Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

jsanders2001 wonders why no one is using a public website to solicit a hit on George Soros and his family:
Surprised a gofundme account hasnt been setup to raise 5 Million for a Soros removal team. $10M for the family. Can’t let that evil or it’s spawn live on the face of the earth. He’s caused far too many problems and I’m sure his sons have already been raised to carry the torch in the event of hi death.
ROCKLOBSTER is outraged at semantics:
The term "Democratic Party" a lie.

There's nothing "democratic" about a party whose claim to fame is stealing elections.
Different thread, 5th MEB also gets really exercised at 'Democrat' vs. 'Democratic.'
Democratic or Democrat ????

All the talking heads bought into this democratic bullshit because it makes the PROG/LIB/TRANSI/SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST/DEMOCRATs sound so socially acceptable.
ROCKLOBSTER has mixed up impotent silliness with toughness:
To hell with the Media. Fight back. “Knife....gun...” you get the idea.

I liked the guy at the Trump rally, who yelled at the reporter:

"Your name is name is Patriot".
Alas, Ketill Frostbeard burned too bright and too crazy for Free Republic.
Well, it’s sad to see that you have such a low sense of self-esteem and confidence in your own faith that you have to lash out in anger and offer nothing but snide comments toward those with whom you may disagree.

You are new to this forum, having only joined a month ago. I hope you stay and learn more about us. We are not as closed-minded as you may think.

Good luck in your future endeavors.

Good luck to the sheep and the corpses in this nursing home. Opus me out.
I still have him on the Spotlight list, but I'm not sure if he even counts as a Freeper. What do y'all think?

Based on what I've seen around my neighborhood, TigersEye became a hipster after Obama's reelection:

I've been flying that flag since the night of November 6, 2012.
Arthur McGowan is worried about his taxes. And for Freepers, fear leads to melodramatic labeling...
If the IRS were NOT a terrorist organization, these scams wouldn’t work.
madison10 has the latest on Hillary:
She weighs close to 290 according to rumors.
canuck_conservative is not good at playing the race card:
Hillary’s got real e-mail problems ... so what does she do?

Blame the black guy.

How is that not racist??
Enchante injects a lot of drama into a picture of Chelsea, Huma, and Hillary.
Chelsea is not looking so happy left in the background.... I wonder how she regards Huma as Hillary's "2nd daughter"?? catfight, catfight???
Mr. M.J.B.'s fan fiction is getting steamy:
Perhaps the Muslim Brotherhood’s single greatest infiltration of the US.

They knew of Hitlery’s fondness for yearling oysters, so they placed teenager Huma in Hitlery’s lap a couple decades ago and she never left.

Strong possibility Huma and Hitlery will share the same bed in the White Masjid.
"yearling oysters." Wow.

null and void has a whole new depth of Huma conspiracizing:
I've been saying for years, Huma IS a pre-placed assassin, she was placed next to Hillary!™ to take out President (God Forbid!) Hillary!™ at a critical juncture. 
Although she may never have to, as a live Hillary!™ is proving herself to be more lethal to western civilization than a dead one would be... 
Ditter tells a harrowing story of dealing with a pushy black bank teller:
Scary events are not just in bad parts of town. I was at a drive in window of a Chase Bank in the Galleria area recently. I was getting cash with a check from that bank and I am a signer on the account. The girl (black) at the window kept asking for more and more identification from me while conferring with another black cashier.

Finally my gut told me I should leave so I took my drivers license and check and went to another bank.

That evening on channel 2 news I saw where 2 older women were followed home from that Chase Bank and robbed after cashing a check at that window.

A few weeks later a friend told me that that same bank was closed because it had been robbed.
R_Kangel - Obama really should be more careful about naming his foundations:
The Clinton Foundation and the Obama Mafia should be found guilty of Treason at the very least.
Future Useless Eater Internet sleuths a video of Hillary in a parade:
Hillary was only able to walk about 4 minutes before she tanked, with a zombie look,

Shortly after that picture was taken...
Hillary raised her hand to her forehead like she was feeling faint, and an aide
(wearing a brown/white striped half-sleeve top)
quickly slapped Hillary's hand down and away from her forehead,

So instead, Hillary brought her fist to her mouth, and coughed once into her hand.
Then Cuomo signaled for Hillary to turn right and get out of that crowd.

It took Hillary six shuffling steps for her to turn 45 degrees to her right
and she looked unstable as she made that turn.


  1. I honestly think frosty was a troll that never really found his footing. The whole Odin thing was just for edge.

    1. "Good luck to the sheep and the corpses in this nursing home. Opus me out."

      Frostbeard's departing words have redeemed him in my eyes.
      "Corpses in this nursing home" ... heh heh.

  2. I'm tempted to start calling the Republican the Republic Party. It doesn't change the meaning of the root word, but then I can be a contrary an ass too!

    1. Its comes across as just weirdly childish and just silly. I'm not entirely sure why they think it's such a grave and brave insult. I prefer to be called by my full name, which is all of two syllables. Some people insist on the shortened form, even after I tell them my preference.

      I mean, they're assholes. And just bizarrely petty.