Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The true kind of sarcasm

Freepers were getting up a good head of steam about how Obama's evil plans to Muslimize the world being at last made public by Trump. And when Trump put the brakes on that, it really scattered them all which ways - some tried to spin Trump's reversal, some tried to lean in and call this another Trump masterstroke, some were disappointed with Trump, some just continued on with the Obama Muslims conspiracy theorizing, and some just changed the subject.

proust - could Trump be outplaying even reality itself?
7D Chess.
Just love the mental image PghBaldy paints:
I literally catapulted out of my recliner when I saw he said this.
Lisbon1940 - it was always sarcastic!
They are saying he backtracked. Nonsense. You can repeat a sarcastic comment multiple times.
Donglalinger must not watch the news, because Hillary was not the story this week...
For two full days the media screams Obama and Hillary founded ISIS,mission accomplished
ChinaGotTheGoodsOnClinton has his expert:
Rudy Giuliani whom I consider to be one of the foremost authorities on terrorism has called them this for quite some time.
Louis Foxwell is another who thinks constant reporting that Trump is saying crazy things is good news for Trump:
Has anyone noticed how Trump changed the topic of conversation among the MSM from, “Trump is inciting violence against Hillary” to “Trump says Obama and Hillary are cofounders of ISIS”?

Trump is in absolute control of the media, especially the NYT, Washington Post and LA Times.
joesbucks is another who loves Trump's double-speak and obvious dog-whistles:
It feeds his followers with his position while allowing him to walk back or muddy the water with others.
Wonder what this guy thinks of candidates who speak in Spanish occasionally?

wbarmy - it wasn't sarcasm, it was hyperbole!
Everybody uses hyperbole during their life and their conversations. Only conservatives and Christians are castigated viciously for anything they use hyperbole on, because then it is obvious they are lying.
Dr. Sivana - it wasn't sarcasm, it was a metaphor! Also some kind of old, super lame semantic grudge:
“Sarcasm” isn’t exactly the right word; I think it is closer to a metaphor. 
Of course, when I wrote a letter to the editor correcting a misstatement by the Hartford Courant regarding Independence Party candidate Tom Scott in 1994, the paper substituted my correct word, “calumniate”, and replaced it with “slander”. First, there was no need to change my exact word. Second, I was writing about a written piece, so libel would be a better word to use than slander, which applies to spoken lies. Even J. Jonah Jameson knows the difference.
grania - another who thinks Trump giving publicity to Freepish things makes Freepish things catch on:
Now, it has everyone figuring out whether it was GWB or Obama/hillary that created the vacuum that allowed ISIS to explode. The way this has evolved points out that the past 16 years (both branches of the globalist uniparty) have led us down the path to destruction.

Trump cannot be wily enough to know that this is what would be the path his comments would lead to, can he?
Taking the opposite view, dowcaet blames the media for Trump controlling the news cycle with negative news about Trump:
This is hilarious. It’s just further proof that the media is nothing more than the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party. Look how fast the Slimes took to call this a “controversy” yet Hillary is swimming in an ocean of corruption, but “nothing to see here” for those hard hitting investigative reporters at the Slimes.

I wonder if Trump laughs to himself how easy it is for him to run rings around this idiot media of ours. Now he has the media, the Dems, the hand wringers on our side, and the RINOS all bent out of shape again. Meanwhile, the American voter is seeing all this and some are thinking maybe Trump has a point. Exactly the reason he put that out there.
HKMk23 also thinks Trump's backtracking is a super clever move, because the American People love an unclear President:
Don’t miss the real beauty, here:

o - Trump’s claim that he was being sarcastic doesn’t erase what he said before; that still has liberals’ knickers in a twist.

o - The claim to sarcasm will doubtless be second-guessed, and those second guesses will, in turn, be second-guessed — “Wait. Was he really being sarcastic then, or is THIS the actual sarcasm, right here? Which way is up?”

Trump is partying rent-free in these peoples’ heads 24/7/365, causing them massive mental whiplash, and there’s no cabal more deserving of it.
After Palin, NFHale has no idea how Pyrrhic the 'rent free' thing has become, does he?
Rent Free, 24-7, inside their empty skulls...

It IS entertaining, isn’t it?
PJammers - all Muslims are the same, Obama works with some Muslims. Therefore, Obama works with ISIS because terrorism makes people love him - QED.
ISIS = Taliban = Al Queda = Mujahideen...ect,ect.

The simple fact of the matter is the government cultivates these organizations to terrorize in order to sway public opinion.

The British used Native Americans and Hessians in a similar manner prior and during the revolutionary war.

This is what is called “low intensity combat” and “we the people” are losing.
TexasCruzin is also one of the growing 'Trump's genius is that no one knows what Trump means' crowd:
Trump keeps the media guessing. Let them fill in the blanks. He still comes out ahead and Hillary is still ridiculed.
GilGil is still working on the Obama-ISIS desk:
Trump doing what he does best control the news cycle. I happen to agree with him. Obama is the founder of ISIS.
GilGil is, of course, doubling down and blames Obama for every death in the Middle East:
Obama is so cavalier about the carnage he has created. The carnage of tens of thousands of soldiers. the carnage of hundreds of thousands of civilians. He has gotten hundreds of thousands butchered, tortured and killed. This is very,very bad karma.
silverleaf seems disillusioned:
Why why why
Why the 4am tweets
silverleaf also thinks it was all true:
Not sarcasm
We had the psychopath AlQaeda-turned- ISIS leader Al- Baghdadi since 2005 and obama released him
The rest is history
nitzy - the word found has no meaning outside of a corporation, which means Obama founded everything in the Middle East!
How, exactly, does one “found” a terrorist organization?

Is there paperwork involved?
Do you need to form a 501c organization with the IRS?
Are there certain rules one needs to follow in order to legitimately claim to be a “founder” of a terrorist organization?

In the absence of these formal rules, would it be reasonable to say that the founder was the primary decision maker in removing the main obstacles to the group’s founding (U.S. troops in Iraq) AND providing the necessary startup capital and equipment (funding and arming the Syrian rebels)?
grey_whiskers prefers to change the subject to the IRS persecuting conservatives, and also the latest Avengers movie, I guess.
Just attempt to register with the IRS as a conservative PAC, and you will be put on the Barky Administration's Terror Watch List.

If, on the other hand, you are a bunch of Islamists, just contact the Clinton Globular Initiative, otherwise known by its code-name, "Hydra."

Ask for Medusa, and tell her you'd like to make a considerable donation (suggested minimum: $250,000 in small unmarked bills).
alloysteel has the whole power vacuum analysis, and then straps on the tin-foil:
I charge that the Current Regime is and has for some time now, been clandestinely supporting the efforts of ISIS, including importing their fifth column of agents both into this country and Europe, by letting in large numbers of “refugees” from Syria, which contained an undetermined number of active members of the ISIS fighting force.

None dare call it treason.
Also preferring to change the subject, maine-iac7 - "Benghazi!"
in Obama’s own words - he ‘trained ISIS’


gave them - made it possible - for ISIS to get 2,300 of our Humvees - all planned - AND the pickup trucks AND ‘accidentally” dropping massive amount of munitions in the wrong place - the hands of ISIS .


After double crossed some of the ‘rebels’ tghey attacked Benghazi - When she found out, did she make the decsion to demand all sides ‘STAND DOWN’ - deciding if those people -over 80 of them - all died- they couldn’t tell about the ‘movement of weapons’ - Hillary’s gun running...

Some brave men finally realized no help was likely so they overrode the stand-down order - and they saved all lives but 4 - with the HELP of former troops of Qaddafi, who came and got the people out -



  1. Freepers do love attributing super-human abilities to our politicians.
    They really do believe that every four years, we elect a new absolute monarch for the United States.

    1. They also seem to believe the current President is capable of time-travel.

    2. Because Hussein Obama was the "First
      Sorta Black President"; he has been
      allowed to just about be an absolute

      Ya'll ain't seen nothing yet until
      ya'll observe Queen Hitler-y upon her
      throne IF she manages to wangle enough
      voter fraud to SEIZE her throne.

      TRUMP is not superhuman. Neither is
      CLINTON. They are mortals &, as such,
      destined to be disappointments.

      Of course, as you know, I look for the
      imminent Rapture of the Church of
      Yeshua Ha Maschiach so that we may be
      prepared to return with him to this
      devastated earth for his Millenial
      Reign. I have not rode a horse for
      many years; so if we are to return
      with Him on white horses, I'll have
      to get in practice again.

      I'm 70 and on my way out the door
      when the Lord calls & my time is up.
      None of us knows when our time will
      be done.

      My Bible reading for today was about
      King Nebucadnezzar & his little foray
      into losing his mind for a brief time
      and learning a big lesson about his
      true importance in the scheme of

      Ya'll sure do think you've got
      "Freepers" figured out! I doubt it;
      and it's not all that important in
      the scheme of things anyway.

      My tagline on FR is John 3:16. It
      says it all.

      FANG is being somewhat unruly and
      I'm tired of some of his hoo-haw.

      I think ya'll are probably being
      somewhat unruly, too, but I can't
      control ya'll any more than I can
      control FANG. He had a helper today
      on the place and slavedrove that boy
      like he used to slavedrive FANG, JR.

      Well, the boy is going off to the
      Marines; so he is getting a good
      preview of what it's like to be
      under the basic training of a drill

      It's hot as heckfire here. I just
      took the compost bucket out to the
      compost pile & it was not a lot of
      fun. Some sort of flies had laid eggs
      in the compost bucket & they had
      hatched into little larvae that are
      just before becoming full-fledged
      flies of some sort. I try to rake
      them off into the compost bin; but it
      is not easy.

      Sigh. Wimmin has it HARD! Just ask


    3. Well yes, TWINKIE, I DO have freepers all figured out, and you prove me right practically every day on here.

      As for your compost problems ...
      I suggest a specific type of fly trap called a "stink bag" (and no, I'm not talking about your moo-moo).

      It is a plastic bag with a funnel in the top. The bag has some chemical powder in it at first. After you hang the bag, you fill up the bag with water half way.

      The chemicals then start giving off an rotten fish odor that attracts flies ...
      they go down the funnel and can't get back out.

      It is ideal for compost piles or garbage can areas that are rather stinky anyway.

      You can get one at Home Depot or any store like that. It costs about $5-6 but is worth it.

    4. Thanks. FANG & I have been messing
      around with a compost pile for 30
      yrs. He has bought all sorts of
      plastic bins over the years; and
      now the one we have breaks down
      pretty quickly and doesn't stink.
      Even the compost pot we keep in the
      kitchen is OK. (For a long time, I
      just used an empty milk jug that had
      been operated on and the handle
      left on it.) That was ugly.

      FANG ordered me an ice bucket with
      a lid and that's better. In summer,
      the fly larvae is sort of yukky; but
      flies gotta live, too.

      I need a new moo-moo. I've washed
      the ones I have until they're just

      I checked in Vermont Country Store;
      but the ones they had were sort of
      pricey for what FANG thinks they
      should cost. The one I'm wearing
      now came from VCS and I got four
      from Blair catalog that were real
      inexpensive - $15 each several
      years ago. I cannot stand tight
      clothes nor underwear. I do put on
      unmentionables when I'm going out
      or someone is coming over, because
      I don't like to sashay around
      indecent! So, you see, I'm not like
      a lot of Freepers that ya'll talk
      about on here.

      Oh, and I also don't want to trap
      anything where it can't get out.
      God created them just like He did me;
      and I don't think He wants me to
      trap anything.

      Powdered Borax works pretty well
      as a deodorizer in garbage cans.

      FANG cooked frozen sausage patties
      tonight for supper; and opened a
      can of biscuits. I used to make
      biscuits; but not much any more.

      Do any other Freepers come over
      here on FM and pick on ya'll?

      If not, they should. - Has HANNIE
      been back on here aggravating ya'll
      any more?

      FANG won't be. He's too busy selling
      stuff on Ebay.

      Well, eat supper and stop the
      dieting that ya'll do all the time.
      No one cares if ya'll get fat!


    5. Why can't you figure out where the apostrophe in Y'all goes?

    6. Why can't you figure out where the apostrophe in Y'all goes?

    7. She's used to calling us you'uns. Unless this is an imposter - or the you'uns one is the imposter!

      We're through the looking glass people. Watch out for the reverse vampires in your compost heap, Twinkie!

  2. with crank "statistician" dean chambers thus far sitting out the race, freepers have been left to unskew for themselves ...

    "Relax About the Polls"
    by PJ-Comix

    "For those of you worried about the polls, I have one word---RELAX. First of all this is August so the polls can say anything they want plus many people are still not focused on the upcoming election. For that reason I automatically take whatever the polls say and conservatively deduct 3 points from Hillary and give 3 points to Trump.

    In addition there is what is called the Shy Voter Effect. Those many voters shy of being ID'd as Trump supporters. I also call this the Reverse Bradley. Again, another 3 from Hillary and 3 to Trump.

    Therefore if a poll shows Hillary leading by 10, I deduct 6 from Hillary and reward 6 to Trump with the net result that he leads by 2.

    As final confirmation that the polls are complete BS, I give you the current NBC poll that shows that only 17% of all voters think Trump has the temperament to be president. And if you believe that then perhaps you should panic. Not over the what the polls say but over your own extreme gullibility."

    1. The "Shy Tory" effect is the only thing that would get me worried. I have no doubt there are voters who support Trumps views on things, but would never voice those views themselves.

      That being said, I don't think there are anywhere near enough of them to push Trump over 270.

    2. They still have longroom.com, if it ever comes back online.

    3. Trump loved the polls when he was leading in the primaries.

      But the whole premise is ludicrous anyway ...
      that, for decades, the major polling organizations have been putting out bad information?
      Noooo, they are in business to make money, which requires their results to be pretty close to the final tally.

  3. Sarcasm
    That's where you say something but it's ok, right?