Monday, August 1, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. I

Lots of content this week - 4 Potpourris today, and I'm going to have to do 3 posts a day this week!

Shockingly, Dilbert San Diego found Obama's convention speech not very convincing, and anyone who disagrees is probably biased:
I didn’t like the speech. It was much more a summary of what he thinks are the highlights of his term of office, what’s he’s accomplished, and very little about Hillary.

Did this speech persuade any of the independent or undecided voters to vote for Hillary? I don’t think so.

The media praised the speech a lot. But remember, they are liberal, so view it through a liberal lens. But even they didn’t comment so much about how this would give Hillary a boost. It was all about him.
ilovesarah2012 will believe ISIS propaganda, if it makes Obama look bad:
ISIS claims U.S. warplane shot down, crew killed (Dismissed by Pentagon)

It’s bad when I believe ISIS over our government.
originalbuckeye is sure Putin isn't helping Trump because Democrats weak:
Hillary! Pretending that Putin would rather deal with Trimp than Hillary!. That’s rich. Considering that Obama has allowed Putin and Russia to walk all over the USA and our allies. 
Putin would MUCH RATHER have Hillary! To kick around, than have to deal with Trump!
virgil, on the other hand, thinks Putin might be helping Trump because even Putin can see Trump is awesome:
My guess is that Putin, like a lot of people, just doesn’t like Hillary or anybody connected with obama. Maybe Putin thinks Trump will be more straight up, and not such a snake in the grass.
Former Proud Canadian lists all three of America's allies under Trump:
The US will have some allies when Trump is elected. The anglosphere, as always, Hungary, Israel, Austria (after the election). There will be more.
Months after the Trump bloodening Grampa Dave is still into Freeper purges:
How many Zotted freepers were paid by Politico to post its Never Trump hits on Free Republic?
stonehouse01 reads a lot into Trump getting a convention bounce:
The means that major anti Trump propaganda outlets are in the process of losing their ability to successfully spin for the public against Trump and for Hillary.

This is very important to consider and devastating for the left.
Conservative Gato knows anyone who doesn't find Trump's resentment politics to be God shining throug is deceived by Satan:
The great deceiver has led 0bama, his followers, the democrat party, RINO’s, today’s liberals and progressives in to the dark and convinced them it is light.

That’s why when the light of our God given rights shines on them, like with our Trump movenment, they think it’s dark. It’s so sad to be them.
Ann Archy is adding Comey to her fan fiction:
How can someone with a handle like spiderpig be so mean and petty?
50/50 chance of another coughing fit or another seizure during her speech, symptoms of botox over-use.

100% chance of pander fest and bald-faced lying.100% chance of a screech fest bordering on making your ears bleed.

I would hate to be the one dialing in the right level of her anti-seizure meds and the rest of the pharmacy she is on to come off as an electable human being.
Joe 6-pack is pretty sure Hillary will soon kill again:
I’ll bet the leaker was a DNC insider sympathetic to the Bernster. He/She will be Vince Fostered once identified.
Trump Girl Kit Cat also with the Hillary kills people beat:
You REALLY believe Assange would trust Hillary’s word, NO WAY!!!! He knows damned good and well that if she gets him out he’s a dead man!!! He has the goods on her he will trust Trump over her ANY DAY!!!
Haha Gasshog yells impotently at the TV!
Watched last night’s hoping to be entertained but just ended up shouting my throat hoarse.

think I will sit tonight out & monitor the this thread
blueunicorn6 makes this lame swipe:
Paul Simon......

The fresh, young face of the Democrat Party!
kevslisababy is another woman who agrees with CivilWarBrewing's tagline of: (Females DESTROYED America.)
The majority of females will be voting with their vaginas come November, just as they did for 0dunga.

Campaign fraud, felonies, money-laundering, etc., is a bit too complex for these brain-dead females to comprehend or even care about. After all, their vaginas tell them to put a woman in the White House, not their brains.

I can say this because I am an intelligent woman; I agree 100% with your tag line. When women got the vote things started down hill for this nation. Too many of them vote based on feelings, not facts.
BudgieRamone loves to add a bit of paranoia to his worship:
I already carry at mass. And sit near a door that I can watch.
Instead of reading the recent legal opinion more or less proving that Republicans passed a law explicitly to keep blacks from voting, MadMax, the Grinning Reaper explains that some criminals move around a lot, which means voter fraud is definitely happening and they're all drug dealers!
I once helped chase a drug dealer through several addresses in one state (we had the phone numbers, addresses and names of his stash/safehouses, got them from people who knew him and who he had threatened to kill over something else). We chased him out of Virginia into Maryland and then had him captured back in VA. Extradited to Penn. for an outstanding jail-time warrant. Ended his career.

Did the same to another street punk who was moving from girlfriend to girlfriend and staying with them.

A lot of potential voters are essential housing vagrants, criminals on the run, etc. They have more fake ids then Carter had liver pills.

In the “hood”, lots of welfare cheat “baby daddies” move from woman to woman, but they can vote by providing evidence of living at one address (a paid gas bill will do).

How many illegals have ids that are valid for voting? Nobody has yet to answer this question.

How many older folk don’t have valid ids for voting? Of these, how many were able to get legitimate ids with the help of local officials? Nobody has given out the figures for this either.

Then, how many people were not able to get legitimate ids and for what reasons? I have yet to see any reliable figures, if any, on the extent of this problem.

Most of these judges are full of crap. Let’s see some evidence of proveable “discrimination”. Then we can correct it. So far, I haven’t see any example of this other than urban/suburban/rural claimed cases.

As the late Clara Peller would say, “Where’s the discrimination”? I would also ask, in balance, “where’s the fraud”?
 Oh, God, tell me this guy isn't a Virginia cop!


  1. I remember when FR would cite reputable sources in their craziness. Now it seems like they're just using random blogs and Canada Free Press (whatever that is) to 'legitimize' their viewpoint.

    I'm not sure when that started, but I don't think I'm wrong here.

    I saw one post where they attacked Khizr Khan and his wife. Someone posted a Walid Shoebat link attacking the man as Muslim Brotherhood.

    Walid Shoebat?! That guy is nuts.

    1. The shit with the Khans is bringing me to unhealthy levels of anger

    2. Apparently even the VFW are now too liberal for FR.

    3. I expect such vileness from Freepers.

      But watching people like Ryan and McConnel slap Trump on the wrist and still support him is really infuriating.

  2. Funny that Former Proud Canadian lists two countries who are in danger of or have already turned right-wing authoritarian with a helping of fasciscm. Or in Hungary's case Fasciscm with a helping of democracy.

  3. It's easy to not see discrimination when you're a white male who refuses to believe any accounts of it.