Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. IV

sportutegrl tells of how her 18 year old son (who I guess she follows around?) wears a Trump hat and only his group of friends keep him from being beaten up for it:
My 18 yo son wears his MAGA hat everywhere in WA. We took a weekend family trip to Seattle and while downtown I saw a few men walk up to my 5’4” son to harass him about his hat. But son had his ‘posse’ with him, hanging back. I tease him that if he gets attacked, that I will be right there to record everything on my cell phone, but, in reality, the Grizzly Mom will come out.
Grizzly Mom would come out? Wow, even Freeper women are into the dick waving.

TheConservativeBanker lives under siege on a liberal campus:
I teach at a university in Virginia and there is a 150% chance that my car would be vandalized if it had a Trump sticker. There is a 90% chance that the people who run the school would tell me that it was my fault - a micro-aggression you know.
WENDLE explains that Trump votes live in fear of liberal violence:
Trump people are cowering in fear of physical endangerment. Every day one is attacked . Yesterday it was a crowbar. Their rationale is that they will vote. But where I live there are no bumber stickers at all. I have a well guarded yard sign for Trump and my pit bull doesn’t like trespassers. IMO, This country is about to explode. This is the parasite vs. the hosts and either the parasites will be thrown off or the host will die.
alloysteel speculates that maybe Hillary is just like Hitler, in that corporations like her:
“...because Hillary isn’t Hitler.”

And this assertion is based upon - what?

“Crony capitalism” was the vehicle that Hitler used to establish the Third Reich - the joining of the financial and industrial power of corporate operations with the “guiding hand” of government cooperation, in selecting linners and wosers.

But it is socialism created to benefit certain “protected” classes, while finding a scapegoat and fall guy to a) pay all the bills, and b) take all the blame, which is then deflected from the big bosses.
Further Hitlering, fortes fortuna juvat has this whole thing where Hillary is at the head of a conspiracy of thousands that will kill millions:
The mountain of evidence all points to the fact that this insane woman just may be the most evil traitor ever to threaten the destruction of this country. And it looks as if her criminal accomplices in the public and the private sector must number in the thousands.

If this is an accurate assessment, it mirrors precisely how Russia and Germany were transformed into countries characterized by the mass murder of their own citizens. Citizens, by the way, who were kept clueless by state-controlled news media until all resistance was futile.
Moving on from Hitler, olezip - that the Clintons love North Korea's regime:
During the Clinton era we never saw them more happy than when they visited a Communist country, like China. We are aghast at the size of their entourage and the cost to American taxpayers.

This form of government is attractive to the Clintons, Obama, and the Democrats. They love the control over the little people, like you.
dfwgator is now rooting for Russia and it's blatant cheating and against America in the Olympics because one of the American athletes is Muslim:
As if she is always on steroids or our swimmers are always clean.

At least she’s really a female. And doesn’t wear a Hijab.
At this late date, Pollard is still arguing that Obama's a sekret Muslim:
obama was the son of a muzzl'em, so that made him one, too. He's said he is now a Christian, so he needs to explain to America why he hasn't been killed. (I think we know, but a lot of other people don't.)

He’s just practicing Taqiyya.
himno hero explains that Obama is a genius - an evil Muslim genius!
Carter was innocently ignorant. Clinton was knowledgeable, but a part of the marxist muslim paradigm that gave us the muslim , BO and CIC who is VERY knowledgeable about islam and how to fight it’s battles.

He is such a great politician that he was able to harness America to fight for islam, use it’s resources to empower islam, to convert America internally, to weaken America to a violent insurrection from within, while weakening America for a future islamic assault.
Garth Tater - Hannity is dumb, but he knows enough to love Trump, so he's the best!
Hannity > Rush, Levin, Beck.

Yep. Leaving Beck out of it ('cuz he's insane) Hannity has the least intellectual firepower of the three but he gets it and the other two don't. We either get 100% behind Trump or we risk this country going down the tubes.

MUDDOG thinks allowing the debate schedule to go forward as planned is surrender:
It's usually taken for granted that major-party candidates will agree to the Commission on Presidential Debates' schedule

I.e., usually taken for granted that Repubs will surrender to the Dems.
LS is pretty sure all Trump's seeming gaffes have been well placed to make everyone think about how awful Hillary is...
Despite the way the drive-bys are trying to spin things, what have Trump’s “gaffes” got people talking about?

1) A Moslem shooter who killed people at a FL night club and his crazy dad.

2) Cankles’ desire to eradicate the 2nd Amendment

3) Zero and Cankles’ close association with the rise of ISIS

4) Clinton Foundation & E-mails

laplata is pinning hopes on Trump's ads, and some other Ace up his sleeve:
Trump is waiting for the right time to run ads. After the first week of Sept. and school starts,etc. when people start paying more attention. He sure has plenty to choose from.

And Trump probably has some good Aces up his sleeve.
WENDLE is already blaming his fellow Republicans:
All losses will be the fault of the turn coats. 15 MILLION people helped slaughter the opposition to the greatest American since George Washington, Donal John Trump. . If these sorry losers cost us this election they cost us this country forever, SCREW THEM!! We will NEVER FORGET!!
GilGil is just capering madly lost in delusion:
Priebus is finally getting on board. Just in time for the campaign. Good

By the Tim Labor Day comes they’ll all have had to accepted that Trump is it

Landslide! Baby! Landslide!
USS Alaska loves to strap on some guns, go into a black neighborhood and poll watch aaaal day:
I've been a poll watcher since 2000 and I never go to a school or anywhere that is a "Gun free zone". I go into the hood, but not without two of my little friends.

If it weren't for poll watching, I'd never even drive through the neighborhood that I sit in for 14-15 hours on election day.

Poll watching helps to keep the fraud to a minimum.
GrandJediMasterYoda saw some Clinton guys outside an polling place 20 years ago and has revised the history of the encounter thusly:
I grew up and lived in NYC until 5 years ago, and I know ALLLLLL about how the Clintons rig elections.

During the rapists 2nd election in the mid 1990s I got into a big fight with some Clinton goons who were intimidating people into voting for the rapist INSIDE the polling place, they actually had a table set up forcing “Vote for Bill Clinton” pamphlets into peoples hands while yelling out “Vote for Clinton” at people. I couldn’t freakin believe it, I tried to pull their table outside and flipped it over and then called the cops on them and had them removed.

These people are CRIMINALS and they will not stop at ANYTHING to win. And this was New York city which votes Democrat ANYWAY, so you can imagine what kind of garbage they would pull in the more conservative areas.
unsycophant explains Romney is the mastermind:
I am convinced Romney is still behind much of this & driving the anti-Trump derangement syndrome.

His fingerprints are all over it.

I think he’s got a personal vendetta against Trump. It’s really not about ideology. He’s just mad at Trump for embarrassing him. They all are.

Anyone who let Romney lose (advisers, senior officials, etc), is guilty of letting victory slip through their fingers.


  1. MAGA hat? Really? So to go with the olfactory assault that is the true meaning of "Trump" we now have a Nigerian crime boss hat.

    (A Maga is the guy who runs a team of lads from Lagos offering you trunks full of gold or Miriam Abacha's inheritance etc.)

  2. "Landslide! Baby! Landslide!"

    gilgil's not being delusional. there will be a landslide.

    1. haha, a broken clock is right twice a day.

    2. . . and, in spite of all your lying
      eyes tell you, of course, Hitler-y's
      gonna win by a LANDSLIDE.

      Yep. No need to worry. No need to
      vote. FATTY'S got it all wrapped up.


  3. I live in downtown Seattle and I don't honestly think anyone would give enough of a shit to do anything except roll their eyes.

    1. but but but ... sportutegirl couldn't play victim then !

    2. Frankly, living in AZ, I've never put on a sticker of political bent for fear of assholes.

      In other news, why would Romney have a vendetta against Trump? He's been persona non grata since losing the election.

      Final note: I can't imagine how terrifying it must be to live in the Freeper's world where the government is both incredibly inept and also incredibly corrupt. It both ges away with doing everything and also doesn't know what it's doing.

      It reminds me of people with dementia. One minute a caretaker maybe stealing from them the next minute, they're their best friend.
      But while I think certain Freepers are likely suffering from some short term memory loss, most just have an amazing ability to compartmentalize, in order to project.

    3. Tbh, the only clothing item I've ever gotten (friendly) shit for around here is my Carolina Panthers jersey.
      That being said political bumper stickers are p tacky anyway.