple is that asshole that is why the CSPAN caller guy should be sainted!
Historians agree that Cubs Fan's analogy implies that the world will soon be liberal and Muslim: 
(Liberals and Islamists are the Nazis and Stalinists of the 21st century. This time they are united.)
If he weren't a Freeper I would assume atc23 does not think much about conservative resistance to federal authority:
(The Confederacy was the single greatest conservative resistance to federal authority ever)
Crazy the Confederacy's government was an exact copy of the Unions' except with slaves!

MileHi really shows the conflicting narratives Freepers have about liberals:
(Liberalism is an ideology of parasites, hypocrites, grievance mongers, victims, and control freaks.) 


  1. Freepers and the Confederacy is always amusing. It was a Plutocracy that existed specifically to try to maintain the forcible expropriation of the labor of thousands of people and it was Democrat!

    By their own (bogus) arguments Obama and Hilary are the heirs to that legacy. They should be using that flag as toilet paper.

    1. I find it amusing that not only was the Confederate constitution lifted from the U.S. constitution, but it differs in that it *decreases* state sovereignty by forbidding them to abolish slavery if they choose.

    2. Shhh.. you'll spill the secret that the modern "states rights" argument means "keep blacks were they're supposed to be."

    3. They alternate between "the South shall rise again!" And "slavery and the CSA were Democratic stuff!"

      I think their love affair with the idea of CW2 skews their perspective. A bunch of white racists in 1860 did what they can only talk about. They swap between idolization and jealousy.

  2. You can argue with FourtySeven's spelling of "forty-seven"

    1. Yeah, but you know what they say about arguing with an idiot.

    2. It's not nice to pick in senile ol' Mr. Trump?

  3. "(Socialism is the political version of AIDS. No Cure. Always Fatal. Contagious If Unprotected.)"

    So... Freeperville is a giant latex condom that deadens the sensitivity of those inside?

    1. Just as with condoms, they ought to consider putting on a new one every so often. The old one is getting a bit yucky, and full of holes.

  4. How come a group of people who base their entire life on the literal truth of the holy Bible hate polygamy so much? (See also: Incest, slavery, infanticide)