Thursday, August 25, 2016

Connecting the dots and they all lead back to Soreass.

I know I just did a Soros post, but this one is pretty diverse. Turns out Soros gave some money to Al Gore to publicize global warming. You'd think a liberal giving to a liberal cause would be pretty normal, but with SOROS evil plots are assumed.
Between Soros and Al Gore you get an almost potpourri-like melange of craziness on all sorts of topics, from Soros scapegoating stuff Freepers don't like, to calling global warming advocacy anti-white, to some amazing junk science; I cannot let this thread go unmocked.

Freedom'sWorthIt explains that global warming is because Soros is leading the elites who want us to be poorer so we are easier to rule, which is some questionable sociology, especially if you believe Freeper CW2 chest-beating.
Global Warming is a lie meant to degrade the way of life of all so that the empowered elite can rule over us without a whimper from us “peasants”. It is also meant to bring the USA down to a third world status so that tyrants around the world can flourish while the majority of people in the world suffer.

Soros is truly evil and Algore is one of his many puppets. Obama is another one. And, of course, Hitlery makes three.
b4its2late has decided Soros is behind all bad things:
Scares the hell outta me how engrained the corruption is.

Connecting the dots and they all lead back to Soreass.
Bringing back the oldies, ichabod1 cites abiotic oil:
I don’t know the final answer on Global Warming. I do know we have been dependent on unfriendly countries for oil, and I don’t like the idea of using up all our own oil or coal to be free of those countries influence. It just does not make sense to me to waste a perfectly good resource like sun to make oil and coal companies and unfriendly foreign countries happy. I have grandchildren and they will have grandchildren, and I hope we still have resources in the ground by that time.

IT’s ok, because the oil replenishes itself. It’s sustainable.
WENDLE does a level of cherry picking such that I cannot believe he himself is sincere:
There is absolutely no “global warming”. In fact, the Ant Arctic Ice has reached all time records in covered square miles. This is all a lie to get your stuff.
Yeah, lets concentrate on 2014 and ignore the Arctic, that's the ticket!

DoughtyOne has this amazing post about how global warming is a plot to take our cars and depopulate white people:
We have a bunch of Leftist think tanks driving all this, and I think it is related to wanting to destroy personal car ownership, reduce the global body of White people, and the ultimate destruction of Western civilization.

Nobody but White’s are being asked to stop reproducing in top level nations. If a Hispanic or Black family has a lot of children nobody says a word. Whites? OMG how could they?

Where is diversity pushed?

Central and South America? No.
Africa? No.
Asia? No.
The Middle East? No.
North America? Yes.
White dominated Europe? Yes.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what is going on here.

We are seeing a systematic attack on the United States and Europe.

We better wake up and grasp what is going on as a people, because if we don’t in less than 30 years there may be no White self-determination on the planet.
butlerweave offers the weakest of burns:
Did Al pay taxes on his being a Phony ?
When politics interferes with your faith? angcat, get off Free Republic!
It seems evil has won. I don’t know what to ask god anymore at night.
LUV W manages to switch tones from fury to joking pretty fast...
God help me, but someone needs to take that evil bastard DOWN.

Stand back, I feel the lightning about to strike! LOL!
Soros scapegoat time! butlerweave:
Is Merkel on the Soros payroll ?
E. Pluribus Unum:
I’m waiting for the email that proves Soros bought Glenn Beck.
sevlex is angry about some fancy car?
Was Soros involved with the CCX?
Jenny217 knows SOROS is everywhere and in everything. Except Trump.
Seem everyone has been on the Soro’s payroll one way or another. Diabolical, destructive and cynical in his plan to take over with a One World Order Government. Only thing standing in his way is ‘America’. God help us! Go Trump!


  1. "We have a bunch of Leftist think tanks driving all this, and I think it is related to wanting to destroy personal car ownership, reduce the global body of White people, and the ultimate destruction of Western civilization."

    Actually, any scientist I've ever read on the subject seems to suggest the largest part of the growing problem is with the developing world as they typically have less interest in controlling pollution, limiting waste and are more likely to balk at (usually more expensive) clean energy and remediation.

    The developing world is made up of the brown undesirables DOne seems to not like anyway, so I'm not understanding his problem.

  2. That's what I like about the far-fringers on both the left and the right ...

    they both believe in some secret "illuminati" style group who are REALLY in charge of the whole world.

    Frankly, Soros, or the Koch brothers. or Steven Jobs frozen disembodied head are going to remain fabulously wealthy regardless of who is the president.

  3. Trump Converts the GOP to Amnesty?

    1. Hindenberg deviates from Politburo approved dogma. The Chairman jimtervenes!

  4. Can anyone give me the rationale behind the Merkel hate? It's so buried in the murk (no pun intended, but now I can't delete it). I mean, Germany isn't nearly as socialists as, say, the Netherlands. It has racial issues with Turks that mirror our own (including little to really solve tensions). It's capitalistic as a fark, too.

    I don't remember the nexus thus hate crawled out of, and the only origin I can think of is Bush rubbing her shoulders, thus being an accidental creeper, kinda making the US look silly? And that's my interpretation of what I think a FP would have began thinking during GHW Bush's presidency.

    1. Merkel is an aetheist, female muzzie lover who is betraying the glorious German legacy of Aryan, Male, Christian supremacy.

      Freepers want to see Germany run by a populist, reactionary, male leader with a penchant for mass rallies, xenophobia, monumental architecture and dubious hairstyles.

    2. ... but no fasho though.

      But yeah, that's the point. She invited all those brown people, aka muzzies, aka rapefugees in, and she may just not love Trump.

      And yeah, the idea that she somehow "spent" the white aryan legacy of Germany.