Thursday, August 18, 2016

*beep* your bigotry is not backwards compatible.

Via Anonymous

Freepers in the age of Obama have slid down from not liking the Civil Rights act and thinking all blacks are welfare queens to full White Supremacists with all the bells and whistles - declaring a race war and exhorting whites to fight back, fantasizing about a future where they can kill the teeming white-hating black armies, citing the Bell Curve as gospel. And that's the moderate ones!

And yet, in a testament to the success of the Civil Rights movement in changing public attitudes, they refuse to embrace the racism of decades gone by. The KKK and similar racist organizations are now disfavored labels for the views Freepers have, and are declared bad guys and Democrats anyhow.

Thus, David Duke running for U.S. Senate in Louisiana as a Republican with views that are rather more moderate on race than Freep has the vast majority of Freepers declaring him a false flag and secret Democrat. With the inevitable amusing few that didn't get the memo.

ZULU with the inevitable:
KKK is the brainchild of the DemocRat party. Go screw yourself Duke.
ErikJohnsky knows all the real White Supremacists vote Hillary to start the race war:
This clown is a Democrat troll; probably dying to get Hitlery elected to whip up more racial strife and make Duke more high profile.
Trump20162020 clearly feels Duke's hitting uncomfortably close to home:
In a video released on his website before he signed up, Duke said, "I'm overjoyed to see Donald Trump and most Americans embrace most of the issues that I've championed for years. My slogan remains America first."

Oh brother. Could this clown be any more obvious of a Democrat plant?
Psalm 144 remembers when Duke was a pretty successful racist Republican back in the day. But now he looks old, so that won't work this time!
I don’t think he will have the same draw post conviction as he did before. He isn’t young anymore, and has has that felon look now. A serpentine charm used to assist him back in the day, but now he is just reptilian.
ifinnegan really doesn't care for these racists and lunatics Trump seems to attract:
He did this before. He ran as a Republican in Louisiana back after Reagan. He ran as a Dem in 88 then changed in 92 to Republican.

Just like before, trying to leech off the Conservative movement, he is trying to parasite off Trump. Alex Jones is doing the same thing, parasiting off Trump as much as he can.
tinyowl is also sure Duke is getting paid by Democrats, since racism is dead except for him:
Yeah how much are the Dems paying him to prove racism is still alive since every hate crime is a hoax and every prosecution an acquittal.
Fred Hayek may want to check Freepers' attitude about Robert Byrd's repentance of racism:
He can hike off of a cliff. Unlike George Wallace, Duke has never really repented of his racism.
George Wallace not only apologized, he said he had never been racist, and was just cynically using race-bating to get votes. A really interesting study in different sorts of evil.

Speaking of Byrd, RegulatorCountry:
I understand that prior KKK membership isn’t frowned upon for Democrats, so Duke should join the party of Robert Byrd.
b4its2late just makes stuff up:
He’s as far left as Babs Boxer.
DIRTYSECRET blames the angry cajuns:
He got the nomination for Gov a few years back. Louisiana could have a hard time deciding. Too many angry cajuns.
ichabod1 didn't get the memo!
So what. When was “racism” made a crime? What is there to repent of? Is it like being a communist? Is it a capital offense? If so, do you get a trial or do they just take you out and shoot you or hand you over to the mob?
mbarker12474 thinks reporting this true fact is proof media bias is too strong to overcome:
In the few minutes that my local radio station (WMAL in Washington D.C.) gives to news in between Rush Limbaugh segments, they managed to slip in this bit about David Duke.

We are doomed folks. Until our side replaces most of the handful of wire service feeds and major network feeds with news sources and selectors which practice journalistic integrity, we are doomed.

It doesn’t matter who wins the Presidency if the AP survives and Jon Stewart/Steven Colbert hold the minds of 20-somethings in their hands. It’s the media!
WilliamCooper1 is not afraid to say Duke is awesome, but the rest of Freep seems afraid to reply to him!
I’m not afraid to say it: In a time in our history where every ethnic special interest group is pandered to and treated with special judicial and legislative privileges, what’s wrong with advancing the interests of European Americans?
Gigantic paranoid racist The Toll is somehow not a fan, and wants either David Duke or Erik Erickson to be killed by ISIS, it's unclear which:
Yea, I got to hear Eric Fatass Erickson say on his show that the Republicans may not have the moral authority to reject Duke because Trump is the nominee.

I hope he gets beheaded on YouTube by ISIS.
SaraJohnson David Duke can be as racist as he wants because BLM is super bad:
He’s no worse than any black racist activist approved by the elite and the media.


  1. Wallace was pretty up front about his race-baiting even early on. He was endorsed by the NAACP when he lost in 1958, and flipped his rhetoric around in 1962 to win. He was quoted as saying "When I talked about roads and schools and bridges nobody cared, but when I talked about n****** everybody yelled and beat the floor."

  2. "Obama is sickening and abominable.

    Job search has two offers in front of me, with the caveat that these are payment processing companies and I am a bad-credit guy, so I might be rejected on background check(s). If so, I take a lot of hope from the offers anyways!

    Keep praying!

    2 posted on 8/18/2016, 7:34:25 AM by Lazamataz (Every word the "News Media" prints these days are a lie, including "and" and "the".)"

    I'm not surprised that, a) Laz is unemployed; and b) that he's a credit risk. I can see why he blames other people for his problems- that's typical of people in poor situations.

    Maybe if he spent less time on FR he'd be able to find a job...though I'm desperate to know what kind of skill set he holds.

    1. If only snorting coke was a positive job skill.

    2. Link. Does Laz actually think that if Obama weren't in office, payment processing companies would welcome someone with bad credit to work for them?!

    3. Taking personal responsibility for things is unfashionable in the addiction industry. You're supposed to acknowledge/blame some "higher power" that is outwith your control.

      Laz's lengthy and meaningful relationship with Peruvian Dancing Powder (and all the negative consequences that follow) therefore isn't his fault. It is inflicted by external forces. Cue: Obama.

    4. Bad credit? What about personal responsibility and living within your means? You know, like when they say the government should run like a person's checking account.

      If only Laz lived in a state that made credit checks illegal for employment... oh wait, that would hurt the free market.

  3. "I hope he gets beheaded on YouTube by ISIS."

    Jeeze. What a lovely thing to wish on someone.

    You know what, he's off the Christmas card list!

  4. Ya'll are trying to read the OPINIONS of
    literally THOUSANDS of people (Freepers)
    and categorizing them! No wonder ya'll
    sound like a cacophony of crows in a field
    of corn!

    Unless someone stays on FR 24/7, most of the
    "Freeper names" ya'll cite are strangers to
    most of us. I give up. Ya'll have "jumped
    the shark" and got bit on the butt for your
    trouble. Sigh.

    I've been lucky that AUNT HANNIE SUE and
    FANG haven't found FR. HANNIE is a "hunt
    and peck" typist, old as dirt like myself,
    and FANG does not suffer fools gladly. So,
    FANG would neither come here to FM nor to
    FR 'cause to his mind "waste of time".
    HANNIE would blow her stack on FR, same as
    she does here. Sorry. I don't know how she
    gets on here except maybe from bookmarks,
    which I didn't think she could access or
    maybe somewhere else. I don't think it's
    from bookmarks as FR is on my bookmarks &
    she hasn't been there - YET!

    I don't want to take EVERYTHING away from
    her. She doesn't have much diversion as it
    is; and at her age, I have to admire her
    tenacity; but she tends to go off on a
    tangent - as do I.

    I'll try to figure out how she accesses
    your site from time to time and block that
    route. - Ya'll are as bad an echo chamber
    as you accuse FR of being. TALK ABOUT ONLY
    YOUR IDEAS, or else it is STUPID.

    Maybe ya'll and HITLER-Y & BLOWJOB BILL
    CLINTON richly deserve each other. - RIP
    with those two canker sores.

    HA! There's a cartoon of Hillary being
    propped up by the various MSM hacks that
    they posted beside a real photograph of
    Hillary being propped up and almost "carried"
    up a flight of stairs by a group of men that
    they labeled MSM(abc,cbs,nbc,cnn,msnbc,etc.).
    I could relate to that. Being 70 yrs. old
    (near Hillary's age), I can't run up a flight
    of stairs. I've eaten a few too many bean
    burritos and have too fat a butt to do that.
    (I am smart enough to hold on to the rail,
    though, & assume that "the SMARTEST woman in
    the known world" is smart enough to hold on
    to the rail. However, I would guess her
    ARMED security detail is required to stay
    between her butt and the SHOOTING PUBLIC at
    all times. What a HYPOCRITE!)

    Well, we are still voting TRUMP. Now the
    "CROOKED HILLARY" may well be able to do
    enough VOTER FRAUD to position herself at
    that nasty desk where her "husband" got his
    BLOWJOBS back during his REIGN OF ABSURDITY.
    I guess sitting at the same desk that Bill's
    girlfriends sat under to "service" him is
    her main ambition in life.

    Meantime, IF the Christian Church is
    raptured out, hold on to your hats. The
    "Restrainer" will be GONE and Jeffrey
    Dahmer was just a little preview of what
    you're in for on EVERY street corner during
    the TRIBULATION that WILL follow. - Not that
    either TRUMP or HILLARY can help you then.

    I WILL give HANNIE credit. She DOES look for
    the imminent return of the LORD YESHUA
    HA MASCHIACH. He is returning at a "time
    when we are not expecting him".

    I'll get HANNIE to leave ya'll alone in
    your miasma of self-congratulation that you
    are not as IGNORANT as those OLD FREEPERS!


    1. Trying to distance yourself by claiming not to recognize the names of the posters? That won't wash twinkles. The noxious sewage RimJob spouts is enough to make the site a health hazard all by itself. You do recognize the name "Jim Robinson" don't you?

    2. Yes. Of course, I do recognize the
      name JIM ROBINSON. - IF the FR site
      IS, as ya'll claim, a HEALTH HAZARD,
      then WHY on earth do ya'll OBSESS
      over it all the livelong day??

      There ARE thousands of "Freepers"
      and, UNLESS someone obsesses over
      FR, it is IMPOSSIBLE to read EVERY
      post AND retain EVERY name of EVERY
      "Freeper". - In spite of your
      opinions, I try hard NOT TO LIE.

      I DO NOT begrudge Mr. Robinson
      using FR to augment his income. He
      started it and he keeps it going.
      Most of us can't afford HUGE
      donations; but we give small ones
      to keep a site going that we value.

      IF ya'll would listen to LIMBAUGH'S
      program for just a few times; I
      guarantee that, after you get past
      his "talent of loan from God" meme,
      his value will begin to sink into
      your young skulls of mush.


    3. "Hindenberg" Limbaugh? No thanks. I get enough incoherent, drug addled ranting reading Laz.

      As for why we frequent a site that's a health hazard: same reason people studied smallpox. You have to understand a disease to counteract it.

      The Chairman: FR costs about $2000-$10000 a year to run. The upper figure if he's being fleeced. That leaves the other $350000 he grifts to "augment" whatever SS, MediCare or disability benefits he's claiming. Donate to someone who needs it.

    4. BTW:

      Absolutely twinkles. The existential menace of Mexican grandmothers must be eradicated! Trumptastic!! ... but look up BOHICA before November ;)

    5. Except these "strangers" on FR being naughty have been FReepers in most cases for over a decade or so!

      Twinkie...I can't believe I'm even messaging to you...but you do realize that FReepers are typically some of the most racist, sexist people around, right?

  5. The quarter is more than half over, and the freepathon take is barely over 50% of goal.

    TWINKIE, Oinx, HarHarLady, and the rest of the wrinklebags better start forking over more of their social security checks if they want StormFront Lite to stay on the air (or, on the web).

    1. Jim will cook the books over labor day weekend.

    2. FANG & I have worked all our lives
      for what we get & what we have. We
      STILL work selling a considerable
      amount on Ebay. FR always gets
      enough donations to survive.

      I'm NOT a "wrinklebag"; probably
      have fewer wrinkles than YOU do

      In fact, I'll bet most of ya'll on
      FM are probably pushing sixty, or
      more. No one could possibly be as set
      in stone hardheaded unless they had
      been LIBS a very, very long time.

      Winston Churchill said that anyone
      under 30 who wasn't a liberal had no
      HEART; but that if anyone was over
      40 and still a liberal, they had no

      I don't know what BOHICA is.

      DONALD J. TRUMP - President of the
      United States of America

      HITLER-Y is going down that old drain!

      Gurgle. Gurgle. Gurgle. Gurgle.

      Ya'll act like juveniles. . but you
      ARE NOT juveniles.


      HITLER-Y is circling the drain!!!!


    3. Sorry, Twinkie, Winston Churchill never said any such thing. Whoever did say it was ignorant. Anyone who continues to use that false quote is not worth listening to.

    4. The quote is almost certainly French, around a century before Churchill and (hilariously) actually takes the form:

      "Anyone who isn't a REPUBLICAN at 20 has no heart and anyone who is still a REPUBLICAN at 30 has no brain."

      Of course, to be fair, "Republican" in those days didn't mean a reactionary narcissist/individualist omniphobe as it does today. Republicans were the opponents of conservatism and the associated hoarding of wealth and power by oligarchies.

    5. Anytime I see a quote from Churchill I imagine it went nothing like what he said at all and, in fact, went contrary to what has been posted.

    6. "Quotes from the internet are often completely made up" --Abraham Lincoln

    7. All y'all niggaz need to keep my name outyo mouf! -Mother Theresa

  6. Replies
    1. Looks like her thorazine prescription ran out again. Obviously she's paranoid and insane, we're all used to that; but this one is just plain stupid! Heavy metals as "stealth" poisons?!? A baseball bat to the head would be more stealthy.

    2. Oh man, so many pictures with pointy lines.

      Apparently just about everyone in that thread thinks that landing in the ocean is like taking a dip in the backyard pool.

      They've never heard of shock or exposure before.