Monday, August 22, 2016

Credit where credit is due. HarleyLady27 isn't just a lunatic cheerleader from the sidelines, she has been working on the Trump campaign:
OH I am the WRONG person to say not to get overly excited about Trump...

You don’t know what I know, you don’t work on the campaign like I do, you have NO idea the work I put into the Trump you don’t know how rewarding it is to work to make him our next hear him talk, to see how he appreciates all of US that volunteer for him, he is one of the nicest people I can say I have been around...

Have I met him in person, NO I haven’t but he lets all of us know in emails, cards, and other ways of his appreciation...

Hillary is done, you can stick a fork in her...’and another one bit the dust’...
And after that, HarleyLady27 continues to groove on Queen:
...and another one bit the dust...

Hillary is done, she is just going through the motions, there is NO ONE else they can put in and run and get anywhere the support they need to beat the Trump/Pence ticket...

You look at those rallies that Trump/Pence have, that is America people, that’s who is running this election and the Army of Trump/Pence are going to win!!!
Man that's good Kool aide! When you are so sure you're sure everyone else is just as sure...

CincyRichieRich would like to speak for black people everywhere and endorse Trump:
Donald J. Trump Remarks on Creating a New and Better Future for America’s Inner Cities 
Tremendous. That left a mark.
Likely this will keep him at the top.
Red Badger is sure Hillary is panicking:
Meanwhile, Team H! is spending cash like there’s no tomorrow!

In places like California and New York!

They must be near panic!

She can’t fill a HS gymnasium even with the students there and Trump’s filling convention centers to overflow capacity with people waiting in lines for hours!

Trump is saving the cash until 4th quarter for the final knockout blow!......
Da Coyote recalls a Military that would have mutinied against Hillary:
Any, that is in ANY, military person supporting Hillary has demonstrated 1) complete lack of intellectual ability to read, 2) no judgement, and 3) very shaky trustability.

These types will be first to obey the wench should she try to turn the military on us.

Glad I am retired now, because I would not and could not give any person who supported that “thing” a high efficiency report.
Maybe from like World War I, PROCON recalls a military that would have shot all the angry blacks:
When I was serving this Country, this anti-American anarchy would be dealt with swiftly, promptly and with extreme prejudice.
Bringbackthedraft was a petty bastard even in the 1990s:
I wanted to retire in 1992 but left 6 months early in 1991 so my retirement certificate would be signed by George HW Bush and not the draft-dodging, military-hating Bill Clinton. Knew a lot of guys that did the exact same thing.

my retirement certificate would be signed by George HW Bush and not the draft-dodging, military-hating Bill Clinton. Knew a lot of guys that did the exact same thing. 
............................ LOL, I squeaked through 10/29/92 about a week before Clinton was elected. Thank God! It could have been worse, Obama. Poor Ba$tard$, those guys who retire if Hillary is elected. (then again, Hillary wanted to be a Marine, she wouldn’t lie about that, would she?)
Made In The USA not only knows what's in Trump's top secret briefings. He's also telepathic!
I bet Trump is reading the briefings and thinking:

1) Holy cow was I right about what is going on in the world.

2) My gosh what a clusterF Obama will leave me.

3) I better win this election, and we need to act fast in January 2017.
FreeAtlanta is so paranoid he distrusts Trump's national security briefings...because Romney screwed up Benghazi:
He needs to be careful. I believe this is the trap Obama’s snakes used to shut Romney down, in particular on Benghazi.

I think he was given a phony briefing on going operations and a nondisclosure agreement that limited things he could say.

It is almost better to turn down these briefings until after the election.
NorthMountain declares it's time!
It’s time for our society to address some honest and very difficult truths. The Democrat Party has failed and betrayed the African American community.
Caitlyn Jenner may be conservative, but little jeremiah isn't having it!
And he isn’t a she - he’s an “it.”

He nauseates any sane human being.
onyx is all about Hillary being fat and unhealthy:
Thick thighs, fat ass and she can't maintain her balance.

The old cow has poor eyesight and she's almost totally out of shape.

Couple that with her alcoholism and she's a basket case. We already know about her temper...LOL.
hardspunned remembers who else couldn't be President:
Geez, like watching old newsreels of FDR, always leaning or hanging on to something.
Snowybear is keeping the economy going:
My wife is getting a pistol soon and I’m applying for my LTC, otherwise we are well stocked and still gathering. Got another .50 can to fill.
Trump Girl Kit Cat loves how Trump has fractured the GOP - more purity is more better!
WE ALL owe Trump a YUGE debt of gratitude for flushing these BASTARDS out into the open !!!! WE now know WHY these so called republicans worked for the Obammie agenda they have BEEN DEMS all along!!!!
There was some dumb Twitter drama about Ellen. ErikJohnsky uncorks a new nickname for liberals:
amazing how liberals are slowly in the process of eating their own, but funny as hell to watch. 
Still tho, liberal homofaggots really need to learn to shut up already. That I'd siding with Ellen DykeGeneres is an example of politics making strange bedfellows.
Now that he joined up with Trump, Georgia Girl 2 is pretty sure Roger Ailes did nothing wrong:
Yes Murdoch’s two cubs were always going to get rid of Ailes. The sexual harassment was just an excuse.
mrs9x is pretty sure the fact that Trump hasn't dropped out yet is a victory for Trump:
Commence the carpet bombing of ads. Hillary and MSM tried to take Trump out this month. The problem is that Trump has withstood the attack and has a massive warchest to spend over the last 60 days. This is going to be fun.
Right-wing Librarian reads a lot into media phrasing:
I love the line “tries to find consistent footing.” Have they watched how Hillary falls and stumbles around?

Propaganda is a science and an art which the MSM has been honing for years. Their profession is PROPAGANDIST.

Their choice of words is very deliberate. It is meant to expose the slightly-focused reader/listener to these words “tries to find consistent footing” and associate them with Donald Trump.

Trump struggling to find footing = Trump = unstable.

This is one tool they use to brainwash the citizenry. Make no mistake.
Ouderkirk hates how the media doesn't confirm his own paranoid delusions about the hellscape we live in:
I think we shoudl change their name from the Drive-By Media, etc. to the Gaslight Media.

They are gaslighting us every day on everything we see from them. Islam, gays, black crime, Hillary’s crimes, Israel, everything. The entire world as we know it.


  1. "You don’t know what I know, you don’t work on the campaign like I do, you have NO idea the work I put into the Trump campaign..."

    This is funny.

    There's no way she has any value to the campaign other than volunteer.

    Besides the fact that she's in Utah with little to no electoral value (except that it's in play and could be lost to Hillary), the idea that anyone would give this lady any kind of internal campaign information is laughable...that includes the Trump campaign with its history of mismanagement.

    She does one of two things: she makes campaign contact calls or (less likely considering her mental illness) she makes contact door-to-door.

    She's probably one of those morons we had to deal with who bother you all day long asking if you listened to today's episode of Limbaugh and proceeds to tell you about it when you admit you haven't.

    1. I doubt she's even a volunteer ...

      That she's an "insider", and that Trump is sending her thank you notes, is all a part of a delusional fantasy.

      And I'm sure her fantasy extends to imagining Trump sending her flowers and candy and proposals of marriage.

    2. I'm trying to give her the benefit of the doubt, but something tells me you're right.

      She probably THINKS she's "in the know" because she reads Breitbart comment section. I can't think of any situation where she'd have information on what lunch the Utah management would have much less anything more comprehensive.

  2. Harleylady's online dating profile:

    1. Interesting co-incidence, but I do not think that is FR's HarleyLady27.
      1) From Michigan, not Utah.
      2) 34yo, not 70+.

  3. Right-wing Librarian congratulates himself a bit much just for teasing out the literal meaning of the phrase “tries to find consistent footing”.

  4. I like how the RED ***WHITE** AND BLUE AMERICAN PATRIOT MILITARY HERO CONSTITUTION LOVERS don't realize that Clinton didn't become President until January 1993. They could have waited two more months and still been signed onto the retiree dole under GHWB.