Monday, August 1, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. III

Natty knows real men do not allow their wives to think independently:
Any heterosexual male who votes for Clinton is using a dull, dirty, rusty, and infected razor to cut his own throat and simultaneously perform an orchidectomy without benefit of anesthesia. Whether they tell there wives or significant others is a function of their testicular fortitude.

Real men inform their wives or significant others that any show of support by them for Hillary, let alone a vote is grounds for an immediate, permanent, and irreconcilable split. They can get Uncle Sugar to meet all their needs. The real men are outta here.
When it comes to Hillary's convention speech, tet68 hopes big, and hateful:
I’m hoping for some kind of chemically induced
melt down into incoherency, then being carried of
the stage swaddled in a canvas blanket.
Diana in Wisconsin has all the evidence she needs!
If she’s really NOT an awful, evil harridan, WHY are there SO MANY pictures of her, looking like she wants to kill everyone in the room?

They can’t ALL be altered!
Bogey78O has the great idea of making blood donation risk imprisonment:
Make it federal law to donate blood that infects someone with a deadly pathogen, intentional or not.

All blood units are tracked.

Start tossing AIDS donors in jail and you’ll have a death toll tally you can rub their noses in.

Just like how we know illegal immigrants kill 3000 Americans each year.
zeestephen proudly boasts about the rational reasons he's stopped donating his blood, which is special:
I've been donating blood regularly for 45 years.

Here in Seattle, they have been reducing restrictions on donors for several years now.

About one year ago we had a full day of gay protests where dozens of gay donors showed up at blood centers and tried to donate.

Also, I have totally lost confidence in the “sterile” procedures followed by the blood centers.

Before the stick, the phlebotomists probe your veins with ungloved fingers. Who knows where those fingers have been before they started touching your skin? And the fallback excuse is always the same: “The antiseptic before the stick will kill everything.”

Sorry - I don't believe that.

Even worse, before they remove the needle, they fish around bare handed in their glove stuffed pockets, pull out two unsterilized gloves, then fold the gauze that will be placed directly on your needle wound. Who knows what kinds of microbes get transferred to your gauze?

I get emails several times a month begging me to donate because I have some unusual blood factors that are rare and very useful.

Sorry - as far as I'm concerned, the donation health risks have become completely unacceptable to me.
dowcaet - the next race war: Blacks v. Hispanics to control the Democratic Party!
This one is going to boil over on its own. Blacks and Hispanics are not going to be willing to share power in that party. The Harris and Sanchez fight is gonna get nasty and will be racially charged.
Haha, Bill Clinton charmed publius911!
Holy Cow!
This crook could charm an Eskimo out of his sled and dog team!

Been there before. I recall he almost had me in tears during a speech at Georgetown one year, until it was over and 30 seconds later the 99% bullshit content slapped me back to reality.

No mention of Benghazi...

No mention of 6 billion$ missing from the State Department budget while under her command... WTF?
jazminerose is another trying to get the low energy thing to fit on Hillary:
Trump has amazing energy! He seems to actually thrive on hard work. 
Hillary, otoh can barely make it through her few appearances. She’s obviously never been fit a day in her life.
Does jetson know how old Trump is?
Big mistake electing an old tired bag like Hillary who is a stones throw from dementia.
wille777 has become a cliche:
the Dims are playing tictactoe while Trump is playing some kind of 6th level chess with these clowns
clearcarbon knows why illegals come to America:
Do “Free Abortion” signs line the Mexican trail to the American border the same way “Burma Shave” signs use to line our rural highways?
False flag fan and Muslim genocide advocate eartick takes amusing issue with crazy Freeper WENDEL:
Sanders is a Communist from hell. He will take your stuff and then kill you. He is to be despised and disposed of. His few followers need to be imprisoned.

Do you ever read what you type? It is straight from Mao.
wardaddy on the motives and makeup of the left:
just like our own left with negroes and Latinos and orientals and homosexuals and ugly women....grievances blocks to keep them in power
bluejean insists keeping John Hinckley in jail is about patriotism:
John Hinckley, Who Tried To Kill A President, Wins His Freedom

On Obama’s watch. Typical FU America business as usual. Infuriating.
HypatiaTaught seriously thinks Hinkley is going to be used to assassinate Trump like he's some kind of Presidential assassinating machine:
Getting [Hinckley] out for another run?

Obviously they believe Trump will win or is going to win...
Repealthe17thAmendment has had it with rich guys who aren't Republicans:
Bradley Cooper's DNC appearance irks some 'American Sniper' fans

Yeah, and he’s just a 1%er pretending to care about people.

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  1. Just a few notes on John Hinckley's release ...
    His wealthy, Bush connected(!) family had been pushing for his release for decades, long before Obama was even around.

    That being said, I also think Hinckley should not be released, on general principles ...
    take a shot at a President, you forfeit your freedom regardless of circumstances.