Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. IV

zzwhale tells a horror story about MR. DARK BROWN getting to vote despite being homeless and speaking in awful dialect!
ELECTION OFFICIAL: just fill out the form...


ELECTION OFFICIAL: no problem sir, ill fill it out for you ....

that plus the secret program that the kid in DC was working on to program the machines and tilt the vote to reflect polling data......

Anti women's sufferage Freeper woman Korah thinks voting rights are just a means to an end:
looking at the latest poling in Nevada that shows women support Reid by 2 points over the Republican, I tend to agree that women should never have beenj given the right to vote.

I could have lived very satisfactorily my whole life without voting if I knew that my fellow sisters who always voted liberal were also not voting.
detective is pretty sure Dr. Drew lost his show because he speculated about Hillary Clinton's health last week:
This is a lesson to everyone in the media.

If you tell the truth about Clinton then you will lose your job.

This is how they keep the honest people out of the MSM.

Nothing but paid liars left.
blam - whites are just so inherently dedicated that attempted persecution of whitey is just making them more rich!
The attitude today is; White males, who needs'em, they caused all the problems anyway.

White males say, see ya around.

Actually, not long ago, I read an article about White males who have been 'bumped' out of the work-place for all the diversity BS have been forced to start their own small service companies just to have a decent paying job, and.....are quietly getting rich.
Bushbacker1 is so impatient for a legitimate Hillary Clinton scandal he's beginning to question long-held idioms:
How can there be smoke without fire?
CivilWarBrewing remains the vanguard of Freeper sexism.
BTW, if the British were ALL females would our Forefathers have let them WIN the Revolutionary War?

Because that is what we are dealing with right now. The enemy within are mostly females. They are the ones committing the bulk of the traitorous actions and arrangements.. Do we just let them WIN?

Call me crazy, I don't care. Look inside Hillary's team and tell me the bulk of the traitors aren't female. Go ahead. Tell me that. Look inside the IRS scandal, or Benghazi and that Ms. Lamb bitch who was watching the drone coverage of us getting our arses kicked that night. Or Cheryl Mills and Huma and countless other b*tches KILLING America in DC.
Thus far he's only gotten attaboys. Freeper women, like Freeper blacks, know when to just move on.

Speaking of knowing when to forgive Freep it's trespasses, EQAndyBuzz seems to be quite aware of Freep's ever changing allegiances:
Do we now like Ann Coulter? It’s getting confusing.
Sarah Barracuda is another to check on should Hillary win:
I HATE HATE HATE this “woman” I wont live under her rule Im sorry I just cant she MUST be defeated
canuck_conservative is sure alt-right is made up:
Liberals are so insulated and elitist they use these terms that no one outside their inner circle can understand.

Like “alt right” ... no one has a clue what it means ...

or their other favorite term, “dystopian” ... I can guarantee no inner city voter (or even suburban voter, for that matter) has any idea what it means

Liberal elitism ... helping to defeat itself!!
tcrlaf has never heard of it, so it doesn't exist!
“Alt. Right” is a meme created by MediaMatters and disseminated to media talking heads via DAILY KOS, just two weekends ago.

It did not exist before that.

I’ve been talking about this for more than a week. Is everyone paying attention now?
Meanwhile, VanDeKoik is trying to bring the angry young men of the alt-right to the angry old men of Freep. Good luck!
She done f***ked with the alt-right.

Now the fun starts....


dforest knows Hillary's supporters are all warmongers:
These people want to see Hillary start a Nuclear war with Russia.

Yep, they are all itchin’ for another war.
On the same thread, RoosterRedux explains that Hillary supporters are all ignoring the necessary religious war on billions of people:
The truth is, the Bush Doctrine is simply wrong. Islam is a much bigger monster than anyone can fathom.

But Trump gets is...and many of the American people get it.
Hehe. who knows what evil? is fighting the good fight!
Democrat = Communist. Spread the word on social media.
Wallace T. - by conservation of intelligence spending, because the USSR once controlled the American Communist Party, Russia must control Hillary Clinton:
In the Cold War era the Communist Party USA was controlled and funded by Soviet intelligence. The KGB did not disappear, but morphed into the FSB. Vladimir Putin is a KGB veteran, and many of his henchmen are ex-KGB agents. Why would Russian, ex-Soviet, intelligence abandon an existing asset in the United States? Besides, running the Communist Party costs money.

Despite Putin rebranding Russia as a Christian, Orthodox nation, it seems likely that Russian intelligence is still funding the American Communists. If Putin wanted Trump to win, you would think the Communist Party USA would be promoting the Green Party, which is openly socialist. The party's advocacy of Hillary Clinton makes me think that the line about a Trump-Putin alliance spread by some liberals is a deliberate deception.
Undercutting the pretext of moderation of a fellow Freeper, SatinDoll shouts that Free Republic is all the due process you need!
Seriously, a good case could be made that Hillary and Huma committed treason and should be put to death. After a trial and conviction, of course.

Why bother with trials?
SubMareener is a weird Jewish truther:
Our government helped, supported, or aided in the attack on 9/11. 
However, the more important fact is that the whole thing was part of YHWH’s Isaiah 9:8-19 judgement warning to America. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn explains this quite well.

The Clintons and the Bushes are evil people, and this is what you get when you let evil people run your country.
In response to the epipen price gauging, ThomasMore explains that there is no price gouging in capitalism:
Do you believe in supply and demand, or do you not?

Do you jest? Of course I do. That doesn’t make it right! Nor do the laws of supply and demand figure into this rise in cost. Simply because they COULD, Mylan did. When the pill that cost 14.95 was raised to over $900, was that supply and demand; or GREED?

Let’s agree to disagree.
jonrick46 has turned his hopes Hillary drops dead into some really vivid fantasies:
There is a woman I know. Her name is Karma. She has a sixth sense and powers that no one else has. I call her a superwoman. She knows the heart of people like the Clintons. Hillary, are you reading this all knowing god of gog? Karma knows der Hildebeast is a bad bad girl. She is really bad.

Karma has a consequence for Hillary and it is not good. It will begin with a cough. Cough! Cough! It is baaaad Karma! People like her might choke on a bone and drop dead. In Hillary’s case, Karma will bring a painful death. Very painful and very bad like coughing on a sharp bone that hurts really bad as she chokes to death. Or, like the modern version of the Wicked Witch melting when water is thrown on her. I know that is a fantasy tale, but what if a bucket of water was thrown on her that caused her to melt and make her scream. Karma has her powers and will be soooo baaad!
Mark17 speculates about what percentage demonic Hillary is:
Sounds Demonic to me

It could be. For quite some time I have thought maybe she is demon possessed, or maybe she really is a demon, that looks like a human. I don't see how she could be this evil, without a great amount of Satanic influence.  


  1. Unfortunately for freepers, Mr Dark Brown has every right to vote as any Freeper does. They want to make it as impossible as they can for him, but they're an a level peg with him when it comes to the right to vote.

    1. "... but they're an a level peg with him when it comes to the right to vote."

      And that really chaps their incontinent asses big time.

  2. What happened to Monday potpourri part 3?

    1. "What happened to Monday potpourri part 3?"

      it was deleted by the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy!

  3. Freeper Racism again:

    "best thing any white can do is avoid blacks like the plague.

    3 posted on 8/29/2016, 7:41:30 PM by Secret Agent Man (Gone Galt; Not averse to Going Bronson.)"


    1. Looks like his post got yanked, to the surprise and dismay of Secret Agent Man and, of course, wardaddy.

      Wardaddy has to be one of the most contemptible characters I have ever encountered. So polite in his bigotry and chauvinism and explaining it as if it should be the natural order of things.

      He comes across like he's one of those "Southern gentlemen" from the confederacy who traveled through time 150 years into the future and can't believe the horror he sees before his eyes.

      Sometimes when he posts I wonder if he just finished up a Klan meeting.

    2. That entire thread sums up the (no longer just under the surface) racism on that site. Cesspool is to nice a word to describe that place.