Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The return of Civil War II

Twas a time Freepers crowed that Trump saved the Republic by preventing Freepers from having to enact their badass Civil War 2 plan that they were only holding back on because of all the restraint Jesus gave them.

That time seems to be at an end. I remain concerned Trump could pull out an unlikely comeback - the American People can be fickle and do like an underdog. But it's not looking good, and all but the Harleygirls are at least sensing it.

Thus, they have turned to preemptive cries of election fraud, and along with that, threats of what they will do when Trump loses. And by 'they' I mean the silent majority (and/or reddit!!), not actual Freepers, of course - their powder is ever dry!

Biggirl, she of revolt is coming, is all over this thread:
If this upcoming election is stolen, mark my words, there will be a movement or new revolution, but it WILL NOT BE PEACEFUL.
Biggirl has taken to posting that the election will be stolen all over Freep, maybe not realizing what it says about her expectations about the result:
The only way she could win is via VOTER FRAUD.
DarthVader has a prediction, not a hope:
There will be a coup or a civil war.
little jeremiah's worldview is that liberals were always purely evil, but only Trump has been purely good:
Every 4 years we say “this is the most important election of our lives” and it wasn’t so, but I truly feel that this is the one we MUST win. And We The People have spoken. Trump was not my guy but he is now.

Just the Court pick and/or picks...that alone could put us under for decades.

The only reason the last two were important was because of 0bunghole, I grabbed barf bag in one hand and pen in the other to vote for McInsane and Romneypuke; I almost couldnt’ force myself to vote for Romnney but did.

This time, it’s black and white, not black and medium darkish grey.

SCOTUS picks, absolutely.

Hitlery is sheer freaking evil.
GilGil is talk tough on the Internet!
Honestly, I’m no prayer warrior. But over and over I keep ending up at wanting all of us to...PRAY. We really are surrounded, by children of the Devil giddily doing their Papa’s will!

Surrounded. This is when things get really exciting for believers. God’s power is made perfect through weakness. (I’m totally for self defense, not talking about that.)

The time for prayer is over. It is time to pass the ammunition.
DiogenesLamp is one of the subset of Freepers who wants to kill 'the media.'
The media is a weapon, and it has been killing us. We need to destroy those people who man that weapon and take that weapon away from them.

We should have been suing them. We should have been prosecuting them. We should have been physically assaulting them. We should have been bringing every force of government and every might in the private sector to bear on the goal of their destruction.

The media needs to be hammered into a bloody paste for what they have already done, and our future will require that they be wiped out as a force, one way or the other.
Having not studied our nation's Constitution, Uncle Sham already has it all figured out:
I would propose the death sentence for journalists who can be proved to have knowingly spread lies as the truth. You lie, you die.
Electric Graffiti goes with a more mainstream rightwing enemy to fantasize about killing:
You lie, you die.

I like that. Lets not forget about the judges....”You legislate from the bench, you die.”
DiogenesLamp is all on board for the judge lynching project:
I have long felt that the country desperately needs a bunch of judges to be hung from lampposts and left out for the public to see until their carcasses stink so badly that they need to be removed.

Modern judges have become literal dictators, and we should do to them what the United States has always done with Dictators.
Oy, when Hildy is the voice of sanity...
I am in politics and I am a realist. Most things you can’t control. The ONLY thing anyone can control is their own behavior and reactions. We will do our part. He needs to do his. I am a Trump supporter, I was at the convention, I voted for him and support him. But he needs to stop getting into every personal fight and I don’t think that is asking too much.
Billthedrill explains that it won't be the election, but when Hillary does things that will trigger the revolution:
It won’t be the stealing of the election that sets off the violence but what Hillary does in order to consolidate her power, including illegal executive actions in foreign policy, gun control, and the repopulation of the Supreme Court with ideological sympathizers.

Were she elected legally those would all be hard enough to swallow; enacted after an electoral fraud would be a declaration of a lawless, open war. She’s quite up to that, since it’s what she did in Libya, Egypt, and Syria.
fwdude consistently laments how America doesn't do bloody revolts these days:
There have been plenty of obviously stolen elections, without much of a whimper at all.

That needs to change, but probably won’t.
MIA_eccl1212 is similarly sad Americans value peace and safety. Also, when has a government EVER lived in terror of it's people and it's ended well?
The founding fathers were not speaking allegorically when they stated that liberty is preserved like a tree with the blood of patriot revolutionaries.
Our peace and safety culture does not have the stomach for what it takes to maintain liberty.

Our government is not afraid of the people!
The government should be terrified of its people for that is the basis of maintaining freedom and liberty. Right now our government is afraid of running out of people to dominate and control through fear.
silverleaf thinks Obama has a sinister plan:
Obama has issued a veiled but public threat to not let trump be elected and is making his case to the international community
Id say the odds went up that he and the GOP have a plan to act before an election
Admitted psycho Mr. Douglas would kill, except Jesus. But not all have the Jesus...
I get really irritated at what Obama and the political crooks out there are doing to us, but I am restrained by Christ. I know his plan wins. But there are a lot of folks that see it, feel the same way, but do not have that restraint.

They are creating a lot of Timothy McVeighs
Biggirl is just using more words to say "Revolt is coming."
It will happen, not the day after or a week after that stolen election, but mark my words, it will happen.
riri thinks some young angry white guy will be the fascist Trump could never be:
A lot of young disparate and, soon to be, desperate white men are getting red pilled, watching Trump and how it can be done.

The right one is going to put the pieces together and emerge as their worst nightmare.

I just hope it's sooner rather than later.

The only silver lining, Trump doesn't have enough fire in the belly to do ultimately what is going to need to be done.

If you can call that a silver lining. All this was preventable. The neverTrump, the cucked boomers (but I repeat myself) and the cowards own this mess.
Pollard also outsources the revolution to reddit:
There’s a lot of young people, first time voters who are pro Trump and don’t have a life time of accomplishments to lose and aren’t quite as conservative/passive as historical Republican voters. All you have to do is look at reddit/r/the_Donald to see them.

If the election gets stolen by fraud, I think they may go out and start smashing things and when they start getting cut down, that may wake up the slightly older ones and then indeed, all hell could break loose.

All of us know that this time really is the last stand. If hillary gets in, it will be teotwawki. Smoke em if ya got em will apply to guns instead of cigarettes.
papertyger explains that the time has totally come to kill innocent people:
It’s not a big thing to want your President not to attack private citizens. You just don’t do it.

You do when that private citizen is acting as a human shield for your enemies.

We had people attacking Hillary at the convention. You don’t see her going after them.

Sure she does. She just uses media proxies that we don't have to do it, and everyone knows that.

The only thing Americans hate more than dirty tricks is someone who flaccidly surrenders to those dirty tricks.
wbill is why Freepers will always keep their powder dry, waiting for the government to start the blatant slaughter they're always sure Obama/Hillary is about to enact:
We won’t start the shooting. She will.

Right in one.

Dems move in herds and are easily manipulated.


  1. Haha, Trump has brought on Breitbart to "run" his campaign.

    Man, could this election get anymore crazy?

    1. He's moving far too many chess pieces.

      Less than three months until the General and he's shaking up his management team again?

      You don't do this when things are going swimmingly. He's really grasping at straws.

      Trump also got routed in swing state ad buys. Hillary spent tens of millions in swing states and there's nothing left for Trump to purchase! Air time is a finite resource with only so many commercial spots available. Hillary got them all!

      This along with the controversial statements and poor polling are some really big problems for Trump 2016.

    2. I keep going back and forth on if Trump is just trying to set himself up for after the loss and bilk his supporters for money (Fox News 2.0 or similar) or if he really is this delusional as to how to win a national campaign.

      So far the Trump campaign looks like the German General Staff of WW2. A bunch of guys trying to corral crazy and get their leader to act on the world as it is, not how he thinks it should be.

      Either way the Republican party leadership is just absolutely puzzling me. I would think they would have a better feel as to keeping themselves politically alive after all this. They seem to think they can just walk away from this epic train wreck and carry on as if Trump never happened.

      Even if people forgive them for nominating Trump, they still have problems. If Trump could push them aside, why not someone else in future elections?

    3. The RNC have the:

      "THIS is what happens when you hayseeds think you know better than us!"

      ... narrative to fall back on. What they need to remain relevant is a crushing defeat against the worst Dem candidate in living memory. That way they can discredit the concept of an "outsider" and get back to business as usual nominating another McCain/Romney/Jeb next time around.

      Clinton hate will do the rest. Rubio or Kasich would be burying her by now. Pretty much anyone would other than the theocratic lunatic from Texas.

  2. Favorite thing rn is how they've collectively convinced each other that H Clinton is terminally ill with brain cancer or something. There is no non crank blog evidence to back this up, they've just hive minded this made up idea into gospel truth lol.

  3. Going back to the issue of polling, I've always felt that you really need to look at internals when they're either really close or really far apart...but in the case of this race- when even Rasmussen has Hillary ahead- I think internals aren't as important as ALL the polls showing a lead of no less than 6 points.

    I need to look at LA Times/USC internals since they have Hillary up by only 1 which seems to be an outlier.

    FReepers love throwing the MOE around like they understand it. An MOE of 6% shows that there's a 94% chance that the results will fall along a normal distribution curve...that's all that means! They seem to think that means they can add/subtract 6 points to a total and have an outcome they like...but it would be more accurate to say there's a 94% chance that the result will be as the pollster predicted. They never say that.

    1. Yeah, I took statistics too asshole.

      What you are missing is the 100% certainty that the US fucking military isn't taking any fucking orders from that evil bitch in a pantsuit.

      You communist faggots have no idea whats around the bend.

    2. I have a bit more faith in the professionalism of our troops than you do, I guess!

      But then I'm straight and like capitalism, so maybe I'm not who you were talking to.

    3. Actually, I have a very good idea what's around the bend. A lot of Freeper tears to begin with, followed by four to eight years of bitching and wishing for Civil War II. Not that they'll do anything about it, mind you. Much like the previous eight years.

  4. I wonder when it will be that Freepers realize they don't represent the opinions of the majority, but a tiny fringe of disgruntled extremists whose numbers are shrinking every day.

    1. Why would they do that? The groundwork for the tinfoil conspiracy theories is well under way already.

      If the country doesn't Trump hard enough to win the election that simply means it was rigged by NWO/Soros/Lizard People. Occam's Razor. Your suggestion is not needed to explain the "facts" ;)

    2. Well, reality does sometimes come crashing down around their ears (see the 2012 election). This time they have no excuse. They never thought Trump was a RINO.

    3. If he loses he was BETRAYED by RINOs

    4. @euph: The "reality" of 2012 was that a RINO lost because Freepers weren't wholly behind him. This time they're all in! HardlyALady is Trumping so hard they can smell it in Reykjavik.

      If ambivalent Freepers (Romney) results in a loss then it is obvious that enthusiastic Freepers MUST result in a win! The logic is unassailable so an illogical result must be fraudulent. Q.E.D.

    5. Still, they were pretty invested in a Romney landslide. When the reverse happened, they were shocked and inconsolable.

    6. The 90 day Chicago Board of Trade spot price on Freeper Tears is way down. A massive over supply is expected in early November, and there's no sign of any production slowdown

    7. I don’t like... hoping, I guess, for this? But I would put my money behind FP dissolving upon JimRob's death and his health is questionable.

      I don't consider FP to be a real threat to all reasonable people (and it's lost plenty influence it used to have), but it still acts as a proving ground for conspiracyish BS that the likes of Breitbart and Hannity pull their BS. So, I won't weep at it's end. Hilarity aside, of course.

  5. NASA says last month was the hottest in Earth's recorded history:

    Freeper responses range from accusing NASA of date manipulation to a 900-point font "Yawn" from treetopsandroofs

  6. i have a feeling 2020 will become the most important election of their lives.

    1. Given the age of the average freeper it might be the last one.

    2. Freepers haven't conceded 2016 yet, but everyone else has except for a few holdouts.

      They cling desperately to the idea that this is all a huge conspiracy where people will be willing to sacrifice their careers and future livelihoods just to show Clinton more favorable than Trump. And they think the only thing that hurts Trump is voter fraud...which is almost nonexistent according to a (nonpartisan) Brennan Center for Justice report.

      And of course they have proof of this conspiracy: record crowds at Trump rallies!

      Of course a vast majority of people who vote have never once attended a rally, but that's besides the point.

    3. I don't think 2016 is wrapped up yet, though I am a political pessimist.

      Most of Trump's problems are internal, which means if Trump can get over himself, the country might begin to warm to him again - I don't think his being unPresidential is as baked in as Hillary being dishonest.

      Not likely by any means, but not as much of a lock as if there were a (by now) independent external factor keeping him down, like Hillary has.

    4. That's the problem Oz! Trump CAN'T 'get over himself'.

      We've seen this whole 'stick to the teleprompter' thing before earlier in the campaign- about a month or two ago. Trump's numbers went up in (I believe) mid-May because he stuck to the script. Then Hillary made fun of him for a few things, of which now I can't remember, and he flipped out and started going off script. What happened? His numbers dropped again!

      The guy can't seem to help himself. If a bulldog like Lewendowski or Manafort can't keep the guy under control, how is the dude that leads Breitbart going to do it?

  7. Civil War II: Part III: The Return of the Return

    1. Civil War II: Quadrennial edition.

  8. Fucking psychopaths. Eventually one of these assholes will get so excited from the civil war posts they'll switch to being a democrat and shoot up a refugee welcoming party, or political rally, or whatever thing these assholes think are persecuting them.

  9. We had a welcoming party because our town is bringing in Syrian refugees. A bunch of backwater assholes from Northern Idaho showed up to protest it, half of them open carrying guns. This isn't Idaho, this is Montana. What happened to state's rights assholes?
    If you switched everyone of them out with a Syrian refugee, the average Idaho IQ might finally compete with a potato.

  10. Hey, whatever happened to Twinkie/Aunt Hannie (?) And, while we're on the topic, what the hell was up with the multiple alter-ego thing?

    1. I didn't really understand what was with that whole multiple personality thing either.

      That was very bizarre to me.

    2. It would make a decent Fight Club style political satire. In fact, I hope it was all a young scrappy writer testing out their own characters for a modern Wag The Dog. Hmm. Cine to think of it, if I had any inside ties to Hollywood producers, it's high time there's a movie about an internet troll who loses themselves to their character (s).

    3. I've toyed with the idea of writing a story about all of these characters, changing their names, and then showing vignettes of what their actual day-to-day lives are like outside of their perpetual chatroom twilight existence. Need to come up with a working title.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.