Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. IV

Huma paranoia has lead Blurb2350 to find the next sekret Muslim:
How could a muslim marry a Jew? Is this common?

What if Weiner converted?
crazyhorse691 ties the USA Olympic swimmers kerfuffle with the Rio police into persecution of Christians:
All of the athletes talking about their faith was too much for the msm too handle so they are going to push the story of the bratty swimmers to prove the narrative that all the USA athletes are bad.
WENDLE, however, is perfectly willing to throw Americans overboard:
I want them crushed!! They have disgraced this nation. There is no redemption. Now PUNISHMENT!!
Hehe. More on this Tuesday.

WENDLE can always be counted on to sum up the week's Freeper outrages:
It is a lie to demoralize the nation.It has failed. Trump has surged and let me tell you why.

He is a great American sacrificing time and money to “give back” She, on the other hand is an unindicted criminal who committed thousand of crimes both exposing and then destroying government documents.
She is a liar beyond comparison ( Bengahzi) and she received $millions in bribes while Secretary of state for access and other quid pro quos. . She was paid directly when Bill got paid the bribes for “speeches” under the New York equitable division property laws and she legally benefited.When the millions were paid to the phony foundation she sucked the money out as rents and reimbursements or family salaries.

She is a despicable criminal. Also she is obviously suffering brain damage and seizure and needs constant help on any step. This is from her “serious “ ( according to her reprobate husband) concussion in 2012 that took her 6 months to walk and see again. She could not focus her eyes and wore special glasses.

So she is plummeting downward in a spiral of polls as people make up their minds if they just want stuff or they actually want an honest and healthy president.
And yet WENDLE doesn't seem all that confident elsewhere...
This polls business is way beyond 2012 on Freep. GeorgiaDawg32 discards all facts:
Alternate headline:

“In a desperate attempt to depress the conservative vote, we declare Hillary far ahead”
castlegreyskull is talking about gays:
Sadly, it was only recently that I realized why ancient/civilized society did some of the things they did to certain groups.
As with many conspiracy buffs butterdezillion's madness has inevitably turned towards paranoia about herself:
all this happened at the same time as somebody on my blog who was claiming unlimited computer skills and money threatened to hack my computer if I didn’t shut up about the Fuddy issue. Said my husband needed to lose his job if I didn’t shut up. (Somebody who claims to have power here at FR, and to have puppets he/she can control here...) About the same time the fogblowers were saying I needed to get a job so I wouldn’t have time or energy to investigate any more.

And ya know, it’s funny. About 6 weeks after that threat (which I didn’t even know about until later because somebody hacked my blog administration and shut off email notifications of submitted comments...) my husband and daughter started showing symptoms which we now know fit heavy metal poisoning.

After somebody here posted about black-ops poisons that mimic Alzheimers I tested my husband and daughter and found elevated levels of arsenic, cadmium, and lead (among other things) - which Australian research shows to be a potent, fast “poison cocktail” which very quickly produces Alzheimers-like symptoms including elevated Alzheimers proteins which means it will always be diagnosed as Alzheimers-related. It’s the perfect poison because the amplifying combination allows environmental levels of each heavy metal to be used so that if anybody suspects and checks during the poisoning it will seem environmental (and yes, we checked for environmental sources of these poisons and found none).
My husband is disabled now with dementia. We have moved and I am working full-time to put my kids through college. I don’t have near the time I used to have, to research. Funny, huh? Not. This regime’s crimes have real victims.

Bill Clinton acts a LOT like my husband. He should have a chelation test.
CincyRichieRich seriously thinks the Obama administration no longer contacting with private prison firms is nationalizing the prison industry:
I hate the CCA; they have vested interest in more prisons, more “attendees”; that is inherently evil akin to texts in Isaiah and Amos and others.

That said, taking these over, perhaps like Venezuela took over corporations? That is illegal.
CyberAnt thinks Prisons are Islamic theocracies:
I’m betting one of the main reasons for the public sector prisons is to allow ministries into the prison. This is a big issue .. because today .. only ISLAM is allowed to be taught.
EnquiringMind does not much like Beck when his crazy conspiracies target the wrong people:
Yesterday I was driving our second car that doesn’t have Sirius (no Fox News), and I was forced to listen to Glen Beck for a while. WHAT HAPPENED to him???? Wow. He is off the rails.
Beck was talking about Roger Stone as a creepy, evil, Dark Web kinda guy and informed all who are unaware that the Dark Web is a place where child molesters and murderers for hire like to gather).......
Since Freepers used to be Cruz's main constituency, COBOL2Java makes me wonder how Cruz is doing:
The day Cruz loses his Senate re-election is the day to do the Blues Brothers happy dance!
Democrat_media continues his eternal quest to be Freeper than thou:
Yeah I figured Cruz out 2 years ago when most on here fell for Cruz’s act. I almost got banned for posting the truth about Cruz like his shenanigans on TPA TPP obamatrade and his Co authoring a pro TPA article with non other than Ryan another mole for Soros
Fido969 knows who ruined the Internet with it's swearing and not enough genocide talk:
Compare Free Republic to the vile filth on Democratic Underground, and you realize just who is ruining the internet.
Vigilanteman tells a story of how he ruined the Internet:
I got a facebook account mainly to see what my millennial daughters were posting and see pictures of the grandchildren.

I posted very little, maybe a couple of times per month. Since I accepted friend requests from almost anyone I knew, it wasn't long before I had close to 300 friends.

Before long, I would sign in to see pictures of the grand kids and instead start getting left-wing screeds from people I thought knew better and were raised better.

So I started posting a few articles of my own from top sites like this, American Thinker and Townhall.

It wasn't long before the snowflakes started unfriending me. They could post their cultural Marxist pablum to their heart's content, but went ballistic when I just let another view be disclosed.
editor-surveyor should try 'Klatu Barata N...' first.
The quran is a demonic book; they all should be burned before they do any more harm.

Right-wing Librarian gets really dramatic:
State Dept.: $400M to Iran was contingent on US prisoners’ release


The Federal Gov’t has just said to We the People:


I think they are right. There will be NO repercussions for them.


I suspect they may be right.
lee martell ties the latest right-wing ginned up outrage to Obama doing it just to be a dick:
I think Obama enjoys causing this sort of citizen rage. He feels invulnerable and beyond reproach as President, aka Mr. Big. Keep going, Obama, your little daydream (our national nightmare) is going to be in the rear view mirror very soon!

I will celebrate the day, no matter who is elected. Hopefully, it will be Trump.
Fully expect this guy to start yearning for Obama by Feb. 2017.

Is lexington minuteman 1775 thinking Civil War 2? So coy!
if PIAPS wins she will have a lot more to deal with than Brietbart...just saying
Bogie has a new delusion that boggles my mind:
Actually Clinton told Powell to tell a fib at the UN.
golux knows who the American People read:
Wow! This blockbuster story made FOX and the Washington Times! Looks as if the people are finally learning the truth about Barack Hussein Obama!


  1. I wonder if butter's kids knows she's a paranoid wreck, or if they're oblivious to it.

    1. Butterdezillion, savagesusie, little jeremiah, and many of the other extra-crazies on FR have all mentioned several times that their children think they are nuts and/or are totally estranged from them.

    2. When your own offspring think you're nuts, you probably need to seek help.

  2. "top sites like this, American Thinker and Townhall."

    Ha ha ha ha!

    1. They're basically blogs with large followings.

      Just because they have large followings don't make them legitimate.

    2. They're a funhouse filled with mirrors.