Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hillary's Diapers

For whatever reason, Wikileaks has pretty quickly slid down the road to Freeper level Madness. First it was promising anti-Hillary scoops that never materialized, then posting anti-Hillary cartoons, then calling for Hillary to be jailed, and now it's full on tin-foil stuff including ole Vince Foster.

Including taking the fact that someone at the DNC once searched for adult diapers and deciding it could only mean one thing.

Well, this broke the brain of Freeper 2harddrive who has been spamming every thread he sees with off topic pleas to get the word out. Check out his posting history to see his obsession.

This Hillary health thing has a lot of Freepers pretty excited. It's got the Internet sleuths scrutinizing her every photo, it's got the death wishers' hopes up, it's another bullet on the list of 'Hillary lies,' and it's got more than a whiff of pettiness as well, which brings all the Freepers to the yard.

2harddrive knows the occasional CAPS always help you look SANE:
WHY does Drudge NOT carry the Wikileaks news about Hillary Clinton wearing DIAPERS? That was 3 days ago! Especially since Julian Assange's TOP lawyer was murdered 2 days later? To send a MESSAGE to Julian, perhaps?
ground_fog knows when you add conspiracies together you get a narrative:
she has a catheter patch on her leg it was just exposed too..the old bitch is falling apart..not healthy enough to be working in a toll booth much less the Presidency
I don't think Cats Pajamas is taking this seriously enough:
What is that protruding from her stomach? .

She eted a baaaby.
UnBubba starts with what I thought was a joke, but then makes it dark:
I heard Hillary wakes up three times a night.

Twice to pee.

Once to change her diapers.

P.S.; My late friend had the same problem.
Daffynition posts a pic of Hillary with a shit-stain on her butt. A bunch of Freepers believe it; she doesn't give a damn when it's debunked.
You do know that image is a photo shop right?

Here is the real one that was taken in 1996.

Congrats. You found the missing linx. Pffft.
MarMema has a whole new theory!
insulin pump?
Catheter, diapers AND an insulin pump? Wow, news just keeps getting worse for Hillary!

AnthonySoprano wants to point out the serious issue of Hillary's secretly narrow shoulders:
I work with lots of women that age, but none exclusively wear pant suits.

And the Mao jackets have HUGE oversize shoulders. She was snapped on some trip and her shoulders aren’t much wider than her head. She has narrow shoulders.

The media likes to put up stock photos of her during stories, and they show her 10 years ago. That’s purposeful.
jazminerose argues that this is totally an important issue that Hillary's medical records do not clear up somehow:
Anything to do with her health is a legitimate issue.

And don’t think our enemies wouldn’t jump on
the opportunity to embarrass the US.

Bowel or bladder incontinence are symptoms about which we have the right to know.
caww is amused that some are indulging in some wilful ignorance of the publicized fact that Hillary has briefly left the the campaign trail to do some fundraisers:
"Where's Hillary" hashtag still ongoing....folks reporting their last sighting...LOLOL
I guess having never seen Trump, ZagFan is pretty sure 'Hillary fat' is the message that will catch fire with the American People:
If you want to focus on Hillary’s health I would focus on her bring overweight, something that’s obvious from photos.

Ask the question, “Is Hillary Clinton OBESE?” Most people would understand this and it’s not complicated like all of these other suspicions. When greeting Biden the other day on the tarmac her thighs looked huge and a spare tire was evident.

Emphasize that she wouldn’t pass Michelle Obama’s fitness test.

Heck, Michelle wouldn’t even pass her own test. Her butt looks huge lately and her toned arms look flabby.


  1. President Donald John Trump
    President of the United States of America

    1. ...and then you woke up.


    3. I imagine it has got to be really upsetting to know that even when terrible things come out about Clinton, that she's still grossly favored to win the election.

    4. President WRINKLIE J STINKIE
      President of the WRINKLEBAG CLUB OF AMERICA (aka FreeRepublic)

    5. Juvenile Delinquent.
      President Ay-nony-nony Nony.
      You've got a better chance than
      does HITLER-Y CLINTOON & THE Dozer
      King; can't stay awake for Hitler-y's


      TWINKIE KING (I'll wager fewer
      "wrinkles" than YOU have!)


      You got one thing right; Hitler-y IS

  2. DIAPERS are an issue of major importance to many Freepers for obvious reasons.