Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The dumbness of racism

When there's a mass shooter, Freepers are always eager to stuff him or her into one of their many 'bad guy' boxes. Muslim, or black, or Democrat. In a pinch, 'looks liberal' will do. And they're always very engaged with the news reports trying for that morsel of truth that will backup their preconceptions, to the point of noticing little inconsistencies in the networks (and then using that to decide there's an Obama conspiracy...)

But when a black is shot by cops, leading to riots? No such care is given. I'll admit I haven't spent a lot of time looking into the Milwaukee incident, but the active pushback authorities are giving is new, though their refusal to release the bodycam footage is suspicious.

Already, though, I've done more analysis than most Freepers, who just look at pictures and declare the decedent worthy of death. It's sad, their bigotry allows them to avoid putting in any effort at all!

imardmd1 warns his fellows to stay with the already laid down narrative:
Cop is black, chief of police is black, victim is black. 
Whoa there, buddy . . .! 
drewh starts finding pics. Unknown provenience, but who cares?
looks like a fine upstanding young man to me!!
drewh relies on the Daily Mail for his facts!
the London media said Slyster was asked top drop his ammo and wouldn't..suicide by cop!
drewh finds this pic worthy of being shot:
doesnt look suspicious at all to me...(not)

Paladin2 is already calling him useless:
Yahbutt what was his IQ?
SaveFerris is super convinced he's a drug dealer:
Drug deals. Pulling money from every illegal activity they can get their hands on.

There HAS to be a source for that much money. I’ve been through bloody Hell during this economic disaster and it always floors me when guys like this will pull up at the convenience store/gas station driving Cadillac Escalades that had to cost $45,000-$50,000 new, with $2,000 to $3,000 worth of rims on them. And these vehicles probably average about 8mpg around town - and this was happening when gas was $4 a gallon.

I used to make pretty good money back when things were good and I couldn’t pull off a vehicle that listed for that amount of money. I’m sure some of them are used with high miles, but they still take very expensive parts to keep them going.
ProtectOurFreedom makes the tired pants joke:
Looks like he heard the cop say “Drop trou!!” instead of “Drop gun!”
Kenny tries to tie this back to Trump:
They’re getting desperate. No one buys their Black Lives Matters crap anymore and they’re extinct if Trump’s elected. They now completely fabricate causes to riot over.
FlingWingFlyer explains that reality is black and white:
BLM is FOS. This garbage isn’t about RACE. It’s about the GOOD GUYS against the BAD GUYS and the BAD GUYS are getting their BAD GUY asses kicked. All part of Obama’s lawless America.
Noumenon is preemptively avoiding any attempts to humanize this guy:
But... but... where are the cute gradeschool pictures of this innocent little angel? He was a good boy. He dindo nuffins.
Gamecock is also already dismissing any facts that might arise to make this guy less than a perfect villain:
I guess the good news is there is now an open seat for an aspiring youth in the junior college he was scheduled to start this fall.
Mark17 wishes blacks knew the truth, like the folks on this thread:
Truth doesn’t matter to’s their job to raise hell.

You are correct sir. The truth has NEVER mattered to these slime bags, and never will. What slime bags.
And 0Lagmeister...I just realized Freepers have managed to turn people humanizing the victim into another reason for racist rage. Hate is amazing.
Where’s the quote from the bereaved family members, “He was getting his life together. He was working on being a music producer. He wanted to be a good father.”
boycott really thinks America is a hellhole of constant black murders:
If you’re a foreigner and thought about travel to the US, you would have to have second thoughts. Somalia may be safer.

Way too many blacks are filled with hate. So many blacks hate whites and the USA. And so many are just morally void. They’re destroying this nation.
Amazingly this Freeper thread validated all of West Texas Chuck's racist expectations! He celebrates by reveling in the tragedy of this death:
OK, purt much eggzackly what I expected.

I see no downside from his departure, he paid the price for his bad choices in life, now his daughter will have to do the same.

Thanks Dad. Dip$hit.


  1. I think the number of black (or latino) freepers is down to two or three by now ...
    and I'm pretty certain BlackFemaleArmyCaptain is a fake.

    1. Apparently she is female but neither black nor military. StumbleBummer can't stand her and periodically outs her.

    2. She once informed me that she had way more medals than I could ever hope to earn. I am actually in the military. I have since been very sure that she was not.

  2. Looks liberal?

    Don't forget "cold steely muslim eyes":

    ... some quality psychopathy in there too.

  3. CSB:

    I grew up in the Milwaukee burbs and I now live on (basically) the east side. When I first heard about the riots I thought "well this was long overdue." The hypersegration in this city is almost depressing as our attitude towards it. I saw a lot of flat-out racism on my Facebook timeline, but honestly it was directed at "the bad ones" - those that have been trapped west of I-43 and north of (and close to) Fond du Lac Ave and especially those trapped in the poverty cycle.

    It also doesn't help on top of current police attitudes that our county sheriff is really trying to become the black Sheriff Joe Arpaio. I mean he GODDAMN SPOKE AT THE RNC.

    1. Side note: a lot of the FReeper types in my state - the ones that Trump visited in West Bend (those who live in the suburbs outside of the county and in the exburbs like Sheboygan and West Bend) - think the that Milwaukee is more dangerous than a drug war zone. Fuck, some guys shit their pants when they go south of County Line Road!

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    3. The reason we talk about Freepers behind their backs is because the delicate little panty waist snowflakes can't deal with hearing anything but the echo of their own Trumping. FR is their safe space where only Politically Correct views are allowed.

  4. Blacks protesting documented police bias, discrimination, and killings: THUGS
    Freepers planning to kill everyone in sight if they don't get their desired election result, appointed judges, agreeable articles in the newspaper, or racial makeup in society: RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION and time to water the tree of liberty whilst throwing out the Bill of Rights.