Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Return of the Clinton Death List

Perhaps sensing the ridiculousness of their past performance, Freepers have been largely confining their Clinton conspiracies to financial shenanigans this election.

Post-convention, though, that seems to be changing, as political utility gives way to the tribal need to demonize. Freepers are now once again at the point that the deaths of anyone at all associated either with liberal or conservative politics is suspicious, if not clear evidence of Arkancide.

Thus when a holocaust denier who also wrote some Clinton conspiracy books back in the day killed himself, he's suddenly a saint and Hillary was seen fleeing from the scene.

TexasFreeper2009 knows it's time to begin the confirmation bias again!
The trail of dead bodies starts again behind the Clintons.
HomerBohn clearly didn't read up on this guy:
A good and honorable man.

Now put a crack team on this murder, get the body examined by a competent ME. Don’t let this one fall through the cracks.

The murdering Klinton duo may have struck again!
HomerBohn follows up explaining that who this guy was doesn't really matter to him. Also he moves from 'may have' to 'totally murdered.'
“A good and honorable man.”
Anti semite who blamed the Joooos for 9\11
I wanted to say something nice about the murdered man who wrote nasty things about the Clintons.
Talisker needs no evidence!
If, in fact, Thorn was taken out by the Clintons...

Honorary Serb, doin his knee-jerk Honorary Serb thing:
May Victor Thorn’s Memory be Eternal!!!!

54 is way too young to die!

lee martell wonders what he was doing that made the Clintons kill him now:
He wrote an entire Trilogy about the Clintons?
He must have been on their *Hit list for quite some time, and some recent development tipped the scales against his fate.

No wonder Hillary likes to drink hard liquor so much. Drink to forget.
Nita Nupress explains that the important thing is the conspiracy, not this guy's background:
I don't care if he took trips to pedophile island with Bill. If he was arkancided, someone needs to know. Stopping possible future arkancides by looking at a Clinton-related death has absolutely nothing to do with the character/reputation/"worthiness" of the person who died. These two things are not related.
Nita Nupress starts with the hashtag activism:
well, that makes three

(what was the black UN guy's name again?)
mass55th is amazed at all the Clinton Death:
They’re dropping like flies. Quite a bit of house cleanin’ the Clintons are doing.
Nachum has a Hillary-specific list of deaths:
Hillary dead pool updated

TruthWillWin has the old standby Clinton death list:
Another one to add to Alamo Girl’s list.


  1. Nachum has only one purpose in life.....to make dishonest, pointless lists. He must have really pissed his god off in a former life. Well, at least he doesn't have to roll a stone up and down a mountain.

  2. Chairman Rim has pulled the thread. Was it Infowars sourced by any chance?

    1. So he did. Like a week after it was posted, for some reason!

      Some google-fu indicates the source as "American Free Press."

    2. You don't suppose it was because of your post here, do you?

      Unlikely, I know but we do know that some free proof read this blog. Just asking questions...

  3. When freepers think a site is to conspiracy oriented, you're pretty screwed.

  4. Sadly no shout outs for Sheriff Joe and his cold case posse.

  5. This is fascinating.

    Freepers never met a war of US aggression they didn't like, until now. Including covert activities.

    "Attempting to justify what is essentially a conspiracy to commit acts of murder, terrorism and war, Morell compared his proposal to alleged covert operations waged against the US during its illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003 and onward. The difference between the US invasion of Iraq and that of Russia's intervention in Syria, however, is significant. The US invaded Iraq in 2003, predicated upon a premeditated lie, while Russia was invited to aid the acting government of Syria."

    Confusing series of comments in this thread.