Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Freepers got nothing on Obama's DNC speech

I'm not a great fan of Obama's speeches, actually. I like what he says, and his style is compelling, but doesn't particularly resonate with me for whatever reason. Even his 2004 speech that launched his Presidency, I only really liked that last minute (though it was a doozy!) Give me Clinton's 2012 folksy statistics any day.

But Lord did I feel Obama's convention speech this year. Which I suppose makes some sense - Obama's greatest talent may be his ability to throw shade, and that's what this speech did. Managing to stay positive and inspirational (we inspire him - good line), Obama left no doubt how small a man Trump is.

A tactic against which Freepers got nothin.

eyeamok basically tells Obama screw unity and light, Democrats don't deserve it:
Obama: You know, we Democrats are against this dark, divided, dystopian America that Trump wants

Maybe I missed something, but as long as I have been Alive, it has been the DEMONRAT PARTY DIVIDING PEOPLE in to their own little groups and them pitting them against each other.
ronnie raygun just sees Obama and seeths:
8 long years of garbage nothing but garbage
TigersEye is sure Obama is actually the one being divisive:
The projections of a pathological narcissist.
Gamecock prefers Trump's darkness, fear, and loathing because bathrooms and Drudge reporting every time a cop gets shot now:
Their idea of a thriving society involves men in the women’s room and cops being gunned down.

No thanks, I’ll go with Trumps’s vision.
RoosterRedux seriously argues we're living in a dark, divided dystopia:
We Democrats are against this dark, divided, dystopia some call reality.

We turn away from it and ignore it.

If we ignore it, it will go away.
yoe knows Obama's unity is all a charade to hide his racial politics. The real ethnic unity is the guy who is all about deportation and Muslim bans!
In Obama’s America everyone is either an African-American; a Mexican-American; a Japanese American, A Chinese American; White American Black American....there are NO just Americans. I am an American and I don’t give a fig what your ethnicity is, being American is good enough for me AND IT SHOULD BE FOR YOU!!!
Terry L Smith is just racist:
The only dark, divided, dystopian America that I see, is the one brought about by the 8 years of this mulatto buffoon.

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